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Names of works/installations

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djmendez says:

Could someone please post the names of the works/installations in the order they are viewed at the de Young? I can't seem to find that information on the web.

I would like to add that information to the individual pictures I have taken.

3:18PM, 18 July 2008 PST (permalink)

instinctive humor [deleted] says:

Have you seen this ?

You also can view each room individually -- in typical flickr fashion the photo on top is THE LAST photo/room : www.flickr.com/search/?w=17357663@N00&q="Tour+of...
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djmendez says:

The first link is where I had looked (only has partial info) - the second one (www.chihuly.com/installations/deyoung/ )
has the exact info I am looking for!

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instinctive humor [deleted] says:

Another trick that I use -- record a voice-memo with the photo. Even small P&S have this ability.
If that doesn't work, taking photos of the signs also is a easy way to record locations and other info. That way you can "remember" details even many years later.
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FAMSF is a group administrator FAMSF says:

The link to Chihuly's site posted by stargazer95050 has the best information on what's installed in each of the galleries. Thanks for posting that!
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Maya Eidolon says:

Here's a wonderful site. www.chihuly.com/index.html
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