ptq2002 4:48am, 13 August 2007
Are there any limitations on the taking of photos of railways in China.
raemin 11 years ago
As far as I know, no limitation.
ptq2002 11 years ago
It had been mentioned in chat on a NZ loco group that it was not permitted or at least frowned upon!
My reason for asking is that my daughter will shortly be resident in Guangzhou for a period of years and I hope she will have the opportunity to take photos of railways locomotoves etc on my behalf.
beautiful collar [deleted] 9 years ago
Ive had no real problems if fact I managed to get permission to wander around the main station in Beijing taking photos, but it was hard work to explain what I wanted to do and it was only after a senior member of staff passed me onto a girl who was learning English when it was understood my intentions were innocent! However in January 2009 I tried to get my Girlfreind to translate that I wanted to take pictures at Chengdu South and I was told to leave coz the suspected I was a Journalist or and American Spy!!!!!!!!!! I have found also if you have a valid ticket for a train there are little or no problems, but if you go somewhere rural or off the beaten track you will be a figure of curiosity!
DavidFeng 5 years ago
Try avoiding photos of staff on duty, especially if your pic is likely to startle them.
Sorry for reviving an otherwise dormant thread.
52 months after the last post, Weibo (Chinese Twitter, censors included) seems to be very lively in China.
Whereas a few years ago, it was hard for you to get your pic published in a regular paper mag, now your pic goes live on the Web. Therefore you could be putting rail crew out of a job without even knowing you're doing so.
This has happened in metro systems as well.
Whilst officially it is best to let station crew know about this, in practice you should have no problems lest you cross the safety line (unless you're getting on or off trains, when you'll have to cross the line).
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