williskewl 5:33pm, 1 November 2010
Hey everyone, I'm a photographer here in Champaign and I am trying to get a project started that deals with the effects of the economic crisis on the region. If anyone is interested (or knows someone who might be interested) in participating, please let me know!

Below is a description of the project. Thanks!


Two artists (Will Arnold of Champaign, IL and Tate Foley of St Louis, MO) are seeking individuals and families that are currently or have recently undergone foreclosure on their homes. Through this work, titled "We Can Burn Our Foreclosed Homes in Effigy," we hope to put a human face on an economic crisis normally described in cold statistics on the news and bring to light the impact of this national problem on our local region. The project will culminate in an gallery exhibition of the documentation.

What the project entails:

We want to collect human stories centered around the foreclosure crisis. Through a written testimony or a short interview (or whatever form you are most comfortable with) we would like to hear the story of the foreclosure of your home and how it has affected you and your family. Then, working with you if you wish, we will construct a small replica of the foreclosed home and burn it, documenting both the construction and destruction via photographs and video.

Your amount of participation is up to you. If you would like to participate in the construction and burning on the model or have us come photograph you and your home, we would love that! However, if you would feel more comfortable just sending us your story and a picture of your home to work from, we would be happy with that as well.

Anyone from the Champaign or St Louis areas (or anywhere in between) who is willing to participate, please contact us!
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