courtneyp PRO 7:56am, 21 February 2005
This is a discussion thread. Please place orders via this thread.

I have this nifty button maker that makes mini badges (pins), approximately 1" in diameter. You know, those cute little pins you see all the hipsters wearing on their jackets these days. ;) [example, for sale]

I had the idea that I could make buttons from everyone's squared circles, if they desired. They make the perfect button, naturally, because of their shape!

SO... if anyone wants a button (or three, or a dozen) of any of their squared circles, send me a message! It'll cost 50 cents a button, or if you're buying more than a couple, I'll discount 'em.

*Future idea: a flickr-based tool that would crop said circle(s) and send to me a print-ready version of the photo, so I could simply print it and manufacture the button (in turn, making it faster to make and cheaper to buy). Anyone up to helping me with the task? ...Jim? ;)
kastner PRO 13 years ago
Would it be possible to set up a webpage that lets people submit to you what picture they would like - or possibly random (I'd like a few random ones). That then they could use pay pal to pay you?

Do they ship in normal envlopes, how much is postage for these?

I'd like a few, and I think I could code something up for you. Let me know if you'd still want to do this
striatic PRO 13 years ago
hey, that's pretty cool.

what i think might help this idea along would be a list of ten or twenty squared circles that "work well" along with the ability to order custom buttons.

or sell button "sets" based on tags.

like, pick out some of these
I was just working on this yesterday

Can you make square buttons? I've only seen the machines that make circle buttons.
Bob Gamble 13 years ago
I would definitely buy some of these. I'd buy more than a few.
Michael Sarver 13 years ago
hmm...I'd probably take a couple.

Michael Sarver scrambles off to check his squared circle tags.
iandoh 13 years ago
me too. i think that CafePress (no personal affiliation) has something similar.
niznoz PRO 13 years ago
I think your buttons sound like a much better idea. Cafe Press buttons are 2.25 inches (not cool), and have to be ordered in bulk. An inch is aobut right (although smaller might work too). I can definitely see ordering some.
iandoh 13 years ago
ah, didn't notice that cafe press buttons are 2.25 inches. good catch.

btw, would we only be allowed to order buttons without non-commercial creative commons? It seems like the motivation is more community than commercial here...
btw, would we only be allowed to order buttons without non-commercial creative commons?

yes, and only those CC images without a "no-derivs" clause.

silly copyright, sometimes i wish there was a blanket exclusion for non-commercial reproduction. oh well.

the good news is that since the licensing campaign, we have thousands upon thousands of CC works available in the pool for this purpose.
niznoz PRO 13 years ago
unless, of course, its your own work (and you haven't sold the copyright), in which case you can do what you want.
Bob Gamble 13 years ago
I'd give permission for my photos to be used for this project even though they are licensed non-commercial.
courtneyp PRO 13 years ago
Yay! I'm glad you all seem to think it is a good idea.

To address the questions/concerns:

*The price includes postage. I'll send them in a small padded envelope.
*I will make a couple of test buttons and see how they work out... I'll take a few pics so you guys can see how it turns out.
*I cannot make square buttons. My button maker is specifically for approx. 1" round buttons. I wish, though!
*Yeah, silly copyright! :)
kastner PRO 13 years ago
I use Attribution-non-commercial-sharealike license. This allows derivative works, just so long as they are not used to make money for someone else.
Niznoz, if this is the license you have on your pictures, then they can be used for this purpose without any further action on your part.
courtneyp PRO 13 years ago
I just thought of a potential issue... the image area of the button is 0.875 inches, printable area is 1.313 inches (see this page for the sizing). Most squared circles do not have a lot of negative space around them, so there may be some white area (plain paper) showing around the edges of the button.

Anyway, like I said, I'll be making a few test buttons today, and we'll see...
If I help automate the circle cropping, we can probably correct for the white space problem...

I think in many cases, you probably don't want to crop the circle - better to just let the edge bleed around the rim of the button.

Also, let me know what resolution works best (100x100, 240x240, 500x500).
striatic PRO 13 years ago
i wouldn't worry that much about the negative space .. you may find that even with the edge of the circle removed, many of the squircles will still 'work'
Lathyrus 13 years ago
Agree with using square "buttons". Great idea.
Jim, I think that is best, we don't need to crop the circle. We just need to resize the circle to fit in the 0.875" area... the higher res, the better, but I will do the tests with each size you mentioned.

Lathyrus, I cannot make square buttons, alas...
quas 13 years ago
Hmmm...from the page you linked to:
"Important: The "Picture Size" is what the person sees on the button."

So as long as our circles are resized to fit that area, there will be no blank space. Perfect!
actually, i'd like a button with one of the templates from on it!
krazydad / jbum 13 years ago
0.875 / 1.313 is approximately 2/3rds.

I've been experimenting with warping the images to compress the circular area into a circle 2/3rds the size of the frame, for the purposes of button printing.

Here's a sample:

Palm Reader

Michael Sarver 13 years ago
That looks like it would "button" nicely. Am I correct?
Bob Gamble 13 years ago
looks good.
niznoz PRO 13 years ago
v. cool, jbum.
iandoh 13 years ago
i'm utterly astounded by the speed of collaboration. you guys/gals are amazing.
Test run results:
button layout
Here are unmodified squared circles placed within a button template. Ideal image size is 260px square. Note the white edges that are barely outside of the image area.

button test
This is a test run of the same images, made into buttons. As you can see in the photo, the white areas are certainly visible. jbum's warping/distortion should remedy this for the most part.

Next I will make a test run with the warped images.
striatic PRO 13 years ago
can't wait to see the test.
courtneyp PRO 13 years ago
Sorry guys, I've been mad crazy busy these past couple of days. I will do these next tests tomorrow, I promise.
krazydad / jbum 13 years ago
Don't sweat it. I'm entirely aware that most of the world *has* a life. :)
fromform 13 years ago
I'd love some buttons when the project gets under way. Also, jbum - if you have time would it be possible for you to post mini-instructions on how you warped the images? I've been playing around with photoshop and can't recreate the effect.
I wrote a Perl script to do it. I don't think it's easily doable in photoshop. I imagine this may be all you need to know, but in the interest of open-disclosure, I'll describe the algorithm. :)

The closest thing in Photoshop is the "Spherize" filter, but this is closer to an inverted spherize.

The Perl script loops thru each pixel coordinate (x,y) in the image, and then warps the coordinates to (x1,y1) using a mathematical formula. It then pulls the pixel at x1,y1 in the original image, and places it at x,y in the destination image.

The warping formula converts (x,y) to polar coordinates (d,a). d is the distance from the center of the image, and a is the angle.

Next I modify d. If d is within the radius of the (large) circle, I shrink it down to the size of the button using

d = d*2/3;

Otherwise, I scale d to fill the remaining area to the edge of the image, at that angle, which is a rather ugly bit of code. I'll provide the whole script to the curious upon request.

The algorithm is pretty slow in perl (taking about 30 seconds per image) - I will probably eventually rewrite it in C.
Test run made with the warped images & a circle mask applied to it:

(apologies for the soft focus, but you get the gist)

I think we've got it!
Michael Sarver 13 years ago
Looks great!
krazydad / jbum 13 years ago
Ooooooh. Button envy.

very squirclish.

i like the neon ones best.
I am sooo definitely getting a few of these.
These RULE. Wow. Hmm.. I don't usually wear buttons, but... Hmm...

I'm a big confused about copyrights, though... Money is changing hands here, if cortney gets even $US.01 for her time isn't that technically still commercial usage? Maybe that's quibbling...

Another couple interesting ideas. Postit notes lightly imprinted, and also little round stickers. Once you start opening up to the sticker market I start thinking that an non-commercial license is a good idea.. Having some company swoop in, grab my picures off squarred circle (none yet, yea yea, they're coming) and make cool stickers to make money off from pictures I've invested my time into doesn't sit right with me, so nc. But, minimally economic transactions like .01 so that the buttons cost .50 not .49 or even .10 for the time bother me less.. Mass production versus works of the heart, I guess is the distinction I feel... Hard to codify into a license though.
It's pretty obvious that Courtney isn't going to be the next button millionaire.

This kind of operation is small enough that either Courtney or the person requesting the button can ask permission of the photographer (via Flickr mail) - I suspect most Squared Circle photographers won't mind - just as all the folks I emailed for poster permissions gladly assented.

These verbal permissions would also solve the "attributions" problem which adhering to the CC license presents.

Also, if has anyone seen "Office Space" -- I have a name for these things:

Flickr Flair!

Or mebbe Flickr Flr?
BenODen 13 years ago
Yup. No millionare at 50 cents a piece. No problems here, and attribution is indeed interesting.. Are initials enough? A name? Or does it need to be more exact?

Oh, nevermind.. Is there a thread here where you guys have discussed things like this? I'm late to the party, sorry...
courtneyp PRO 13 years ago
I'm not looking to make a lot of money here, just materials, time and postage. I am offering to make these out of my love for photography and buttonmaking, and especially love for the Flickr community.

My initial idea was to offer people buttons from THEIR OWN squared circles, but since there has been interest in making them from others' squircles, of course these types of concerns arise.
Michael Sarver 13 years ago
I love "Office Space"! I don't know how anyone who hasn't worked in an office environment could not identify with that film!

Flickr Flair...I like it!
BenODen 13 years ago
Sorry, carry on planning, great plan, thanks for offering! I'm totally not accusing you of profiteering. Making money off badge o mint buttons is tough!

Ah well, I'm just Mr Lawful... Just spring boarding off what if's... I'll stop hijacking threads.
courtneyp PRO 13 years ago
No problem, BenODen, I think it is an important topic to discuss with Flickr users.

Also: FlickrFlair! I think we've found a proper name for this project :)
Hi, I've also got a badge machine here so if anyone needs help just let me know! :)

courtneyp PRO 13 years ago
1of@kind, since you are located in China, maybe it would be good of you to make badges for our friends out that way? Does your machine use the same size template as mine (see above)?
fromform 13 years ago
Hi jbum - thanks VERY much for the reply on warping technique. It's very clear, i get it (although technically it's beyond my grasp)- but I much appreciate the knowledge! Will abandon my clearly amateurish attempts to solve problem with pshop! Sorry for delayed reply....

Also, am looking where to find badge machine in London - so I could handle the European 'distribution' if that helps.
Yay, FlickrFlair (Or I suppose SquircleFlair)
I'm ready to play... I wants some buttons!

these might work well...
Burning Man reflectionThe Gates through Central Park benches

when they are ordered through your website, is jbum's distortion filter applied to them?
ocherdraco PRO 13 years ago
I just ordered two sets of eight! Huzzah!

Set #1:

Set #2:

The current plan is for me to warp the ordered images in a batch every few days.

I'll apply the warping only if the image needs it. In some cases (when the circle is against a solid background) it is better to simply extend the background color.
courtneyp PRO 13 years ago
Oh yeah, I forgot to post it again, since the paypal ordering page is up (forgive the in-progress appearance of the page):

There were a few bugs in the paypal cart system that I hope I have worked out with these first couple of orders, so pardon any technical difficulties.

Also, I realized once these orders were placed, that I have to add a paypal service charge to these orders. Any orders from this point forth are $2.50 for the 8 sets.
courtneyp PRO 13 years ago
Aren't they pretty (so far?)
making buttons
[i placed my order in the wrong thread. silly me. post deleted.]
Ooooh I can see three of mine! How exciting. Still waiting on 2 permissions before I order my second batch.
DogFromSPACE 13 years ago
Looks very cool in a big sheet like that... but I thought Jim was gonna warp them first?
krazydad / jbum 13 years ago
Those are warped, it's just hard to see the warping. I modified the warping program to omit some of the outer part of the ring (which is invisible on the button) to save on ink.
DogFromSPACE 13 years ago
AHA! Very clever indeed, Jim!
courtneyp PRO 13 years ago
The first batch of buttons got sent out yesterday afternoon, with more being sent today. Look for 'em!
Auntie P PRO 13 years ago
I still haven't received permission for the final two of my set of eight from other members so I might have to go ahead and put 2 more of my own in.

Where is Zen these days?
Bob Gamble 13 years ago
Sweet! Great job Courtney!
courtneyp PRO 13 years ago
Auntie P: I think there was discussion that permission asking is preferred, but not required... if the photographers assigned a CC license to them, in theory, it is okay for us to create said buttons.

That said, I sent off your package with your original buttons of choice :)
Auntie P PRO 13 years ago
Cool, I can't wait! Well I'm sure Zen won't mind me using one of his squircles but the other isn't licensed :(
Courtneyp and jbum, you absolutely rock, these buttons are awesomely fabulous.
ocherdraco PRO 13 years ago
I just got mine! They're wonderful! Photo forthcoming...
niznoz PRO 13 years ago
squaredcircle buttons/badges

They look great! Much better than this picture suggests.
ocherdraco PRO 13 years ago
Here they are! They look great.
My squared circle buttons!
striatic PRO 13 years ago
nice shot ocherdraco

which one is your favourite?
ocherdraco PRO 13 years ago
Oooh, that's a hard one... they all look so nice. Genista's evil eye is perhaps the best one objectively—it just looks good as a button.

But of course, I also like the one that looks like a campaign button. It's actually a name sign I made for my roommate for our door, but I wanted it to look like a campaign button (she's very into politics). Now, it actually is a button!
well, you need these badges

A clearer picture than my earlier one. These are two of the four buttons/badges courtneyp made up for me. And they are all excellent. A fine product.

Thanks Courtney!
Auntie P PRO 13 years ago
Mine arrived this morning and I love them. Thank you.
Genista PRO 13 years ago
A picture of ours (dotpolka's and mine):

button circle
I received my pbuttons today - they're great. many MANY thanks Courtney P!

courtneyp PRO 13 years ago
Glad everyone likes their buttons :)

More were sent out between Friday and today. I am using first class mail, so it seems to take 5 days average.
krazydad / jbum 13 years ago
I'm sure they will arrive much faster if you put a label on the envelope that reads CONTAINS NO ANTHRAX.
courtneyp PRO 13 years ago
What if I sent a button made of a picture of an Anthrax CD?

Rock on.
Genista PRO 13 years ago
Why, they will put you in Nosirpnikufesin, of course.
Yay, my buttons arrived, and they look great! Thanks Court!
(I recall some discussion of magnets... that could be very cool too)
Squircle buttons

Note: the buttons make me gain 10 lbs.
courtneyp PRO 13 years ago
DogFromSPACE: I am definitely looking into magnet parts. I'd hafta order a batch of 250, so I want to be sure there is interest. I guess I should start another thread...
psd PRO 13 years ago
The Set

Ils sont arive! Thanks, courtneyp
badges make me happy :)

my badges arrived too! :) thanks courtneyp!!!
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