Charliehorse4 5:00pm, 12 July 2010
Hey All,

Since "Classic Space" apparently exists only as a Flickr page until the old website is repaired and up, I'm hoping to get some information here in the meantime.

The "Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is" contest over at officially ended on June 1st, and that was six weeks ago today. (*aside*: this contest was an awesome idea... future contests are WELCOME to copy the same format!). The resident Lego Designer "Nabii" finished up his judging and even generously went so far as to submit comments on every entry to the contest admins over two weeks ago.

This post isn't to complaint - it's here to try to find out when we might hear the results of this contest. Numerous competitors spent hours and hours designing over 60 entries, and I'm sure some spent money getting parts to build their creation (I know I did!). Additionally, a Lego designer took tons of time from his own schedule judging the entries. After putting in the effort on our side, I feel like we at least deserve someone taking just a couple minutes to let us know (even roughly) when the results will be posted.

While I would agree that it's probably not fair to post the results of a classic-space contest on Flickr before they're even posted on the home website, I do think an ETA could be posted here.

Once again, I'm not trying to rant at the judges. This contest was a great idea and I appreciate the effort everyone put into hosting it.


Viva la Classic Space!
lego_nabii PRO 7 years ago
My comments have not been sent to the judges, they are on my computer, I will post them as soon as the results are announced. Though as I'm on holiday in California until after the San Diego Comic-Con please understand any delay.
I have a feeling the hack on the CS Forums might be the issue here.
Happy Weasel PRO 7 years ago
You need to grow up and understand that problems happen, and you'll just have to wait. Not everything is predictable, with an easily given end point. Currently, the website has been hacked, we're working on fixing it. Your info on "the admins" (me) having been sent comments from Mark was erroneous (nor do I blame Mark for any delays in this occurring). I'm also waiting for the prizes to arrive from Steve at LEGO, he's at ComicCon in San Diego as well, so that may be a long wait. You should also understand (as you cite to the number of entries) that sixty entries take a LONG time to judge and write comments for individually.

You keep saying that you're not ranting at the judges, but you clearly are. I'm sorry that we're not able to make things happen as quickly and easily as we'd all like.

As an aside, I must say that I really appreciate your offer to let other contests copy the format of the contest I worked hard to brainstorm up.

PS, please forgive my rant, I'm over-worked, over-stressed in personal life, and just plain tired.
Charliehorse4 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Charliehorse4 (member) 7 years ago
You guys are right about the comments; I misspoke. He just said he sent his RESULTS to the judges, and that he HAD comments. my bad.

The comment about other contests copying your format was meant as a compliment to you, and I was trying to suggest that you had a great idea and should copy the idea in the future :-/... guess it didn't come across correctly.

I'm honestly not trying to rush you guys. I know you work hard, and I know the site's been in a mess. I'm really just asking for some sort of ETA... aside from Nabii's comment every so often, all the entrants to the contest are really in the dark about what's happening. I know you're busy, we all are. But is two minutes for a "Hey guys, wanted to let you know the judges are busy, but check back in three weeks for an update" too much to ask?

I apologize for coming across poorly and as ranting. Thanks for all your effort so far and I'm excited to see CS is back up.
Happy Weasel PRO 7 years ago
I thought that I managed to explain that it was difficult to predict when we'd be able to make an update, I guess not. If you're not sure how long it will take, you can't say "come back in three weeks" without risking being a liar.
Brickicep8ntball Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Brickicep8ntball (member) 7 years ago
haha whoa there charliehorse... not the way to score brownie points with the judges. don't fret so much about this... i've hung around CS for a while, and these guys will get to the contest. They've got lives outside of CS too; and maybe you should look into that ;-). jk

that being said, to be fair I have to admit I'd wondered a bit when we might see the results. dan, i don't think he's asking for a final prediction of "oh the results will be in by august", but just some sort of update e'r once in a while (I think mark did something like "i'm roughly such and such a percentage through judging"). Anyway, I could be mistranslating, and I don't really want to get caught up in all this (whoops too late). Just trying to be another voice :-).

As mark said,

- Brandon
Happy Weasel PRO 7 years ago
How about this?

We're trying to recover data from the forum before it was hacked. I'm trying to get the original contest entry thread, so that all the original entries are still visible with the judging. Once that's done, Mark and I can both post our comments on each and every MOC (all comments are read) and announce the winners. The prizes will go out once I have them.
Charliehorse4 7 years ago
Happy weasel, you're offer would more than make me happy. I'm just glad to know things are still under way I guess. If it's better for you guys to wait a while until SD Comic-Con is over, that's fine. I'm just happy to know that things are still under way with the contest.

Honestly, just do it whichever way works easiest for you. Thanks for the updates and letting us know what's going on, and sorry for the pestering.

Viva la classic space!
Happy Weasel PRO 7 years ago
Your, not you're.
AlasOphelia [deleted] 7 years ago
Happy Weasel,

I'm not a LEGO fan. I didn't do this contest. I happened upon this group and joined just so I can tell you this: your replies to Charliehorse, who made a very polite inquiry, were completely rude and uncalled for. I don't know if you just think you're better than people because you're an administrator of a blog, or if you were born a total dick, but how about you try acting like a functional member of society with your personal interactions instead of being a defensive prick?

I understand you've been stressed and that personal issues have arisen, as you stated in one of your replies. But being that you are, in fact, NOT the only human being on the planet with feelings, why don't you try giving a crap about someone else's?

I'm sick of seeing rude bastards just lashing out at nice people without rebuke. So screw you
nate_daly 7 years ago

Before you comment on something you know nothing about, you should really get your facts straight. The classic-space forum, where the contest thread was, was hacked because it hadn't been updated in awhile. Charliehorse4's request, while politely stated and such, probably seemed unreasonable to Happy Weasel because the site had just gone down. Pulling out the information from a dead site can be difficult. You also have to realize that this is a hobby. We all have jobs, school, or some other thing that takes up most of our time, and those things can be quite stressing at times, even to the point that we lash out at people sometimes. The fact that Happy Weasel even hosted this contest in the first place proves that he isn't the "rude bastard" you speak of. This "personal interaction" hasn't proved you to be a functional member of society with your non-based accusations, so how can your rant at someone you don't even know, if you don't even embody your own ideals?

Happy Weasel PRO 7 years ago

I realize that everything I'm about to type is a waste of time. It seems likely that you've reached your own conclusions, based on what you've read here (and, I suspect, some input from a friend here, or a chip on your shoulder). I doubt that you'll be swayed by anything anyone has to say here. In fact, I'm not convinced that you'll even return.

You joined a flickr group in order to call me a jerk? You seem to be exhibiting the behavior that you accuse me of. How do you know that charliehorse is a nice person? I thought that my initial response was pretty calm and rational, and in about the same tone as charliehorse's. As Nate pointed out, Charliehorse's request seemed unreasonable IN CONTEXT, of the site being hacked, and the other administrators and I attempting to recover it. Knowledge of the circumstances surrounding a conversation, but not contained in that conversation, can dramatically change the tone of a message. As you readily admit, you had no idea about this group, before you chose to interject, apparently just to force your own standards of conduct on others (by the way, I'm not the administrator of any blog). Perhaps I was born a dick, my co-workers say that I'm the nicest guy in the office, but they certainly wouldn't know better than someone who has read four of my posts on the internet. Nevermind that part of the reason it took the other judges and I so long to produce results for this contest was because we were trying to write constructive feedback for every entry, so that even the "losers" wouldn't feel left out. I won't get into how much time I spend helping the handicapped, or the various other things I try to do in consideration of other people's feelings.

I have to ask, how do you function in society?

I also have to ask, who are you, really? You seem to have JUST joined Flickr. You just happened upon this group? It's a rather tiny corner of the internet.

If you want to hear me being rude, please keep reading.

Go and fuck yourself, you sanctimonious asshole. Mind your own goddamned business, rather than inserting yourself into other people's. I'm sorry, but I just couldn't let your rude comment go without rebuke, you rude bastard.

lights 7 years ago
brickfrenzy 7 years ago
Let this be a lesson to you all: Don't be a douchebag to overworked, overstressed lawyers. They know how to lay down the smack.
Charliehorse4 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Charliehorse4 (member) 7 years ago
Guys. Seriously? This is about a kids TOY contest. TOYS. Ages on the boxes say for like 8-15 years old. And you're seriously acting like you're about that age. AlasOphelia, I appreciate your defense, but now this thread has just turned into a flamewar. Dan, come on. If you're an attorney and some unknown person can infuriate you on a sci fi toy group discussion?... sigh. And you told ME to grow up. I used to admire you. You just blew that to heck.

Brickfrenzy, he didn't "lay" any kind of smackdown, just revealed that he's just as big, or a bigger, hothead.

I wanted to know about a contest, and this has turned into one of the most childish things I've ever seen. Someone with the credentials, please just lock this thread or delete it.
Happy Weasel PRO 7 years ago
It's not childish to stand up to a personal attack. As a child, it's standing up to a bully, but plenty of bullies grow up into adults, without changing their attitudes. I'm sorry that you think that I was infuriated, because I wasn't. That doesn't mean I was willing to let a baseless attack go without response, though. That's why the bulk of my post was just a reasoned argument, and I put in a disclaimer before the offensive outburst. The cursing, etc, was there to make an example of what I consider to be rude.

For what it's worth, my point about your initial post seeming like a hostile request was to explain how it seemed to me, at the time you initially wrote it. You've since apologized for coming across in that tone, and explained that that was not your intent. It just goes to show how tough it is to interpret the tone of messages on the internet, we've both been taken for more hostile in this thread than we intended.
Starwars4J Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Starwars4J (member) 7 years ago
Just read through this all Charliehorse4, I'm sorry you got responded to like that...and frankly I'm sorry this whole thread turned out this way. I read the first post over several times and all I see is humility. I can understand being overworked and tired as much as the next guy, but I certainly hope people IRL weren't treated as you were. I understand the whole ordeal with C-S was infuriating to all intimately involved with the site, but some people just get their jollies by being cruel to other people. We should always still endeavor to keep our calm and direct our anger to where it's appropriate though. It would also be nice to see a little reciprocated humility and an apology for jumping to conclusions and the continual overly hostile tone and insults, but who am I kidding?

It's nice to see the new C-S back up and running. I look forward to it gradually returning to something similar to what it once was.
Happy Weasel PRO 7 years ago
^ People in real life have the benefit of tone of voice making their intent more easily identifiable. I re-read the initial post, and it still seems like he was being a jerk. This is mostly because he acknowledges that the site was Effed, and then went on to talk about what he deserves. It's moot now, anyways, as he explained his intent later, and we made peace, before you interjected.

Regarding the contest. Still trying to recover that contest initiation thread. After BrickFair wraps up next week, if the thread hasn't been recovered, Mark and I will probably announce the winners.
Brickicep8ntball Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Brickicep8ntball (member) 7 years ago
Good ol' Brick Fair eh? I still need to check that out one day. Anyway, glad to hear the news - that contest thread has to be a bear to recover.

Anyway, I don't know if all the users check this Flickr page, so I was going to post your update up on the forums there if that's cool (I didn't check with you last time but thought it might be the polite thing to do before I did it again lol).

Edit: went ahead and quoted you on, so oh well :-) I tried.
Happy Weasel PRO 7 years ago
Results are finally up.

Thanks, for the repost, but in the future, please just let me make my own posts.

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