Joanne-V PRO 1:44pm, 11 November 2009
If you have 7+ award icons from Level 1, you are ready to progress to Level 2.

The valid award icon looks like this:


Here is what your invitation looks like:

As a 7+ double-the-excellence award winner, this is your Admin Invite to post your photo to Shield Of Excellence - Level 2

Click on the blue Accept invite button to send your photo to Level 2. Then click on the link in this invite to take you to Level 2 so you can award at least 3 other photos immediately after posting your own photo.

Post your photo here in SMALL size. Once verified, you'll receive your Admin Invite to the Shield of Excellence - Level 2. Your photo will be removed from this thread once an invite has been issued.

Joanne-V PRO Posted 1 month ago. Edited by Joanne-V (admin) 5 days ago
To get invite to SOE Level 2, you must have:
7+ awards from SOE Level 1
Photo MUST be in Level 1 group pool in order to receive invite to Level 2.

Promotions done (time posted in EDT):
September 26 @ 9:22 am (jv)
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