China Railway

cicidancer 8:43pm, 6 October 2008
Being a new member, I must congratulate all the superb photographers and their excellent photos. It's a pity that Steam in China is dead and we only have photographs to remember them.
An interesting book, but a pity because it is written in Chinese, also gives a very good history of China' Railway system, covering all their developments. The first printing was at July 1991 of 6,000 copies, don't know if they made any new runs in the printing shop. It is -
ISBN7-113-01146-2/U.349 and cost RMB 160.00 when I purchased it in Peking (I like Peking more than Beijing) at 1997, a week after UK gave Hong Kong back to China.
L D Richards 10 years ago
Steam is not yet dead in China, but won't be around very much longer. There are numerous industrial lines that are hanging on. See the Yahoo " Steam in China group" . Larry
tarboat PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by tarboat (member) 10 years ago
I agree with L D Richards, there is still steam to be found in China if you know where to look. Another good source of information is the SY-Country website.
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