headsupnorth 9:30am, 28 June 2012
Hi Everyone!

I've just launched a gallery of many of the iconic bridges we have here dotted around the region. Thanks to you there are worthy of a gallery on their own!

Take a look and see if you feature. If not, you could soon!

As well as the more famous bridges such as the Tyne, there are many other beautiful and interesting bridges so I have featured a selection here. More to come!

See what you can do. As ever, keep those pictures coming in. We have a printed gallery coming up again soon too.

Mal Urwin TY for over 6M views PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Mal Urwin TY for over 6M views (member) 5 years ago
Any one that wants the check the Gallery , click Gallery of the Bridges
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