SteveFE 10:53pm, 11 September 2005
This is readily available from all over eBay (just do a search using the thread title). I have to say it's really not that bad considering it doesn't cost much. I got one from 47th St Photo and they threw in a lens cleaning kit, UV filter and mini-tripod with it. I use it with a Fujifilm S5500, but it's available for all sorts of midrange P'n'S cameras.

It does exhibit pretty outrageous barrel distortion and a fair bit of chromatic aberration, but both these can be reduced in Photoshop (see Technique thread ). What I think is neat is that the rear element can be unscrewed and used by itself as a pretty high magnification macro lens, and the front element can be handheld in front of your normal lens (the screw thread isn't standard 55mm unfortunately) to make a pretty convincing fisheye. There's a bit of vignetting, and with the Fuji you have to set the camera on macro to get it to focus on distant objects!?!

I've put some test chart shots in the Fuji users group:
Sharapova2009 9 years ago
you can find some sample pic at 8gadget. The opteka 0.45X lens was used with Lumix LZ8. The macro shots look ok to me.
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