The Silver Penguin 2:39pm, 1 September 2008
Did anyone here go to the CAAF this year? What are your thoughts? Any stories? PRO 10 years ago
No. Sorry.
johnnyg1955 PRO 10 years ago
Yes I did and I brought my camera with me, but we met up with some old friends and thoughts of pictures went out of the window I'm afraid. I did get to take part in a drumming workshop which was good, but we had to leave early so I couldn't get any photos of it. Sorry.
Shaun Wilkinson 10 years ago
I know I am going to get shot down in flames over this but I think the festival has lost its way. Signs on the barrier saying no donation no festival is not the way to go.
I know the festival has to be paid for and a donation is the best way – but let people pay what they feel. Yes I know you will get people who won’t pay you always do. I for one look forward to the festival with joy and dread – Joy because I will enjoy it and dread because I know that I am going to get hassled walking home, for a bus or just to the shops and why should I explain where I am going.
I know I am not the only person who feels like this – most of the people I went to the festival with that first year (98) won’t go anymore because they hate what it has become. PRO 10 years ago
I think it is very important for such perspectives to be voiced, wilko1971

The whole enterprise will go nowhere unless they pay serious attention to the experience of residents.
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