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Gertie_DU ADMIN September 19, 2016
WEEKLY CHALLENGE THEME: (19-25 Sep 2016) "Humorous"
posting opens on Sundays

Group Description

"Family friendly and fast paced. Who could ask for anything more?"
Come join one of the best challenge-based groups on Flickr!

This challenge group is administrated and moderated by volunteers from the Flickr community. Our goal to provide a safe and fun place to challenge ourselves as photographers. As members compete their skill level goes up, the diversity of subject matter enlarges, and their eye for why some photos are better than others becomes more discriminating. A great reward for playing.


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F•A•Q | How To Enter A Challenge | How to Post Photos

The Challenge Factory Finals is the pinnacle of Challenge Factory challenges! This challenge begins around the first of every month. Photos in this challenge have won both a regular challenge, and The Ultimate Grind, and compete for a permanent spot in the Monthly Factory Finals Winner's Gallery

August 2016 WINNER twhrider
Oak Alley trees

This monthly challenge runs around the 8th, and is open to any member who was awarded a Unanimous Badge in the previous month. The winner's photo is given a permanent home in the Unanimous Showdown Gallery.

August 2016 WINNER frostnip907
Autumn rainbow

This challenge lets the moderators award photos they feel deserving of recognition. The challenge starts around the 15th of every month and pits the recipients in a 2-round battle for the title of Moderator's Choice Challenge Winner. Winner's photos find a permanent home in the Monthly Moderator's Choice Award (MCA) Winner's Gallery

August 2016 WINNER chenucat
prise de vue sans titre25 mars 2016DSCF9272.jpg

The MEGA GRIND is a monthly Ultimate Grind challenge that begins around the 23rd of each month. Any photo which has won a regular award, unanimous award or weekly theme challenge award from The Challenge Factory is eligible to enter provided it has not previously won an Ultimate Grind or Unanimous Showdown. The winner can post to the Ultimate Grind Winner's Gallery. Their photo will also be posted on the front page, and be eligible for the Factory Finals.

AUGUST 2016 WINNER Debora Atuy
Incrivelmente só

This challenge runs weekly (current topic is posted on main page and in The Break Room. Winning photos earn a permanent spot in the Weekly Theme Challenge Winner's Gallery

(September 12-18) Prickly WINNER laughlinc


____________Copy Between the lines_________

<b>I saw this wonderful photo in <a href="">
<img src="" alt="Crank Animation" height="94" width="100" /></a>

____________Copy Between the lines_________

It will look like this .....

I saw this wonderful photo in
Crank Animation


____________Copy Between the lines_________

I'm a member of <a href=""><b>The Challenge Factory</b></a> challenge group!
This is a wonderful shot & I hope you will place this
(or any of your photos) in an open challenge!

<a href=""><img src="" width="185" height="145" alt="TCF Invite2" /></a>

*<b>You can't add a shot to the pool until it's won a challenge</b>*,
but that definitely won't be a problem for you!
Hope to see you playing soon!

____________Copy Between the lines_________

It will look like this...

TCF Invite2

*You can't add a shot to the pool until it's won a challenge*,
but that definitely won't be a problem for you!
Hope to see you playing soon!

It should go without saying, but sadly it doesn't ...

All published information, links, scripts, starting sequences, etcetera are property of The Challenge Factory. They are not to be begged, borrowed, or stolen under any circumstances.

We support our members in pursuing any endeavor their heart desires, but we maintain full rights to all information posted at TCF, The Loft, TCF FAQs and The Ultimate Grind.

Use of any rules, wording, badges, and communications without authorization from Founders will result in Flickr notification of intent to commit plagiarism.

Group Rules

The Challenge Factory is a fast-paced, family-safe, photo competition group. Please read the full list of rules as defined on the TCF F*A*Q Page before joining.

1) Admins and Moderators reserve the right to remove or ban a member for any reason. Breaking the rules once is not going to get you perma banned. Being a general pain in our butts will. In addition, blocking any of our moderators or Administrators will get you banned.

2) Photos must be taken by you, set to public view with comments on, and the same photo can only be posted to one challenge at any given time.

3) Do NOT post photos to the group pool until after they have been awarded a winner's badge.

4) Do NOT post photos that violate our safety filter.

5) Only enter 3 challenges at a time (read the TCF F*A*Q Page for exceptions).

6) If you enter a challenge, you MUST vote in ALL other challenges that are set to vote. You must vote within 15 minutes of entering. (exception: do NOT vote in challenges you have entered)

7) Challenge winners get 30 minutes (see time-stamp on award badge) to start a new challenge with the same challenge number. You may select a topic or use "First Post Chooses". Opening a new challenge is not mandatory.

For rules in other languages, click here: Translations

!!! Note: By clicking the join button you agree to the rules and that violations can result in your removal from the group. The Challenge Factory is run by a team of moderators who volunteer their time and under no circumstances will we tolerate abuse against our team. Any aggressive behaviour will result in an immediate ban from the group and removal of all your photos from the group pool !!!

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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