bizarre plate [deleted] 2:34pm, 19 July 2008
As we live in Cleveland Park and take our photographs in this neighborhood why then are there photos from other areas of the city?
Why then not change the group name?
NCinDC 11 years ago
i agree

if the group's name is cleveland park, then only pix of cleveland park should be included
katmeresin 11 years ago
There are a bunch of DC groups.

It's not all of them, but this group lists quite a few if you want to add there too.
Mr.TinDC 11 years ago
Yes, it would be nice if the non-CP photos could be removed. If the moderator needs any assistance I'd be happy to help out.
KCIvey 10 years ago
I haven't been paying attention to this group for a while. The non-CP photos are definitely getting out of hand. Maybe Bill's gotten busy with other things and hasn't been able to clear them out?
Beau Finley 4 years ago
I'm up for helping, too.
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