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Sarah........ says:

Does anyone have any testimonies they would like to share?
10:24AM, 16 February 2012 PST (permalink)

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aMp Visual Concepts says:

I am in a worship band. About a year and a half ago one of one of the leaders in the band shared with us that he felt a calling to go on a mission trip to Russia with the entire band. He asked us if asked the rest of the band if we were willing to start planning this trip and actually go through with it. He wanted to go for about a month.

I went along with it, I thought that it was just a temporary ambition and that it would blow over. There were about 8 people in the band, 9 if you count our sound engineer. I knew that there was no way that 9 people would leave their families, businesses, jobs, responsibilities for a month and spend a whole bunch of money to go to a country thousands of miles away to witness. I agreed to it because I knew the chances of this actually happening were next to none.

About two weeks before this, I was visiting a local church, there was a really great service, great message... The pastor spoke to the church and asked, "who here wants to do do more for God?, Who here wants to be used by God for his divine purpose, even if it means making a sacrifice in your life, even if it means doing something completely out of the ordinary?" In my heart, I really felt that I wanted to do more for God so I raised my hand, my heart was honestly set on this. The next day, I forgot about it.

I had an epiphany a short time after our leader spoke to us about the mission trip and I remembered that church service. From that point on, I knew it was the will of God for us to go to Russia.

We needed about 25K to finance the trip. Our plan was to take a tour through about 15 cities in Russia, setting up musical events and shows with the purpose of evangelizing. About half a year later, somehow we managed to raise that money. I honestly don't even know how some of that money got to us. There were people we didn't even know who were donating large amounts of money to us. God was making it happen. It was incredible.

We were set to go, we all had our Visas opened, our plane tickets ordered. There were 10 people who were supposed to go. 8 members of the band, our sound engineer, and our speaker who would do most of the evangelistic speaking during our tour. We were packed. About three days before departure we learned that due to some complications our speaker wouldn't be able to leave the country. That was a huge blow to our morale, we called out to God to help us.

Three days later, 10 of us were on a plane to New York, and then from New York to Moscow. We were going to be gone for a month. Our youth pastor stepped up, dropped everything he was doing, any projects he was involved in and through a very complicated legal process was somehow was able to obtain a visa in three days (it usually takes about two weeks) God did amazing things in Russia, our tour was successful and we reached out to thousands of people through our music, through the gospel. It was an enormous blessing to our lives as well.

My plan that summer was to make a lot of money, to work, and to focus on myself. God had different plans for me. I never thought I would ever go to any of those places, or do any of those things. I met many amazing people in various places. I was humbled at how God used us for his glory. I learned that to be used by God, all it takes is desire. If you have desire, God will do the rest.

thanks for reading this.

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_moonlight_shadow_ says:

About three years ago, I was a freshman in high school. Whether you remember it, or are experiencing it now, you know it's a big change. You worry about making new friends, adjusting to classes, and hoping that you won't be left behind; overall there's a lot of "trying to get your shit together." I was always a very quiet, self-conscious person: the kind that just blended in with the crowd. All I wanted was to fit in, and try to not be the freak of the school.

Lucky for me, nothing went according to what I had planned. Instead of going to my school's turnabout dance, two of my friends and I decided to have a sleepover. We had a great time, and didn't end up going to bed until about six in the morning. Four hours of sleep later, my mom was ready to pick me up. Sleep deprived, I started getting my bag ready to go. The next thing I remembered was being in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. After blacking out, I had started having a seizure.

After countless test, and feeling like a human guinea pig, I was diagnosed with JME (juvenile myoclonic epilepsy). This meant that I had to see a neurologist constantly and take meds every day. Now, not only was I already self conscious in general, but I know had to walking into school feeling like a freak. Even with only my close friends knowing about it, I felt like an outsider. I was now the one with the problem. Something was wrong with me. Why me? Why now? What the heck did I do wrong? Nothing made sense, and all it felt like was a great, big pile of shit.

A couple months later, I went on a mission trip with my church. The very first day, the leaders talked about how we are not only there to serve but be served. Not fully understanding or believing what they had said, I went out to my first job site. My group that day was helping organize a woman's home. She was recovering from surgery and needed help. However, when we got there, all she wanted to do was talk to us. She had lived alone for the past several years and wanted someone to be with.

After spending the day with this wonderful woman, I felt like a new person. Not only had she experienced countless tragedies with her family, but she also suffered from epilepsy, just like me. Despite all of this, she managed to be the most loving, caring, and cheerful person I have ever met.

In one day, this woman had taught me what I had been trying to find for months: things will happen in your life that you will not be able to control, but you need to look for the good things in life and trust that God has a plan for you. You may not be able to see it now, because all you have is one small piece of the puzzle. Despite everything, God is looking out for you, and sometimes you just need to let go, and let Him take care of it.

Looking back, I realize that my life has been changed for the better, whether or not I always see it. I hope this will help someone in some way. If you are struggling through something, I pray that God will look out for you. Also, I know I'm still young, but if anyone ever needs someone to just listen to them, I'm here if you need it.

God bless
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Krb26 says:

aMp Visual Concepts:

Thank you for couraging me through your testimonial,
God bless you
77 months ago (permalink)

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