Analyst 1 4:31pm, 24 November 2010
I picked this up from a car boots sale over the summer for £12 - I could have had the old SLR & lens it came from as well for £15, but I had too much to carry already, and no real use for it!

Mounted on my 18-55 kit lens it gives a circular image when zzomed out, with what I'd estimate to be a 170° angle of view. The image seems to me to be excessivly compressed at the edges, leaving a pretty much unaltered view in the centre. An image from this is in the pool, looking like this:
Blue moon

Zooming in the circular vignetting can be removed leaving a super wide view with minimal fisheye distortion (see the IR image below) .

Playing with it has got me sufficently hooked on Fisheye to buy my most expensive lens (over 6x my average lens cost) a 10-17 fisheye zoom but that's got no place here :~)

The adapter has an advantage over its costlier brother in that you can fit fliters between the adapter & the main lens. Allowing Infra red fisheye shots like this:

Fish-eye IR

It should also allow other unusual effects with the right filter - but I've not tried anything else yet...
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