LETSHOTBOX! 7:28pm, 23 March 2012
United streets of America tour by LETSHOTBOX!

After two years of doing shows and events around Chicago, we want to take this lil' guy outside our city limits and share all the fun with the world… I mean country. We want to do a US Tour! We will travel around the country, stopping at 25 major cities and meet up with various artists to have them add to a massive collaboration on the outside of the truck.
The final stop is in Miami FL for the country's largest contemporary art exhibition, Miami Art Basel (miamiartbasel.com) where we will have the rare but excellent opportunity to share all of this contemporary, american artwork with artists from around the world!

To help make this dream a reality please donate to our kickstarter!
Join us, wont you?
Qtouch PRO 4 years ago
"HOTBOX ... has given me so many amazing experiences, connected me with stellar people, and has really taught me the power of art. Like recently, when I met the talented Jack C., a Columbia College graduate with a wide range of skills and a focus on painting and public art. "

Haha, yes!

A great project. It'll be another step to help raise the Chicago street art scene up to its rightful place near or at the top of the national and international stages.

Click the "Join us, wont you?" link and then do!
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