Kelly Allen Design 8:54pm, 10 July 2012
Our church of about 1,000 is getting ready to launch a campus about 30 minutes from here in a low-income area of Denver. The campus will be in a predominantly Spanish-speaking area, and our leadership has not decided their approach to the language barrier. We may offer translation during services and print materials in English and Spanish, which will obviously double the communications workload.

So, in about 10 weeks, I will be managing communications for two sites, one of which may be bilingual. Our leadership has not communicated anything to me yet in terms of what expectations and needs will be. So, since I am freaking out a little bit, I thought I'd plead for some advice from others who manage communications at multiple sites.

I'm looking for anything from how you organize your work flow, what kind of volunteer help you have, difficulties transitioning from one site to two... anything. I just want to start wrapping my mind around this.

Thanks for your input!
fattybombatty 5 years ago
One of the things that we've learned is that adding a second site is more than twice as much work. Often what happens is one location has an idea for an event/program, and the other campuses like it and want to do something similar. They then reframe the event a bit to match the needs of the campus they minister to. The conversations are rarely as simple as 'adjust the look to match our campus'. They usually involve assistance planning and developing the idea to reach their community more effectively.

I'd say that is the correct approach, too. An approach that we've found successful in one community doesn't always plug and play into a completely different community. We have 3 campuses, and each one has its own character because of the communities they are in. The language barrier will also bring some cultural differences as well.

It has been a great growing experience for me personally to help communicate different campuses, but it has also brought some seasons of a lot of work. Hope that helps some. It felt like a really abstract concept to us until we actually jumped in, then it began to take shape.
Jill_White 5 years ago
Wow! I can imagine the freak out. I pray you have some more direction and answers soon.
Micah Kafka 5 years ago
we're launching a second campus in a few months but we've been planning for it since January. I don't envy your position right now!

We will be using identical branding at both locations. Implementation will be different but never branding. We have spent the last two years making a very strong brand for the over all church and the main departments and that will transfer directly over there.
Kelly Allen Design 5 years ago
Micah, do you have any resources you used in your preparation, especially regarding branding? One of our challenges is that our senior pastor doesn't see the importance of strong branding and hasn't approved a logo refresh so that our two campuses can be consistent.
Micah Kafka 5 years ago
what exactly to do you mean? For branding or multi site specifically?

Our lead team sent a few members of our media team to different churches that are already doing multi site to see how they are doing it. That was our main prep.

Branding wise it's something I studied in college as did our other designer. I've also talked to other designers that have strong branding (church and non-church related).

Is that what you were asking?
Micah Kafka 5 years ago
oh also, some how you need to get the lead team there to understand why branding is important. I don't know how, but that needs to be done! The only reason we can get our job done here is the amount of trust and respect our department has so when we tell them greeters shouldn't wear red because that will seem agressive, they listen. :)
Kelly Allen Design 5 years ago
Yeah, as far as a resource, I'm looking for something I can use to help the leaders understand branding and why it's important. Communications are not really considered a part of ministry here, so I figure an "expert" voice would help since, unfortunately, they don't listen to me.

I don't intend to complain -- I just want to give an accurate picture of the atmosphere in case anyone has suggestions for what I can do to improve it.

Looking at other multi-site churches is a good idea. I'll start doing some research in that direction.
brian_holt 5 years ago
We're launching our 4th site in January and every site changed our strategy to communications. We're also starting a hispanic version/campus/ our broadcast campus so we're struggling through many of those same things.

Your communications strategy for multisite must follow the vision of multisite for the church.

We've moved from consolidating everything to spreading everything out and every step in between.

Perhaps a phone call would be a better resource to you. If I can help in any way let me know. My email is Our website (for your perusal) is Let me know if I can help!
Kelly Allen Design 5 years ago
Thanks, Brian! I'm leaving the office for a week but when I get back I will definitely get in touch with you. Thank you for being available!
gallerychurch 5 years ago

We run a multi-site Bilingual approach here in Baltimore city. Our Church isn't nearly as large as yours (we average between 200-250 total from our two current gatherings) but it sounds like you guys are working through a lot of what we have been for the last year or so. We went from one gathering without translation to two locations, and only translating at one service.

I'll send you a direct message with some of my thoughts because it is a little long for a discussion thread.
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