Nightowl_280 9:26am, 25 January 2007
Nightowl's First 2007 build contest for flickr Classic-Space

MicroFleet and Interior section of main ship .


Fleet part

1. All fleets must have at least 4 ships . (you may have more )
2. At least One ship has to be designed as a leader or flagship
3. All ships must be done on a microscale
4. Must be new ships (can be a design your working on but not published )
5. Have fun .

Interior Section of the Main/lead/flagship part (a part of the interior of the ship not the whole ship interior )

1. Design and build a minifig scale section of your main/lead/flagship .
2. Sections could be Bridge , Hanger bays ,cargo bay , engine rooms , galleys , cockpits ...
3. The section should look like it belongs on the ship .
4. Must be a full new unpublished interior section .
5. Have fun .

As always if you cant do it or don't have the parts your welcome to submit
something . But i don't want to hear whines about time or scale . If
you want to do it you will find the time and lego . There will be three prize spots+ .

First place will get $20 and one exoforce 7701 grand titan( unopened ).
Second place will get $10 and a bag of random Lego .
Third place will get $5 and a bag of random Lego .
Boobie Prize will get the white box in my closet with old junk Lego .

If you do not want a prize or just want the Glory I'll put your prize towards
the next contest .

All entries must be submitted to the group .
Entries should be tagged for the contest .
You should submit a fleet photo and at least 1 picture of each ship
also several pictures of the interior section .

Time frame for contest
Contest starts 2-1-2007 February 1
Last entries will be accepted on 3-1-2007 March 1st 12am

All entries will be Judged by 3-6-2007 march 6 midnight

Direct any questions to this post or to or my flickr notes

*** Edit the interior is just one section *** Seems like I didn't get this across right . **** Do to the time scale and fact there is other models to be made . I never expected a full interior of a ship .

Don't forget all you nay sayers and ppl that can only work in one mod or at one pace of slow . ******THERE IS A BOOBY PRIZE******** This prize consist of a white box thats been sitting in my closet filled with old junk Lego and to top it off some of the stuff i picked up at the flea market today .
нawк 10 years ago
I'm working for something, more info when it's done.
Nightowl_280 10 years ago
yep a fleet and a interior
gear9242 10 years ago
do the different sections of the ship, like the engine room, bridge, galley, have to be connected somehow or can they be seprate?
NickMean 10 years ago
I guess I could get an early start on the interior of my SHIP, I'll have something.
unhh 10 years ago
I may try this. Fun.
Quark Soup 10 years ago
Cool contest idea! I'll try, but I'm making no commitments to the brick right now.
Scøtty 10 years ago
What ever

I'm in
-Pendragon- 10 years ago
Do you have to enter both catagories, or can you choose one or the other?
Unit 186 [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm wondering the same.
Brenden T Wilson 10 years ago
Thank you for the longer deadline, many contests happening at this time!
Jdharv3y 10 years ago
It doesn't make sense that we'd have to do both a mini-scale fleet and a minifig-scale interior.

pick one and go with it, or make prizes for both. personally I think you should just do interiors.
Nightowl_280 10 years ago
for those that still dont understand . The contest is for a fleet of atleast 4 miniscale ships and one Interior sections (not the whole ship ) If you feel its not worth it or is to much work dont enter . If you wish to just enter ships or ship and/or a interior section . Then do so . I'm not stopping you from entering what you want . All I'm saying is the contest is for a fleet of atleast 4 miniscale ships and one Interior sections (not the whole ship ).

Stop whining and build . Have fun to .
Brenden T Wilson 10 years ago
Lonsey: The point of building a fleet + 1 interior is to challenge the builder to carry a theme over several models.

You do have to, work, to get a prize.
ѕроок 10 years ago
I'm definitely maybe in.
Nightowl_280 10 years ago
definitely maybe is a good place to be . Leaves your self open to brick changes on the fly
Yoderism [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm in in theory. Lets see what I can come up with!
Quark Soup 10 years ago
I've finished one of my ships. I'm using a colour scheme I can probably carry over multiple models.
Dezperado 10 years ago
I'll mess around and see if anything comes together.
Yoderism [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Yoderism (member) 10 years ago
-Iain- [deleted] 10 years ago
And Mike is first out of the gate with an impressive 5 length lead......
captaincow 10 years ago
Yoder, the contest starts tomorrow (Feb. 1st), but I don't think that really matters :P. I think I'll try this contest out, though I am very inexperienced with the micro-scale.
Brenden T Wilson 10 years ago
Finished the fleet, got real tight for parts near the end! I'll have to pull the same deal as Mike and do the interior after cannibalizing the fleet.
Nightowl_280 10 years ago
So any updates on your fleets and interior sections
нawк 10 years ago
I have very little (read: none at all) experience building in microscale, but I'll still try something.
sirbugge 10 years ago
Really cool contest concept, but I wish you'd given us something like 3 months as I'm really busy until may...
Nightowl_280 10 years ago
sirbugge there is always someone that wants more time all i can say is give it a try or just sit back and watch . yonder has built a decent looking fleet in a short time and the contest isn't for anything outrageous . Its not like im asking for 500 studs ship with full interior . im asking for a mircoscale fleet of 4 ships and one section of one of those ships . Ive seen some real creative fleets if they get submited so far . You also have to ask when setting up a contest how much time is someone really going to give to it . The bare minimum i can see for a set of entries is 4 ships that are all the same design and a box section . How hard is this ? maybe a day of build time and week of planing if you do that . Other things going on are not the problem of the contest . That yours or theirs problem .
Scienceseuss [deleted] 10 years ago
I've finished my 12 ship NeoSpyrius fleet, and now I'm working on the torpedo bay for the interior section. I'm doing a three wall section, and shooting it like it's a vig.. is that cool Nightowl?
Nightowl_280 10 years ago
if it looks cool sounds good
Scienceseuss [deleted] 10 years ago
Deadline's tonight by midnight, right?
sirbugge Posted 10 years ago. Edited by sirbugge (member) 10 years ago
Well, Nightowl
- not all of us have tried microscale before
- not all of us have design-ideas ready
- not all of us have the same time on our hands
- not all of us build the same way
- etc.

All I'm saying is, that if you want a lot of people to join your contest (like more than 4), you should consider adjusting it so a larger share of the community have a chance to participate...

Anyways, I just finished my second ship tonight, have one more planned and is completely blank on the flagship... but I'll continue at my own pace, so thx for the nudge with this contest, I've enjoyed it.
Brenden T Wilson 10 years ago
oh, I thought it said 7th. Ouch.
.solo 10 years ago
I thought it was longer too... oh well. How many entered?
Dezperado 10 years ago
I looked at the deadline again yesterday only to realize it ended that day. No time to photograph the five ships I have. And I didn't get around to completing the interior section. Ah well.
legovaughan PRO 10 years ago
I was keen to enter but my building time has been severely hampered by RealLifeTM. I have just one microscale ship (my virgin first) but it still needs work so I won't be able to enter it. I'm still looking forward to checking the entries out. =]
sirbugge 10 years ago
Lol, this morning I the inspiration returned with a gunship and a fighter design...
So in the end I managed to almost meet the deadline with 8 ships of 4 different types by scaling down instead of up.

... just to prove myself halfway wrong ;-)
anyways, I still haven't had time to even consider an interior.

I'll borrow a camera later today, so pictures will be up soon
sirbugge 10 years ago
Hmm, recounting the entries in the other thread I only see three entries so far...
If the contest was extended until like next sunday (or the one after)... well, at least Dez and I should be able to finish an interiour, and from the other post-deadline comments here, I gather that there could be a couple more entries *wink-wink*
Nightowl_280 10 years ago
Im taking my time judging entries just like the deadline states (wink wink ) judging ------------All entries will be Judged by 3-6-2007 march 6 midnight ------------ that would be Tuesday
Scienceseuss [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Scienceseuss (member) 10 years ago
Yay for wink-extensions-wink! Good rule bending Nightowl.
Nightowl_280 10 years ago
no extentions just built in wink wink time .
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