thart2009 PRO 2:25pm, 17 September 2012
I have a nice stash of 2.25 x 3.25 film, but I would like to cut down some 4x5 infrared film to use in my Century Graphic.

Any of you guys have a good method of doing this? Just using a scissors and a sheet of spent film as a template doesn't work too well for me.
AtlantaTerry Posted 6 years ago. Edited by AtlantaTerry (member) 6 years ago

› a pair of lint-free cotton gloves
› one of those paper cutters that uses a roller blade, not a scissors type
› pieces of cardboard to make templates on the deck of the cutter
› an anti-dust blower
› a black bag and sheet film box with a set of 3 lids
Dustin McAmera PRO 6 years ago
With a circular blade, or a knife-blade hinged at one end, you need to be very careful that the film doesn't move during the cut. I was looking at options for cutting down 9x12 to quarter-plate (which will be less available once the Adox stuff runs out), and decided that a guillotine with a vertically-moving knife blade would be best; I used one of these a long time ago to cut paper; that one was electric (and it had a lamp to show you where the cut would go; clearly not appropriate here!) I found what I think would be a suitable thing, manually-operated (and without a lamp) on Amazon UK:

The price is the same as a significant amount of film!
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