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Cityparrots, does research on parrots in cities. These populations are usually ignored by mainstream ornithological networks because they are non native. The general public however loves them to bits.

Flickr has images of parrots in cities that can not be seen anywhere else, information lacking from scientific literature but very valuable to us as researchers.

Please Geotag! We appreciate Creative Commons!


  • Video of Lilac-crowned Parrot(?) squawking

    Since you helped correct the i.d. on my parrot photos, can you verify my i.d. of...

    buscandocalifornia4 months ago0 replies

  • Thanks for the invite but...

    But I live in a rainforest surrounded by a lot of national park and rainbow lori...

    Kimmau6 months ago0 replies

  • city parrots? what city?

    It should be mandatory to post where these shots are taken. its kinda the whole ...

    Rob Stanard Photography14 months ago5 replies

  • Green Parakeets in McAllen, TX

    SeEtta has a few posts in his blog with pictures and video clips of 450+ green p...

    clickfun14 months ago5 replies

  • Hi City Parrots

    Thanks For the Invite :), My Ring necked Parakeet Photos Have been taken In Dart...

    Matt Earl18 months ago1 replies

  • hi all

    thanks for the invite!

    The steelyglint18 months ago1 replies

  • Thank-you for the invite

    Hi All, Thank-you for the invite to share some of my bird pictures from the g...

    Daniel Cox at Studiocox18 months ago3 replies

  • I hope I didn't appear rude:

    I have just declined invitations to add two pictures to the Group since I had ac...

    Mike (waiting thoughtfully)25 months ago1 replies

  • World Parrot Count 2012

    Dear parrot researchers and parrot friends, You are cordially invited to join...

    City Parrots26 months ago2 replies

  • Invite

    Sorry, it's a few days late but thanks for the invite!

    Janie Easterman27 months ago0 replies

  • The website link as seen in the the group blurb doesn't appear to go to the r...

    a_wren_9929 months ago3 replies

  • Parrot Art

    Understanding parrot art in its totality is almost an impossible task for a huma...

    Parrot Museum30 months ago0 replies

  • We need an invite code

    Is it possible to have a group invite slug to comment photos that would be nice ...

    QuakerVille37 months ago1 replies

  • Janunary 2011: 1st World Parrot Count. You can help!

    Dear parrot researchers and parrot friends, You are cordially invited to join...

    City Parrots38 months ago7 replies

  • Talk about flooding the group pool!!

    Someone has posted over 30 photos to the pool. some of which are so alike that t...

    helenoftheways38 months ago2 replies

  • Thanks for inviting my parrots to the fold.

    The main visitors to my yard are the Lophochroa leadbeateri.

    roughbarked38 months ago1 replies

  • why parrots not in a city?

    Just curious, why did you want to add my picture of parrots to this group when t...

    Hawaiian Biota39 months ago0 replies

  • thanks for the invite

    hi thanks for the invite great group hope you like the pictures

    S.P.L. Photography39 months ago4 replies

  • Australia - Land of Parrots

    Thought I'd share that where I live here in Melbourne we have parrots everywhere...

    Tidalist39 months ago6 replies

  • Parrots vs. Parakeets

    There are literally hundreds of parakeets throughout the Rio Grande Valley in So...

    adventure_g44 months ago2 replies

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