kyleseis 1:25am, 12 March 2008
I'm looking for cheap lenses to get for my Fujifilm S700. Please post sample pictures from using any opteka lens.
alohadave 10 years ago
I have the Opteka .45x Wide Angle adapter. It works great for the price. It has a 10x filter that separates from the back of the lens for macro work.

Living Room

Military Honors

kyleseis Posted 10 years ago. Edited by kyleseis (member) 10 years ago
those look really good.
Does anyone have experience with those at all?
Victori∀ 9 years ago
I just ordered a opteka fish eye lens adapter
can anyone give me some good advice on that product?
From my research it sounds pretty good
Sharapova2009 9 years ago
there are sample of macro shots at 8gadget. The lens is opteka 0.45X, on a Lumix LZ8
hewey999 9 years ago
I've just got an opteka .35mm macro/fisheye adaptor for my D40. So far it's not bad for the price. It won't make professional pix but both add ons seem good fun and should increase your creativty. Im going to do some more work with them and am reviewing the products on my blog :

Feel free to message me if you like!
Mr Nibbler 7 years ago
I bought the Opteka 55mm 10x HD² Professional Macro Converter because although I like taking pics of flowers with insects attached I could not currently sneak the Sony SAL30M28 Alpha 30mm F2.8 macro lens past my wife at ~ £180. Until such time as I can indulge myself I am very impressed. I'll pop some pics up from the first week. Incidentally my wife who is a PR specialist wants to use some of my shots of money (I resisted using the terms "money shots"!!!) so that must be a good thing.
JebbiePix 6 years ago
Try the Zykkor fisheye/macro converter for $40--- I have had several photos taken with it accepted by Getty (not that that is necessarily THE measure of greatness, but I surely didn't expect it!) Some examples:

Button Up!-  Getty

The Blue One

Euro Cent-- Getty

Thai Baht-  Getty
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