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How many of you are actually living in Chapel Allerton?

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The Silver Penguin is a group administrator The Silver Penguin says:

There are 44 members of the group. How many of you actually currently live in Chapel Allerton?
1:47AM, 7 October 2008 PST (permalink)

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johnnyg1955 says:

I do just about, Henconners.
ages ago (permalink)

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Strawbleu™ says:

I live on the Roxholmes - which is, strictly speaking, Potternewton. But I think I'm in Chapel A :-)
ages ago (permalink)

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Shaun Wilkinson says:

Where is Chappy A exactly - Looking at an OS map Chapel Allerton is on the right of Harrogate Road and Chapeltown the left, if your going out of town. Where according to Hendy's Chapel Allerton is everything from Sheepscar Interchange to Moortown Corner and Meanwood Road to Roundhay Road. Perhaps it's a state of mind, I live in the Pastures - which is close enough for me.
ages ago (permalink)

friendly pencil [deleted] says:

Me and ..Bunsen.. are in Gledhow Park
110 months ago (permalink)

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