SarahJeffery17 10:58am, 22 August 2012
Hi All

There is a flower / insect theme for tomorrow's reader pictures and once again I have selected six of my favourite photos.

Congratulations to the following people:

1. Flowers in the rain by harra1958
2. Hoverfly by Malurwin
3. I can hear you by A-J2010
4. One of Mrs Brown's boys by Michael C1950
5. Spot Burnett by Hawkeye108
6. Warmth by Danny_Bhoy_83

Thank you for uploading these photos, they're great.

Kind regards

Mal Urwin PRO 6 years ago
Thank you Sarah .
SarahJeffery17 6 years ago

Unfortunately, there was not enough space on the page to feature all six selected photos.

So Flowers in the rain by harra1958 and Warmth by Danny_Bhoy_83 will be used in a future edition.


AlisonJane. 6 years ago
Hi sarah,
Thank you :);)
Alison xx
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