Bravo213 PRO 6:15pm, 18 June 2008
First poster chooses theme.

All photos entered must be taken by you.

Voting begins after three photos.

First photo to five wins.

Please remember to vote in the other challenges that are set to VOTE right now.
Failure to do so will get your shot kicked out of this challenge. Probably. Most likely. I mean, it's our intention to catch you for sure.
Bravo213 PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Robin Ervolina Photography (admin) 7 years ago

Robin Ervolina Photography PRO 7 years ago
After 2 hours with no other submissions, this topic has been broadened to 2nd Post Chooses.
Robin Ervolina Photography PRO 7 years ago
Okay, I hate to do this ....

After at least an hour with no further challenges, this challenge has now move to the MOVE IT OR LOSE IT phase. If you're already in three challenges, but you think you have a shot that can save this one, please feel free to enter it now. It won't be counted against you. Likewise, if you're in this challenge already, you can now enter a 4th challenge. If we don't get this thing to VOTE in 30 minutes, it will be closed and voided, and a new challenge will be opened in its place.
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