billadler 6:22pm, 10 December 2006
If you see news or something interesting or fun going on in Washington, DC and vicinity, you can send that photo to TalkingDC, where it will be instantly displayed on the TalkingDC Listeserv's home page, There are thousands of cellphone cameras in the Washington, DC area and lots of news, so chances are very good that when news happens, a citizen journalist will be there with his or her cellphone camera.

In order to be able to submit photos, you must first register as a TalkingDC volunteer photojournalist: Only photos from pre-approved cell phone numbers are accepted. To register, contact the TalkingDC owner via or shoot us an email at: talkingdc-owner [at] yahoogroups (dot) com.

Some TalkingDC photojournalists prefer to submit photos taken with "real" digital cameras, and that's fine, too. Just include the email address you will use to submit photos (in addition to or instead of you cellphone number, when you contact us.

Cellphones aren't great cameras, but there are some things you can do to take better photos with your cellphone camera. Here are some tips on taking better photos with a cellphone:

You can read more about TalkingDC's citizen photojournalists at

And for a good discussion of photographer rights --what can you take a photograph of-- you might want to read Bert Krages' article, He also has a photographer rights wallet card you can download.
billadler 12 years ago
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