CC Forum Down?

Mark of Falworth PRO 4:57pm, 19 April 2012
The main page works, But I can't seem to get on the forum...

Is it just me? Or is the forum down?
woodz2001 5 years ago
i can't get in either..
Hǻrry 5 years ago
it happens
Mark of Falworth PRO 5 years ago
It must be down then. Oh well, they'll get it up soon. :)
Zachary Bean 5 years ago
Yep down, oh well. Time to start on that Global Challenge...or maybe that History homework :3
mencot 5 years ago
Yep down it is
Hǻrry 5 years ago
doubt it'll be back up today as all the admins are probably getting blazed
Bluesecrets PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Bluesecrets (member) 5 years ago
Hey guys, its been noticed and emailed about. It will be working when it gets working. Until them a little patience is appreciated. Thanks.
Owen_S. 5 years ago
It's up! :D Thanks, admins! :)
LegoFreak98 [deleted] 5 years ago
Today it is down again !!
Mark of Falworth PRO 5 years ago
Yep, looks like it's down, as of now. :[
«†Knight~Man†» / The_Creator Posted 5 years ago. Edited by «†Knight~Man†» / The_Creator (member) 5 years ago
Its happened to me 2 times before this time...
It should be up by tomorrow I'm guessing.
Mattiusxavier 5 years ago
Happens...I would assume its mostly caused by the need for maintenance of the site or servers. ;)
mencot 5 years ago
To bad it happened just when the LCC GC1 judgeing was on. Oh well we will just wait patiently for it to come back up :D
Its back up:D
Bluesecrets PRO 5 years ago
Guys...when you see it happen, just be patient. The staff will deal with it.
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