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Why the rest of Washington?

bizarre plate [deleted] says:

As we live in Cleveland Park and take our photographs in this neighborhood why then are there photos from other areas of the city?
Why then not change the group name?
7:34AM, 19 July 2008 PST (permalink)

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NCinDC says:

i agree

if the group's name is cleveland park, then only pix of cleveland park should be included
ages ago (permalink)

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katmeresin says:

There are a bunch of DC groups.

It's not all of them, but this group lists quite a few if you want to add there too.

ages ago (permalink)

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Mr.TinDC says:

Yes, it would be nice if the non-CP photos could be removed. If the moderator needs any assistance I'd be happy to help out.
ages ago (permalink)

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KCIvey says:

I haven't been paying attention to this group for a while. The non-CP photos are definitely getting out of hand. Maybe Bill's gotten busy with other things and hasn't been able to clear them out?
ages ago (permalink)

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Beau Finley says:

I'm up for helping, too.
60 months ago (permalink)

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