www_mariopompei_it 6:01pm, 7 January 2008
I am contacting you on behalf of an European travel magazine.

They are preparing a big story on the express train from Xining to Tibet.

The pictures should be outstanding, dramatic and beautiful – possible double page spreads and full pages.

Here is a list of possible places but we are also open for great landscape photos that are showing landscape in this area as well:

-Start in Xining, capital of the province Qinhai. Amdo (The train takes 25 hours to Lhasa). Monastery Kumbum. Big moshee.
-Tibetan Highland. Kampa. Nomads. Herds of donkeys (called horse donkeys?!), yaks, sheperds.
-Pilgrims/ buddhists on the road next to the train trails
New train station, Tibetan old city, Barkhor (a part of the city), Jokhang temple, Potala-Palace, “Chinatown” - Chinese quarter in Lhasa, Restaurant Makye Ame (Barkhor street)
-Tibetan Buddhism, f.e. Monastery Drepung (near Lhasa)

The captions are very important for us!

Contact me as soon as possible via flickrmail
Rick W 11 years ago
Try here:


try tags like tibet or 青海西藏 (Qinghai Tibet)
Hi Rick W,

It's obviously too late but have a look at www.adamdean.net for great photos for that topic.

Please have a look at my flickr. You may want to work together in the future. I have some interseting pictures from the trans-siberian and now from China.


Pvince 10 years ago
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