Can't wait!!

vicbel 6:31pm, 25 May 2006
I just ordered the Opteka 2.2 tele and the .45x wide ... CAN'T WAIT!!

shimonkey 11 years ago
Got pictures? I'm interested in picking up a wide angle converter.
JonMorgan. PRO 11 years ago
thinking about ordering this myself but havent found any pics from this product
alohadave 11 years ago
JonMorgan, I used SteveFE's test shots when I was thinking of buying the .45x

Also, if you do a search for opteka, there are some pictures that have the opteka tagged.
SteveFE 11 years ago
alohadave, I'm sincerely flattered. I've since moved on to the realms of DSLR/35mm film cameras and exotic manual focus and L lenses, and the Canon 17-40L on an EOS 50 (film) body is now my weapon of choice for ultrawide shots, but I'm glad my little bunch of shots with the Opteka thing helped inform.

As an aside, if you use just the macro element from that converter on a bellows on an SLR, it makes a great vintage-style single element soft focus lens.
Sharapova2009 9 years ago
Some sample pics taken by opteka 0.45X macro lens at 8gadget
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