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We've had some vandalism on another related group. If you see any porn arriving in this group please let me know ASAP.


  • Church pictures in stereo 3D

    hallo my pictures are in stereo anaglyph. red/cyan glasses to see depth I hope...

    wim hoppenbrouwers12 months ago0 replies

  • Can I remind members...?

    To please check the posting rules. A number of very strange interpretations of t...

    Whipper_snapper35 months ago0 replies

  • Are Church Halls OK?

    What's the group's (especially the admin's) view on posting pictures of furnishi...

    GlasgowAmateur38 months ago2 replies

  • New Group: 'Pulpits'

    I have founded this group for pictures of (or just featuring) pulpits. Here is a...

    GlasgowAmateur40 months ago1 replies

  • Dual Years on Memorials

    I visited Kedleston All Saints recently and noticed a number of memorials had tw...

    David Biggins59 months ago3 replies

  • Snark Monstrance

    The "monstrance" is in the upper left corner: The Vanishing and the Gneiss Rock Illustration (1876) by Henry Ho...

    Bonnetmaker60 months ago0 replies

  • ::: RETABLES - New Group Invitation :::

    Dear all, Lets map world Retable Art! From Flickr users around the world ...

    In Terram Exire62 months ago0 replies

  • Winged Creatures

    I am interested in the "Winged Creatures" known as the "Beasts of the Evangelist...

    shadysidelantern67 months ago2 replies

  • Luke 24:45

    Luke 24:45, St. Margaret's, Hemingford Abbots, Cambridgeshire This stained glass window quotes Luke 24:45, but only shows ten disciples. I...

    David Biggins88 months ago1 replies

  • Churches Conservation Trust

    Ned Trifle has set up a new group for churches cared-for by the Churches Conserv...

    Whipper_snapper96 months ago0 replies

  • New groups created

    Over the past few months I have created several groups. You may find the followi...

    cbnewham97 months ago0 replies

  • Three Hares Project

    Hi All, Saw a news report on this topic, the Three Hares Project and thought ...

    laren_oz102 months ago2 replies

  • Four new county church groups

    Four more county church groups, defined in terms of pre-1974 boundaries. All im...

    Vitrearum (Allan Barton)102 months ago0 replies

  • New groups - Dorset and Kent churches

    I have set up two new county church groups - for Kent and Dorset - to cover chur...

    Whipper_snapper103 months ago0 replies

  • Sincere apologies for weekend problems

    Owing to a new member dumping some 580 pictures into one group and around 400 pi...

    Whipper_snapper103 months ago0 replies

  • New admin

    There's been a change in admin, Leo30 wanted to stand down for a while so I have...

    Whipper_snapper103 months ago0 replies

  • English Stained Glass - Pre Victorian - A New Group

    There is a now a new group exclusively for images of English stained glass that ...

    Vitrearum (Allan Barton)105 months ago0 replies

  • Images of Saints: two new groups

    There are two new groups for images of Saints. SANCTA is for images of female Sa...

    Simon_K108 months ago0 replies

  • New Group: Ringing Chambers and Views from Ringing Galleries

    I've started a new group called Ringing Chambers and Views from Ringing Gallerie...

    cat_on_the_net_2000109 months ago0 replies

  • Annunciation images: new group

    I've started a new group for images of the Annunciation. It is at

    Simon_K109 months ago0 replies

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