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sillydog ADMIN June 2, 2007
What if the migration and social disruption that climate change will potentially cause, takes the place of the great wars of the 20th century -- influencing migration and allocation of resources on a global scale in the 21st?

Well, I'd call that a powerful thing that should be studied from all angles. That's what we're trying to do with pictures. It's partly because the pictures are otherwise unrelated that this is so interesting.

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We were warned. All these terrible things were going to start happening around the turn of the century. It was so unfathomable, and we have done next to nothing.

Hurricanes, air quality warnings, tornados in November with snow on the ground -- madness! It's not just global warming, but it's the increasingly chaotic weather patterns that set California and Spain ablaze and steal an entire summer away from Manitoba and Ontario. The forests are still on fire, the oceans are boiling up, glaciers are disappearing and there's a lake at the North Pole. All this, and all our leaders can do is chant, "consumer spending is 2/3 of GDP," like a mantra.

The time is here. Share pictures that exemplify the impact Global Climate Change is having in your world and your life. Unseasonable weather, protests, out of control pest populations, the problem, possible solutions...whatever makes you think of this topic.

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