billadler PRO 7:11pm, 5 July 2006
How to post on the Cleveland Park Listserv's Flickr Group:

To use Flickr, you'll need a free Flick account, which you can get at Next, you need to join the Cleveland Park Flick group, at

To put your photo on the Cleveland Park's Flickr Group you don't actually add it to the Cleveland Park Group; rather you upload the photograph to your own Flickr account and then specify that the photo be shared with the Cleveland Park Group by clicking on the "Send to Group" button.

As with many things involving the Internet, it's easier to do than to describe. In short, just upload the photo to your own Flickr account (there are many different ways to do that), then specify that the photo be added to

Once you're a Flickr member you'll be able to add your photos to our Flickr group. You can also add photos by email from your mobile phone.
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