musiquegirl 11:38pm, 10 April 2006
hey everyone - should the meat packing area be included in the chelsea pool?

I like it - don't know what the official definitions/delineations are.

anyone else know?™ 11 years ago
I would count it. It's along the path of the High Line, which is clearly a Chelsea landmark.™ 11 years ago
Also, what are people's thoughts about including East Chelsea and Gramercy?
musiquegirl 11 years ago
what is east chelsea? between 5th & 6th?
Ingrid! PRO 11 years ago
I would count Meat Packing, but not East Chelsea which is actually fringe Flatiron and DEF not Grammercy. Grammercy is a hood all its own.
musiquegirl 11 years ago
fringe flatiron - I like that

what is east chelsea? I heard that term for the first time, just about a week ago
Ingrid! PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Ingrid! (admin) 11 years ago
east chelsea is, I think part of the fringe of flatiron. Chelsea is so hot right now everyone wants a piece!
musiquegirl 11 years ago
boundaries for now - advise of any changes!
Boundaries: North/South
Gansevoort St. (end of the high line) to West 34th St.
Boundaries: East/West
the Hudson River to Broadway (includes east chelsea)
Carrie Hittel PRO 5 years ago
I'm a Jersey girl who isn't as familiar with NYC as you are. But I go there a lot, and of course I take a lot of pictures there. Sometimes, I can't even identify where my NYC pics were taken, other than to say "lower Manhattan" or something. So, I have a few images that (in my mind) are from the "Chelsea area". They probably ARE in Chelsea, but I don't know! Can I post them? LOL You can remove them if you like, if they are out of those boundaries.
Vincent DiPietro PRO 5 years ago
Post your photos, if some of them are clearly and recognizably not Chelsea, someone will remove them.
CorneaCopia PRO 3 years ago

Think 14th Street on the Southern End - 30th Street on the northern end - Sixth Avenue is the eastern border and the river of course being the west.

Note, Old Chelsea Station = NYC 10011 does not collect mail east of 5th Avenue. Wikipedia surprisingly enough pulls out the same streets as I just wrote when I went to check it.
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