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BirdboyJohan August 6, 2011
Well I guess I'm the Administer of this group because the old one quit. I doubt this will be a succseful group, but we'll see.

Group Description

Welcome soldier!

In order for the all mighty CIS to remain all powerful, we need you troops to keep the galaxy in order. I am in command of you, men, and I will be taking direct orders from General Grevious himself. You corporals will be in command of your own squad of droids that you will take with you on your many various missions. You men are what makes this confederacy stay in control, so don't blow this. If you bring us to defeat, General Grevious, I can assure you, will not be pleased.

Long live the CIS!

How the game works:

Getting Started

You are a CIS Droid. You will have a Droid Commander Sig Fig that will represent you. (No silly color mixes. Only CIS colors. Tan, Brown, Grey, and blue if you must)
You will use your name, as your Sig Fig's name.
After you have your self made and everything, you will be in command of a squad of battle droids. These troops will be regular battle droids. You will take this squad with you on your various missions.


General Grevious will give me missions to tell you men. Each mission must be built by over half of the Game members in order to achieve a victory for the glorious General Grevious. If less than half the Members build for the mission, the CIS will be out manned, and fall into the despicable depths of defeat. General Grevious will not be pleased with such failure.


General Grevious will not only assign missions. He will also require new CIS Vehicles suited for specific tasks. (Tanks, Speeder bikes, Fighters, Probes, etc.) Not every member will have to build in these challenges. But be warned. If General Grevious feels that you are slacking off, he will not be pleased with your insolence.


Metals will be rewarded to Members who show outstanding performances. (Examples include Engineering, Most Improved Building Skills, Most Effort, Longest Service) Metals will be rewarded after each challenge. More than one Member can win each metal. Each member can earn more than one metal.


You will recieve points and levels. When you get ten points you go up a level. Points are earned by how good your creation is.

Game Overview

In all, this is not really a game where you win or lose. Think of this game as a group building effort, where everyone works together to achieve a common goal.

From Imperial Conquest page with a few edits

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