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This is Awkward 4:54pm, 14 June 2008
When things settle can someone please post as to whether or not Solve is okay and if not what we can all do to help?

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Brittany_Steiner_ 9 years ago
Gone. speechless. RIP Solve. we loved you so much. so much.

god, i still cant comprehend what just happend.
toolie26 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by toolie26 (member) 9 years ago
I walked by their fight and just didn't want anything to do with those guys. I can't believe it was Brendan.


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minvervah 9 years ago
Oh, man. I interviewed Solve last year and was a huge fan of his work. He can't be forgotten.
This is Awkward Posted 9 years ago. Edited by This is Awkward (member) 9 years ago
RIP Solve. What I knew of that kid was great. He was doing such amazing things here and getting ready for more..I can only picture him laughin' it up with his big Brendan laugh.

If we can do anything: donate money, move stuff, arrange stuff, organize stuff, or help any close friends and family of Brendan please let us know.

I'm free if anyone needs anything.

Also please post reg. how we can pay our respects, if services are for family only or what have you.

much love.
|art|illery PRO 9 years ago
RIP. ill always remeber you Brendan.
EMENFUCKOS Posted 9 years ago. Edited by EMENFUCKOS (moderator) 9 years ago
wtf?! Another fallen talent killed by the streets.

im glad i was fortunate enough to meet the guy on 2 seperate occasions.
That's horrible. He was such a nice guy. How the hell did this happen?
Mr. Saro [deleted] 9 years ago
RIP Brendan, I can't explain what a loss this is for us all. your friends, fellow street artists, RGB members and Chicago citizens will miss you .

Im so sorry I didn't show up last night. These guys will pay, that's a promise.
aubnonymous. 9 years ago
This is a terrible loss.
WHAT?!?! what?? .....i dont know what to say...

Mirian Vz [deleted] 9 years ago
i thought it was a bad dream. i never would have thought this could happen to one of us. youll be insanely missed. rip brendan.
EMENFUCKOS Posted 9 years ago. Edited by EMENFUCKOS (moderator) 9 years ago
Solve R.I.P.

first thing that ran across my mind. A board of his found and i photographed alone on an empty train seat.

So this ones for you solve! Keep putting em up!
DR000 9 years ago
damn man.

psychosurplus 9 years ago
we are working on a memorial at south union. he has a full installation in the basement artist's bathroom( know it doesn't sound too grand). his work, his friends, our family.

the chicago street art and graffiti community has suffered another devastating blow to OUR family. please keep his energy present through your art and your fight for protest and statement on/in the streets.

a very sad squirrelygee.

p.s. to those of you who were at that party with all of us last night after melt's show, speak your mind on what you saw.

i fucking saw the assholes chasing after him last night, even rode my bike with my bandmate up toward the fight, and had no idea it was him. talk about guilt. i juts saw it was the fucking morons from a certain non graffiti related crew that WE ALL FUCKING KNOW and shit and wanted nothing to do with it.

i'm an asshole.
.....* 9 years ago
I'm saddened to hear about this. My condolences to his friends and Family.
-Frank Serpico
ninjagrl 9 years ago
i can't believe he's gone
i don't know what to say
i loved running into him :)
he was an amazing guy
what a horrible horrible loss
i'm sorry for his family and friends and for chicago
classified_ [deleted] 9 years ago
RIP Solve
Sorry to hear about this
thegrocer* 9 years ago
I just heard about this a moment ago. my heart goes out to his family and all of you that were closer to him. Saw him riding down milwaukee yesterday evening on his bike... urgh. so hard to understand.
kid static 9 years ago
to a fellow tall man and a dude who had nothing but humor and light coming out of him. you will be missed. my heart and good wishes go out to his family. i'm sorry brendan. we're all sorry.
pooptronica 9 years ago
I just found out. Someone called me and said it was th 77's. Is this true? Anyone know?

Rest in peace, very sad to read this.
Rest In Printer's Heaven Solve...This is really fuckin sad....
*rejoice* 9 years ago
So hard to believe this. The nicest guy always smiling and laughing.
RIP Solve.
Mr. Saro [deleted] 9 years ago
all info will probably be posted on a new thread, lets just keep this one well wishes, respect and RIPs.
fotoflow / Oscar Arriola Posted 9 years ago. Edited by fotoflow / Oscar Arriola (member) 9 years ago
LIke This is Awkward said, he had a great laugh. I've never heard anyone laugh that way before. I still can't believe this happened. This is just so fucked up.

I just found this video interview of him that I'd never seen before...

RIP Brendan.
-tiptoe- 9 years ago
-tiptoe- 9 years ago
Bonus Saves Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Bonus Saves (member) 9 years ago
We hung out and did the art walk before going to the Oh NO Doom show... I left to go back north and then heard about this atrocity in the morning.
Fuck those assholes that did it. You're fucking animals.
Nick Adam 9 years ago
Absolutly tragic.
Never knew him but I'm so sorry for everones loss.
Let me know if anyone needs help with anything.
EMENFUCKOS 9 years ago
Weekend Violence UPDATE: Arrest Made in Murdrer of Logan Square Artist

knemanuel99 9 years ago
As a family member of Brendan's, I would like to say: PLEASE do not follow violence with violence. "They will pay." is not the way. Use your art and nonviolent measures to express your rage. No more violence, please.
Bonus Saves 9 years ago
A shrine for SOLVE
psychosurplus 9 years ago
bonus, where is this wall?

there will be more meorial art soon from hella artists. we ask that all street, urban and graffiti artists make light and love of the situation through art and positive vibrations, as done with our friends in the past.

R.I.P. BRendan Scanlon a.k.a SOLVE.

and as Brendan's relative said, please guys, violence can never be solved with more violence. your art will continue to represent your fight against morons and assholes and dumb fuckers who obviously have nothing going for them except getting into stupid fucking fihts and stabbing and beating and......just stupid fucking shit. ignorance is never a sign of growth,and as adults,i encourgae all of us to continue through life with the positivity and respect and most importantly, INTEGRITY.

much love to all artists,

squirrelygee and the family.
pluma* 9 years ago
im so sorry to hear about this. my heart goes out to everyone who knew & loved him.
psychosurplus 9 years ago
i'm also a little wierded out having been quoted in the article reporting the arrest made, but as i stated, we have suffered an extreme devastation to our family, and let's keep brendan in our hearts along with the others we have lost, KISER, DEPTE and so forth.

your art is your action, guys. please believe this.

psychosurplus 9 years ago
to my dear friends at the UPSET, please bump this article on your blog.

it would be much appreciated.

18andCounting 9 years ago
This is tragic and very frustrating.

It was always a pleasure running into him on the streets and getting to hear that famous laugh of his. SOLVE was one of the first names to inspire me to join in with what Chi-Town Street Art folks were doing. I don't believe I ever got to thank him for that. I am sorry. His charisma was as big as his work ethic and that's what I loved about him.

You'll be missed and remembered, man.

Ashlee Elledge 9 years ago
Brendan was a best friend. I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather kick back and drink a beer with.

He gave me the rules of the streets along with a stack of SOLVE stickers.

The guy who did this has been charged with Murder 1

c_damage 9 years ago
my heart hurts to hear this.
The Dirt Art Center 9 years ago
I would always light up when I saw a new Solve out on the street. He did so much in such little time. I knew him, but not well. But he new he inspired me and lifted my spirits. So I want to thank all of you who were close to him for helping him make himself what he was. Which was terrific. My prayers go out to him and his family and friends.

THANK YOU Brendan. You continue to influence our hearts.
I DONT FUCKEN KNOW YOU Posted 9 years ago. Edited by I DONT FUCKEN KNOW YOU (member) 9 years ago
there has to be a memorial show for him,met the guy once and he is chill
ish today 9 years ago
Cheers for Solve !!! friendly artist, i met him last october after stumbling upon his work at Gladeye, then he showed me around his area. One of his pigeons will be in a show im having in August.

peace be with Solve !

relish. sunday june 15 2008.
sticker memorial on the streets of chicago
JOE MARINARO [deleted] 9 years ago
He was so animated about his passions. This is unbelievable. I am glad the arrest was made. My thoughts to his family and those who knew him better than me. r.i.p.
toolie26 9 years ago
Our last exchange that night was, "Go have some free beer, Brendan"

"Man, the keg's out (insert laugh)"

This has really been bugging me all weekend. Were the other guys involved arrested? I know this guy Kirk and I hope it's the toughest sentence.
This is really sad to hear. I loved his work. I just heard about it on WGN and it looks like 780 also ran a story. Old media is picking up this story. Rest in peace solve.
|art|illery PRO 9 years ago
A collection of photos I have tagged with SOLVE. RIP Brendan.

EMENFUCKOS 9 years ago

the guy who killed our friend got let go, if any of you guys know bob grannum.lets us know there was four kids involved one was kirk tobalski(in custody) Bob Grannum and 2 other guys . our friend was murdered and their getting away with it there involved in the 77'sany info will help
‹ ƒlip Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ‹ ƒlip (member) 9 years ago
this is panda, and to think back to flickr 2007:

p.a.n.d.a [deleted] says:
duo- ok?

Solve- WHAT THE FUCK MAN! After a bottle came through the window I headed back to the ohnodoom gallery (which is two blocks away. ill be here all tomorrow, so you if you need help clean text 708 3697055. seriously, ill be more than happy to help you) I saw that you and niel where two doors down beating the shit out of eachother. I seriously thought one of you were going to die on that spiked gate thing. People where handing Niels party friend glass 40 that he was about to hit on your fucking face when you were on the cement. And I punched him in the face...which shocked myself and everyone else. Then Irina (old old party friend) randomly hugged me and kissed my head...either because she was really drunk or saving my life.
Im still in shock. Esp because you two are the happiest guys alive.
Unfortunately niels friends either are your friends, or drink your booze and break your windows.
Posted 6 months ago. ( permalink )

Thanks for punching the guy. It sounds like I owe you one...

....anyways that night at the party across the street niel and solve were standing next to each other, and the last thing i remember saying to him was, "solve you know you standing right next to the guy that jumped you, right?"

Its insane to think he is no longer here, last night I just sat down looking at his bike for an hour in disbelief, death is a hard concept. Love to his family and friends. panda.
JOE MARINARO [deleted] 9 years ago
Weekend Violence UPDATE: Arrest Made in Murdrer of Logan Square Artist

Kirk Tobolski, 24, has been charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing of Brendan Scanlon , a well-known local graffiti artist in the Logan Square neighborhood early Saturday.
Tobolski, of the 2600 block of West Iowa Street, was charged with one count of first-degree murder Sunday, according to police News Affairs.
The Chicago Tribune's site just posted an article on him... www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-graffiti-artist-kil...

Here's a quote in the article from his dad...
"Brendan was a beautiful, energetic, intensely creative young man who we all loved deeply," said his father, Bill. "He was just coming into his own, as a deeply imaginative and bold artist, and we are immeasurably proud of him."
BETTER NOT 9 years ago
to you kids at ohno!doom, please never remove brendan's bike from that pole. I probably don't even have to ask. I'm sure its a fire hazard, but wait til someone calls you out. RIP solve. I cant even express how it feels to have been hugging you, talking and drinking with you to then losing you only an hour later. You'll never be forgotten. - Jana
L.U.X. [deleted] 9 years ago
Hey guys-
I decided to make a post because I couldn't hold it in any longer. I've been trying to justify my feelings for being so fucking torn up about all of this. I feel like for some reason I can't be as sad as the rest of you who knew him better than I did- but I know thats no the case. On a few occations I ran into him on the street (besides the times we hung out) and we'd stand and talk for 20 mins- he was one of those people who just clicked with you, so happy, so funny and so talented. I happen to see him last thursday when I was going on a coffee run for work. He was with keith, just getting done with band practice and we shot the shit for a while and I grabbed his number again. We also talked on friday night and I look back and wonder what my last words to him were, the last hug, his last laugh and the inevitable 'could I have done anything?'

Now when I call people I see his number and I have to shut my eyes. His stickers are all over my neighborhood and I have a shirt hanging in my closet that he made for me a few months back. I look at my pain as an example of how you can meet someone once or know them a life time and still hurt when they are gone- and we can all agree that he had the gift of a lasting impression.

Please keep us posted on the funeral- I was told the more people show up the better, help support the family. I'm so sorry this had to happen.

-Alexandria aka LUX
Bonus Saves 9 years ago
is it still there? i passed it earlier and we didn't think it was.
BETTER NOT 9 years ago
maybe his parents unlocked it or something. it would have been a great memorial.
Fuzzy Gerdes PRO 9 years ago
I never knew the man personally, but I was a big fan of his art. Chicago is poorer for this. My condolences to his family and friends.
artallover1 9 years ago
I just read about this and then went here.

I'm really sorry to learn about this. Although I only got a chance to meet him once, it was obvious from his work that he was a truly talented individual.

My heart goes out to all his friends and family.
& I'm angry and hurt whenever someone loses a life over bullshit.
Mirian Vz [deleted] 9 years ago
the bike is safe and sound inside the gallery. the landlord removed it. friends and family will be given details of the services when the time comes. theres still a lot more things to figure out. our hearts go out to his family.
hello9282829201 9 years ago
I took his letters and switched 'em around. Feel free to copy and duplicate. Rest in Peace. No more violence.

nice-one 9 years ago
Brendan was like the brother I never had. I loved that kid so so so fucking much. I was there for it all that night and I can't believe he’s gone. I've cried so hard, all of RGB has.
I talked to his sisters and parents. They’re so happy that everyone in our Chicago family loved him as much as we all do. He had a huge personality to match his height. I remember when I first met Brendan we joked that he didn’t have to be on the same block that he gets up on, he would just reach around the corner.
He had a laugh that no one could forget, it was contagious. Our neighbors could hear it through the walls two floors up.
He was truly the brother I never had; I loved and respected him so fucking much. He taught me so much about work ethic and life at large. He was the Big Poppa of RGB, he kept shit going, everyone on task and I pushed everyone to keep with his work ethic.
I don't know what RGB will do without him. Holy shit I miss that kid, that smile, that laugh, that face, that bike, the way he drummed, the way he didn’t give a shit about the law no matter how much legal shit he was in. I wouldn't be still painting and putting in work if it wasn't for him and everyone in the RGB family, I miss him so fucking much.
I’ve never been good with words, but he would always read shit and correct the fucking shit out of it. He wrote the RGB statement and he sent it to us all only once, it's all it took, we all we agreed, we loved it. He was so graceful with words. This was our statement that he wrote for us all in RGB:
"We are a collective of artists cultured in the streets, but though we refuse to be limited. Every member retains their own identity, though occasionally we set this aside for the greater good of the group. We choose to combine our skills and talents and occasional weakness to achieve things we could not necessarily achieve as individuals. We shun the rules and regulations and despise the status quo. We ignore preconceived limitations and strive for innovation."
I'll keep everyone updated with funerals and memorials. Keep him in your hearts and on the streets. Don't let Chicago forget what Brendan meant to us.
For those wondering where his bike was taken to its inside oh on doom, and safe.
Stay safe everyone.
abandonview 9 years ago
sorry chicago
|art|illery PRO 9 years ago
I have created a group to post work by SOLVE to. Please add to it.

ruokone 9 years ago
My condolences to all Solve's friends and family. His energy, skill, and creativity was always inspiring.
‹ ƒlip 9 years ago
well im finally at a computer & can finally make a comment since this has happened. Most of you know i really keep to myself, stay out beef & just mind my own, so i hope this doesn't seem like im just chiming in late, just been a crazy weekend as we all know.

Im not really sure what to say & at times like this what can you really say ? I as well as everyone here has lost a good friend & overall an inspiring individual, his work, personality & presence will be missed & hope that we can do everything to preserve it. As with everyone here my heart goes out to you all & his family.

Ill try to go out on an up note here & just say that i hope this tragedy puts some perspective on things. Think of this next time you have an argument or beef with someone. We don't all have to get along, but we all live together. I hope that more than anything this can bring us all together a little closer as artists & friends.

You are missed SOLVE! Love ƒlip.
aubnonymous. 9 years ago
I looked forward to interviewing Solve for the blog. When I met him at OhNoDoom in March he seemed so lively and eager to be a part of everything. His work was fresh and innovative.

He will be sorely missed. My condolences to all family and friends of Brendan.

In his memory I dedicated a post to him.


Rest In Peace Solve.
tracy graham cracker 9 years ago
Kosmonaut 9 years ago
One of Chicago's finest, you will not be forgotten.

RIP Solve.
nice-one 9 years ago
***The memorial service will be this Saturday June 21 at 2 pm*** at Ryan Funeral Home, 2418 N Sherman Ave, Madison, WI 53704, (608) 249-8257. Please spread the word. (Let's be in touch about art and music.)****

Everyone this is where the funeral is going to be held. Its where his family lives and also where he grew up. We need to organize ourselves and try and get as many people up their as possible.
-mega bus wont get you to madison on time if you leave saturday same with amtrak.
I know everyone wont be able to drive their that day. So were figuring out hotel situations so people could take a mega bus or amtrak on friday and will all be up there before.
if you know me, tiny, swiv, skame, 20hats, dae, cyro, saro, mirian or tip toe you know our numbers. just get in contact us and will figure out how to you up their either contact us through here or call.
Mr. Saro [deleted] 9 years ago
i think renting one of those huge church style vans wouldnt be that much if we do it right now. we just split the money per seat. im sure no one would mind.
dae*RGB 9 years ago
SOLVE was mentioned on NPR this morning. The arts community mourns this loss as well
*USB* PRO 9 years ago
he was the only person outside of my little crew that i'd ever been out paste-up bombing with. i think he's the only person to ever put bolt-ups in madison and as far as i know they're all still there. i learned a good deal from him in the few times we'd be out. i wish we could have done it more. he was a great guy. i can't believe this happened. it really sucks when the good ones fall.
Mr. Saro [deleted] 9 years ago
a pic of bob -http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=385040698&albumID=0&imageID=4498943
abandonview Posted 9 years ago. Edited by abandonview (member) 9 years ago
who can make and distribute a wanted poster faster?
Gone forever but still golden. Rest In Peace, you will be missed. Ive been thinking about you all weekend.
The FluffyFriends [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by The FluffyFriends (member) 9 years ago
dood made me laff every encounter we had. i had seen him not less than an hour before... he was so happy... mostly because he just got paid, but otherwise because he was surrounded by his friends, art and good.

lets all be strong, pray for justice and learn to be good to eachother. theres not enuff time for all this fucking hate.

SOLVE'S BIKE UPDATE: We had to take it off the gallery pole. We saw random scouts looking to strip it... we got it off, and is inside the gallery. There has been some ideas around what to do with his bike, any ideas and plans can be discussed and maybe plan memorial show at the OhNo!Doom gallery, 30 feet from the scene.

OhNo!Doom sends their eternal condolences to all Solve's friends, family and every person who ever layed an eye on his art.
©hips 9 years ago
i still cant believe this senseless act of violence. i cant comprehend a person's need to kill somebody...i just cant. The few times ive actually gotten to talk with him were pleasant. I admired his work, and admired his personality. Its a tragedy to see his life cut short.

EMENFUCKOS 9 years ago
whats the rat pack?
The FluffyFriends [deleted] 9 years ago
rat patrol is a friendly bike crew that resides around the area. you've seen them riding those tall bikes... they had nothing to do with anything. Every member i've met were very nice.
dae*RGB 9 years ago
I second that. They're good people. How did they even come up?
_virus_ 9 years ago
oh my god... I Always noticed solve, pretty much everywhere i went. I was going to say i never met him, but Señor Codo posted a picture of him. The one time i went to ohnodoom was to see his stuff i was all alone, and didn't talk to anyone, but he said what up to me. i met someone who inspired me and i didn't even know.
This is Awkward 9 years ago
Hi Reana,

Thanks for getting back to me during what must be a really tough time.
I'm trying to put together a best-of photo series of his work--the
pics I picked for this post were just the first ones that came to
mind, but I'm not sure if they're particularly representative. If
there are photos you think should be included, please let me know, and
please encourage people to tag their flickr photos "chicagoist" so I
know I have their permission to use the photos on the site.

If there's anything else I can do, let me know.


If you have pix of Solve's work, go ahead and tag them with Chicagoist please
from what im hearing the asshole who did this walked free, is that even the closest bit true?
Ashlee Elledge 9 years ago
The guy posted bail.
mister brownstone 9 years ago
this had nothing to do with 77's. i've known kirk, bob, and neil for years. they are not a part of the cms or 77's nor are they in any "gang."
underdogbite911 [deleted] 9 years ago

Is this or is this not a 77s page? Are they or are they not friends with Vicious Sex? Is one of the murderers in this band? Tell me how they're not 77s. If someone from the 77s wants to claim responsibility for this murder, or claim it wasn't them, let them do it.
iwasbettiepage 9 years ago
No one from 77 was at that party..
toolie26 9 years ago
I didn't see any 77's at the party but there were some guys that hang out with em outside on the street calling people "faggots" and "hippies" or something around 1 in the morning.
kid static 9 years ago
the band page removed the picture of Bob. lets repost it shall we?
hello9282829201 9 years ago
Friendly reminder when replying to posters on this thread: The last thing we need is another argument that gets out of hand. Just ignore anyone that tries to start something. Remember SOLVE's awesome artwork and his great personality. Keep it positive, for Brendan's sake.
dae*RGB 9 years ago
Melt, I was there. I heard those obscenities. That happened after the party. Shortly after those kind words they took off towards that fight.
Bonus Saves 9 years ago
some photo's in my flickr page with SOLVE tagged now a set:
Area 5 Homicide

312- 746 - 8282

If you know anything please report it. It's not enough just to type it on the internet... the authorities need to know. Respect to all those who have helped with information, memorial, or even just cared a lot about Brendan and have him in their heart.
p_boy31 9 years ago
I've sat here for the past couple days just watching all the information in disbelief that this actually occurred and trying to process it all. I finally decided to say something b/c of the fact today on my way to work I couldn't help but look at the street signs and seeing several of his SOLVE stickers and others. All I could think about was several years ago when he started school in Chicago when I'd run across him in the halls of our apartment complex carting his drums either from the parking garage or to, then eventually it was the Madison bridge over the interstate when the complex got on to him.

I don't know I just felt like sharing that with you all
mister brownstone 9 years ago
ok that page is not a 77 page. the kid's name is rob and i've also known him for years. he had nothing to do with anything from that night. you're just pointing fingers now. just because you know or associate with those people does not mean that you are a 77 or that you have the same views or morals as them. if that were the case, i would be running around chicago beating people up and stabbing people...but i never have done anything like that. viscious sex is not a 77 band. bob is not a 77. stop assuming all of your beliefs.
aubnonymous. 9 years ago
Hello everyone,
I've posted another piece on ninetyninteyfour.org and I need some assistance.

A few days ago Solve submitted three photos from the RGB Pointless FactorTy installation. Anyone care to elaborate and share memories of that experience?
Nfultr8 9 years ago
It's hard to believe that nothing in Chicago will ever be SOLVEd again.
Mr. Montrose PRO 9 years ago
I've never had the honor of meeting him, but I see Solve in every corner of the city I might be at..
Why do people in this city get crazy when the weather gets nice.. it sucks..
My condolences to all his friends and fam..
street anatomy 9 years ago
I remember driving down Ashland Ave in heavy traffic one day. As I slowed and stopped at a light I just happened to glance over to my right and saw one of SOLVES pieces staring right back at me, it was the little girl. I just remember smiling thinking what an awesome coincidence that was.

One of the best. He'll be missed.
dae*RGB Posted 9 years ago. Edited by dae*RGB (member) 9 years ago
It's also worth mentioning that an article was in the Metro in today's Chicago Tribune about Brendan and Solve. It is the same copy as the online version, except there is a picture of his work. So right now, find 75 cents (or a crowbar) and get yourself a newspaper. Don't forget to put a sticker in the window. Memorialize the day solve got up in the Trib. Imagine what he'd say to that :)
FnuckYou 9 years ago
This is so devastating and surreal...

I didn't know Brendan as well as most of you...a few moments, a few parties, a few drunken walks...but Brendan was so real and pure, I don't think time mattered. He left an impression where ever he went...whether it be a sticker, an art debate, or just a laugh... He is unforgettable. You couldn't not notice when he walked in a room...He radiated a comfort that few people have the power to do.

Brendan was one of the most passionate people I've ever met, and I will forever remain in awe of him. This low-life may have tried, but no one could ever take Brendan's heart away... Brendan spirit was much bigger than any life form could ever contain (all 25ft tall of him)... He will forever live in the hearts of all of us...no one can take that away.

My condolences to his family & his friends who were lucky to know him better than myself. No matter how much time I had to get to know Brendan, it pales in comparison to the amount of impact he had.

R.I.P., Hun.

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