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Andrew Newson PRO 11:51am, 19 March 2011

Charity Print Auctions For Japan is a Flickr group dedicated to raising money to help those suffering in Japan following the recent earthquake and tsunami. This auction is different to most as 100% of the money goes direct to a charity helping with the relief effort on the ground in Japan.

Members of Charity Prints Auctions for Japan raise money by donating photographs to the group. If a photo takes your fancy you can bid on the price you want to pay for it. The winning bid will then be donated directly to a charity working on the ground in Japan, such as the Red Cross, Oxfam, Save the Children or World Vision. The photographer will then pay for the print and for delivery, so every penny of your donation will go directly into supporting the relief effort in Japan. Each photographer decides which particular charity he or she would like donations sent to, but all will be those that are directly concerned with relief efforts in Japan.

The group was originally set up in January 2010 to help raise money for the relief effort in Haiti following the earthquake there. The group quickly grew to get 1,000 members and by the time we closed all the auctions the total sum of money raised was just over £18,000. This time we are hoping to raise the group's profile outside of Flickr so that we can increase the size of the bidding community and raise even more for the people of Japan.

There are some incredible talents within the group who are all willing to pay for the cost of the print and the postage, so that all donations go to the right cause. Each photographer decides which particular charity he or she would like donations sent to, but all will be those that are directly concerned with relief efforts in japan.

There are two ways you can view the photos
This is a direct link to the Flickr group, it also contains discussion threads if anyone needs any help.
This is a more visual experience, it makes viewing the images easier but does not contain the discussion threads.

Anyone who has any questions should view the FAQ thread in the group And a direct link to that thread

Some information from the British Red Cross website highlights the importance of the cause…

“The massive earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March have caused widespread destruction and suffering, relayed on television screens around the world.

More than 4,300 people have died in the disaster, thousands are injured or missing, and more than 440,000 people have had to leave their homes.

The Japanese Red Cross has 115 response teams working on the ground now, as they have been since the disaster began, providing first aid and emergency healthcare, as well as distributing relief items. The teams are made up of more than 730 staff, including doctors and nurses.

The costs of the relief effort, and of rebuilding the homes and lives of those affected, will be immense. Donations to the British Red Cross will be used towards helping the Japanese people recover from this devastating natural disaster over the coming months and years.”

British Red Cross

The team:

Andrew Newson, Photographer. Roles: Charity Print Auction’s Creator

James Dodd, Photographer. Roles: Moderator, promoter and twitter account.

Becca Gulliver, Photographer. Roles: Moderator and running the Facebook Page:

Charlie Kirk, Lawyer. Roles: Moderator and promoter.

Carl Abrams, Photographer. Roles: Moderator and promoter

Chris JL, Professor. Roles: Moderator and promoter.

Andreas Paradise (aka Andreas2000gr), Photographer. Roles: Moderator and promoter


pdf version of Press Release with FAQs

Comunicato Stampa in versione pdf con FAQs

Comunicado de prensa y FAQs
moggierocket PRO 5 years ago
It's good. Maybe you can also make a summarized version - I know that some might have limited space to publish.
moggierocket PRO 5 years ago
I may know someone who will translate it into German.
Andreas Paradise PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Andreas Paradise (moderator) 5 years ago
I will do the Greek translation.
E.Yelsel 5 years ago
Chris count me in for Italian, unless you want to. And as I said above I have French plus Polish friends. Just give me a shout I would be happy to help!
two cute dogs 5 years ago
OK. I have sent the Press Release to the following:

Invisible Photographer Asia
Yumi Goto
Photo Radar
Japan Exposures
Tokyo Art Beat
Japan Times
two cute dogs 5 years ago
edit - between u guys i think you can cover a lot. pls update here when u have contacted places so there is no risk of overlap.
two cute dogs 5 years ago
andrew - we need to change the rules so that it specifically says that blogs etc can use it if we use it in our press release. also lets not ask people to write how they want the copyright. we will deem it all rights reserved with their flickr name unless they say otherwise. best to keep simple./
_JamesDavies 5 years ago
Can somebody please update the opening post in this thread so that we have the finalised press release with contact details and the correct links?
lightwelder | Nick 5 years ago
I can help with the US, although I might need some help myself getting suggestions from y'all.
Chris JL PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Chris JL (moderator) 5 years ago
Guys, I updated the press release to incorporate James' suggestions (thanks a lot!).

Note: there is a link to the pdf version, with added FAQs, at the bottom.

: In the way it is written now the first two paragraphs should work as a summary.

: can you work on the italian translation?

: can you work on the greek version?

could you please update the text on the facebook page?

@EVERYBODY: any german speakers? Scandinavian languages? Other languages? (I can do french, but I'm traveling till the end of the week - so if somebody can do it earlier than me it's even better).

I'm cleaning up a bit of our comments from this threat just to make it shorter - don't take it personal, I'm just removing the ones no more needed.
BeccaG PRO 5 years ago
I have updated the facebook page (under info) with this text. I've put the whole lot in.
two cute dogs Posted 5 years ago. Edited by two cute dogs (member) 5 years ago

and metropolis magazine (circulation 30,000) will run something on April 1st.
two cute dogs 5 years ago
Terri~<3 5 years ago
If you guys need a Spanish translation I'm willing to help. I also know someone who might do one into Japanese if you need and another friend who might help with Norwegian. Let me know. :-)
Chris JL PRO 5 years ago
: Hi Terri, thanks a lot and yes, if you can help with translating it in other languages, it would be really good.

Thanks again to Lesley for the italian version now linked above!
Terri~<3 5 years ago
Hey Chris, I sent you the Spanish version. Let me know if you need anything else. I'm still waiting on hearing from my friends on the other languages.
Chris JL PRO 5 years ago
@Terri: thanks a lot! I just got it and I'll put it up shortly.
Chris JL PRO 5 years ago
Spanish version added above.
Terri~<3 5 years ago
Yay! :-)
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