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Pixel Packing Mama ~ 25 Million Views ADMIN April 2, 2007
From the starting 28 photos or so, this looks like it is going to be a fun group! Keep up the good work, both the serious and the silly. Thanks, Delina


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Thanks gem66 1 Pixel Packing Mama ~ 25 Million ViewsPRO 11 years ago

Group Description

Children, boys or girls, wearing glasses. Kids under age nine years, with their face and the glasses prominent in the picture. The glasses can be real prescription glasses, or sunglasses, or toy glasses, or cardboard 3D glasses, or in the case of the icon, my granddaughter wearing MY glasses for a few moments.
This group will be about cute kids wearing glasses. It will NOT be about older children or teens or grownups. It will NOT be about sensual, or sexy pictures. The new group will be about Family Friendly, kids, wearing glasses. Thank-you, Delina

The picture needs to be your own work, or that of someone who has given you permission to use it. Let's keep it fun and friendly, and cute. Thanks, Delina

Group Rules

Only pictures of children under nine years of age.
Pictures must be your own work, or you must have permission to use the picture.
No drawings.
No nudity.
No porn.
No racism, nasty, sexy, sensual, filthy, gross pictures.
No pictures displaying a hateful, mean and/or political agenda.
Your photo should have the child's face and glasses as the main subject. You may fix up your photo with some photo program techniques like oil paint a little, light sharp, bright, contrast, crop, auto adjust type enhancements, but please don't submit a child that isn't real, or something that is totally a painting or drawing.
I would prefer that the glasses not endorse any certain company or sports team or product. If they do and it is small, and not the main function of the picture, then it is OK.
Please don't submit pictures where the child and the glasses are a little tiny part of the picture, and the main subject is something totally other than what it should be to maintain the group integrity.
You may post up to 15 pictures a week. Please don't submit a bunch of repetitive ones just because you can. Try to have various kids and various types of glasses. Or the same child, like my granddaughter, but one further away and one really close up. One with toy glasses, one with my glasses.
Any kids in the bathtub or otherwise nude and also wearing glasses, better only show from the waist up.
The kids who actually wear prescription glasses might really enjoy this too, as they see how many other kids wear them.
The picture may be taken in the past. For example, my son wore glasses back in the seventies for a short time.
Anyone who uses this nice, innocent children's group to promote some cause of theirs, or spam, will first be put under the "Curse of the Seven Rabid Jackals" and then banned faster than a New York Minute! My intentions to have an enjoyable group are pretty clear; so I don't believe in a whole lot of warnings. If you're not sure, post the picture on your own site and ask me to got take a look. Generally speaking if you have to ask, it probably isn't OK.
Thanks. Delina

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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