yoderevolution [deleted] 3:50am, 27 October 2006
The Junker Bandits Build-Off is officially underway! This contest flies in the face of conventional wisdom, so all ye who enter here throw out everything that you think you know about ship aesthetics and color use.

Nomadic thieves steal parts from unattended spacecraft in far-off spaceports to piece together their fighters. They scavange battle fields in deep space for debris to integrate into their fleet. Their ships are lumpy, mismatched, rusty, and lethal! Don't be fooled by the chewing gum and paperclips that appear to hold them together! They prove to be more than a worthy adversary in battle, having pirated the best technologies of all the races and factions that explore space. If you see them in the skies above you, know that you are in the wrong part of town!

Example 1

Example 2

Rules for the contest:

-All entries must be submitted to this site by January 2nd, 2007.

-Ships must be minifig scale and be able to accomodate at least one pilot.

-Entries are spacecraft that appear to be built from space debris, junk, stolen parts, etc.

-Catagories are small (less than 40 studs) and medium (40 to 99 studs) if your entry is longer than 99 studs, it will be judged, but is not eligible for prizes.

-Backstories are OK, but will not effect judging.

-Enter as many ships as you want, but only ships built for this contest will be accepted.

-Good photography is a must. If we can't see it, we can't judge it.

-Schmoove hulls and tight color schemes need not apply.

Use your imagination! Asymetrical designs and bizarre color combinations are actually a plus for this contest! There is no such thing as too many greebles. Just try to make your "Junkers" look intigrated, not just tacked together.


There will be a cash prize for first place in both catogories, plus bragging rights.

second place will recieve a random assortment of Lego bricks from my collection that I don't want.


I need 3 volunteers for judges. P.M. me here or on CSF, or E-mail me if you're interested. Obviously, if you judge you cannot enter, and will miss out on the valuable cash and prizes!

So there it is! Have fun with it. The deadline is a long ways away, so put some effort into it! in a few days I'll start a second page here dedicated to entry submissions. I'll announce this in CSF, but I'm not registered at any other sites. This contest is open to anyone, so please feel free to announce it anywhere on my behalf! Rules are subject to change as needed.

Mike Yoder
Nightowl_280 10 years ago
sweet . im so building something . Also if you want ill send you a box of lego that are junky for the prizes .
unhh 10 years ago
I am absolutely entering this. Do Mecha count?
yoderevolution [deleted] 10 years ago
A n00b-
This contest is for spaceships. If you build a spaceworthy Mecha, I guess that would be acceptable, but unlikely to win a contest for spaceships.

If you've got beat up Lego bricks that you are willing to donate for prizes, there's no way I could say no to that!
Bohman 10 years ago
Mike, awesome. With that long of a deadline I might just have the time to build stuff too. In order to get this some more attention I voiced it on a lego blog - hopefully we'll see heck of a lot of awesome ships!
DarkkosiS PRO 10 years ago
Interesting concept Mikey, and thanks to Linus for the heads-up... I'll see what I can come up with this time around!
yoderevolution [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by NickMean (admin) 10 years ago
I'd like to announce the celebrity panel of judges at this time!

Nick Dean (Kcaster) (Edited to fix name)

Dan Rubin (Inquisitor General)

Keith Goldman (Keith Goldman)

More information on entry formats will come later today.

-Mainman- PRO 10 years ago
So that's the man behind the "Keith Goldman" alias. I know the secret!
Unit 186 [deleted] 10 years ago
"second place will recieve a random assortment of Lego bricks from my collection that I don't want."

I wan't going to play before I read that line. I'm in, I hope!
NickMean 10 years ago
The contest is under new management. However there is no more prize due to the departure of Mike Yoder from the community. Don't let this unmotivate you! Keep on building!
Derek Almen PRO 10 years ago
How come he left?
NickMean 10 years ago
Personal Issues, check out CSF for more information.
Nightowl_280 10 years ago
guess its good the prize pack is sitting on top of my lego collection waiting for friday
sirbugge 10 years ago
I guess this'll be the first official entry:


They say that 90% of succes is showing up... but will you really let me have it that easily? ;-p
-Mainman- PRO 10 years ago
Considering I'm about 800 miles from my bricks and only half finished anyway, I don't think I'm going to make the deadline. I'll finish it later. I do hope more than one person finished in time to make this an actual contest, though.
Bekr 10 years ago
I'm in the same boat as Mainman, except I don't have the distance excuse. Oh well.
NickMean Posted 10 years ago. Edited by NickMean (admin) 10 years ago
Edit: My mistake. every one's in, I didn't see imhotep's today nor did I see Bohman's in the entry list here and hadn't seen it. I'll contact everyone and let the judging begin.
Happy Weasel PRO 10 years ago
What happened to Linus's entry? Didn't he post it on CSF a couple of weeks ago?
Joachim S. Müller PRO 10 years ago
The only entry I see is mine. Where is Niels' entry to be found?
unhh 10 years ago
So I said I would absolutely enter this and what do I do?


Well congratulations Niels. You showed up. *claps*
NickMean 10 years ago
Look Up.
Happy Weasel PRO 10 years ago
Niels didn't have the only entry, Joachim posted his entry very soon after the contest started. I also saw Linus Bohman post an entry as a WIP, but I'm not sure if he finished it or not.
imhotepidus 10 years ago
Wait - what is this about the contest being over? The rules say post entries by Jan 2nd. It is still the 2nd. Can I still enter?
imhotepidus 10 years ago
Forget it, I will just go ahead and attempt to enter. So, without further ado, here is the X-4 (so named 'cuz of the four different engines just sort of strapped together):


Brickshelf photos here (when moderated):


I will also post a description of the ship later.

NickMean Posted 10 years ago. Edited by NickMean (admin) 10 years ago
You're in! Check my above post for some more info.
Bohman 10 years ago
There seems to have been some confusion here, if I'm not misinterpreting anything. I haven't entered the contest - I didn't finish my entry in time, and haven't done so yet either. So I just don't hope that the crappy pictures I uploaded is part of the contest.

The actual entries I have seen - Niels', Joachim's and Roy's - were very good. The contest inspired som great models, even if the turnout could have been better.
NickMean Posted 10 years ago. Edited by NickMean (admin) 10 years ago
Well after much deliberation, Dan Rubin, Keith, and I have decided our winner.


And the winner is: Linus!
Congrats Linus, you put some hard work into your ship and although you didn't mean to enter it, DanR, Keith, and I agree you won. Great work.

Great Job to everyone else who contributed.
Bohman 10 years ago
Well, that's quite a surprise. Thank you very much, dear judges. I now feel obligated to finish it ;-)
Yoderism [deleted] 10 years ago
Congratulations Bohman!

And I just want to apologize to the greater space community for botching this contest so badly! I'll chalk it up to sounded like a good idea at the time syndrome.
RangerSnow 10 years ago
I wanted to enter, but I put my Doctorate of Procrastination to work.
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