mike5450 9:26pm, 26 May 2008
Think about this? we all remember. Mine was a 64 GTO my Dad bought it new in64 . It was saddle bronze in and out with poor mans hub caps. Very boring looking,also very fast. It was a 4 barrel 4 speed car with 390 gears. WHAT A RIDE, i learned to drive on it.
dketchum 10 years ago
Drive my first Muscle Car? Well.... it wasn't mine.... but my friends 1970 Chevelle with a 350 under the hood....awesome car and alot of fun! His parents recently had a frame up restoration done on it..... looks brand new!
Judge Rock PRO 9 years ago
I bought a 1969 Dodge Coronet new in 1968. It had a 426 Hemi and looked like grannys car. Nothing to give away its track burning speed. I surprised a few folks with it until it was stolen and never recovered.
Vetachi 9 years ago
With 20 years was a Ford Maverick V8 302 1976 .
abaft route [deleted] 9 years ago
when? 1982
what? 69 plymouth roadrunner 383 pistol grip 4 spd. R.I.P.
TotalBettyPinups 9 years ago
I was 14. I had just bought my 1967 Mustang from my uncle for a grand. I still have it. LOVE my car.
studebakerman50 9 years ago
It was the summer of 1969,it was a 1967 Mustang. I didnt think of it as a muscle car, just a fun car.
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