billadler PRO 2:32pm, 23 January 2007
There are a lot of wonderful and interesting Washington, DC area Flickr groups. Some of are general-interest groups, some have specific functions, features, specializations or links to other groups. For instance, photos posted to the Cleveland Park Flickr Group get displayed outside of Flickr and are seen by thousands of people at

Please feel free to list and describe your favorite Washington, DC area Flickr group. Here are some:


Washington, DC/Metro Area:

The Real DC:

DC Neighborhoods:

DC Proper:

DC Metro Region - The Impact of Design:

Washington, DC Area Sights:

123: Washington, DC:

Washington's Metro:

National Zoo:

Guess Where DC:

DC Under Construction:

DC in BW:

DC Chinatown:

Geotagged: DC Surveillance:

DC Area Cuisine:

DC Music:

Rock Creek Park:

Inside the DC Metro:

The Washington Monument:

The DC Chain:

Washington, DC Graffiti:

Metroblogging Washington, DC:
lightboxdc 11 years ago
hey thx, it's great to have this list to peruse
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