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Gentle Tree ADMIN April 5, 2014
"Welcome to Christian CG. Have fun sharing our gifts for the Lord" - David Hinkle

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Group Description

Christian CG is dedicated to artists who use computer graphics in their creation process. This group is dedicated to the use of modern computer tools to create Christian based computer graphics. Many artists use software programs (like Photoshop, Blender, Bryce, Poser, 3D Studio Max, Maya, ZBrush, and many others) to create computer graphic art. The realm of computer graphic artwork is growing each day. The administrator of this site seen the need for a safe environment where Christian artists may comment, display, and have fun sharing about their creative skills. All for the glory of Christ.

Group Rules

Christian CG is a Christian group solely dedicated to artists who use computer graphic tools.

If you join this group, you agree to not be offensive in any way toward the Christian faith and in general to be very respectful of others. All topics, photos, art, cg, discussions, comments, ect. should reflect that of Christian morals.

The content submitted may be rejected or placed on hold by the group administrator due to the content being too vague and not pointing to a Christian perspective. [Please continue reading for more clarification]

To create more understanding: An artist may take a picture of a commercial building with a sign that conveys a commercial business or trade. This photo, in the moderator's eyes and judgment, may not convey anything of faith, just a basic photo of a corporate building. Therefore, the moderator may reject it due to it's lack of a faith related theme (unless the building or structure is a temple or cathedral) To clarify, the building or structure may convey a theme of faith. For further example, a photo of a beach or a sunset may get approved because even though this is vague or general in theme, it may convey a response to faith. For instance, ”Jesus is like my sunrise in the morning” or ”Jesus' footsteps in the sand”. However, most nature photos are rejected due to the vagueness of the shot. If the photo has a faith related pull or aura about it, then it may remain as approved. Nature or/and landscape photos are usually rejected unless they contain scripture, some are included if there are religious themes in the background. Many nature photos are rejected because anyone can take a photo of nature and not necessarily be compassionate to Christian values. However, lets say the photo of a forest has a cross in the background. Then, this photo may be approved simply due to the fact that having a simple cross in a nature photo pushes out to an observers eyes, something of faith. Many nature related photos are simply approved because the artist placed faith related wording into the photo. Many abstract artists post images that are abstract and the art itself is just too vague for an observer to say, ”This art is clearly pointing to Christ.” Therefore, abstract, vague art is sometimes rejected. When any particular artwork is rejected, the artist should not place scrutiny upon oneself. Christian CG accepts artwork, photos (computer generated as a priority), that has Christ clearly visible, issues of faith clearly visible, within the artwork as it stands alone apart from the artist.

In addition, images that promote or advertise subjects like concerts, clubs, bands, events, places, people, ect., will be rejected. This site is not a place to promote events, even if Christian based. This site is not a place to promote religious events, activities, or to promote ones own church. Photos that have church website addresses or promotions will be rejected. Photos that have website addresses will be rejected. No advertising is allowed.

Images submitted that blast the faith of others, regardless of Christian perspective, will be rejected. This is not a site to promote ones perception of faith by bashing the theology of another. Images submitted that call out the names of other organizations, churches, faiths, theologies, persons, ect. with the sole purpose of chastising or demeaning the creative value of others will be rejected. Simply put, do not be mean spirited. All images must follow a spirit of beauty and grace. To lift up others, to not condemn, to not chastise, to not push down. This site will promptly reject any images that display harm to another.

Images that promote political issues will be terminated.

Profanity and nudity will not be tolerated.

By joining this group, you agree to adhere to these rules as listed above.
Please contact the administrator at any time if you have questions.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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