david.bardes PRO 3:38pm, 2 February 2012
Is anyone shooting sheet film with their Century? I want to shoot sheet film, but I only have facilities for daylight developing. Any ideas?
Auburn2010 6 years ago
FR made an adjustable tank for sheet film that will work for the 2x3 and up to 4x5. It holds 12 sheets.

I just got my Century and have not shot the 2x3 sheets yet, so I can not tell you how well the FR tank works with them. I like it for the 4x5 sheets, but a lot of people do not because of the volume of chemicals and you can not invert it.

If interested here is a link to one on ebay. They are inexpensive.

Dustin McAmera PRO 6 years ago
What is the exact size of the sheet film? I have a Combi-Plan tank for sheet film; I use it for quarter-plate (3¼x4¼ inch) stuff in a different camera. The film-holding insert for that is adjustable up to 4x5, and down to 2½x3½ inch (two-and-a-half by three-and-a-half); is that the size?

I have had only good experiences with the tank so far, though it takes longer than my roll-film tanks to pour solutions in, and to drain them out. It holds six sheets, which I think ought to be more, but then I only have five reliable dark-slides, so it's not holding me back. Also, for what it cost, the insert seems a bit flimsy.

I got the tank from Silverprint in London:


It has gone up in price quite a bit since I got mine! I see they now sell an insert to hold six sheets of 4x5 inch film in the Paterson 3-reel tank, for quite a bit less money (on the same page linked above). It might be worth finding out if that also works with smaller sheet film.
tomhath 6 years ago
The emulsion is only on one side, so as long as that side faces in you should be able to develop one sheet at a time in a roll film tank. I've never tried it but it *should* work...
Joey Anchors 6 years ago
i too am looking at using 2.5x3.5 sheet film for all my 6x9 shots. Right not Efke and ILFORD are the only two film makers (that I have found) that make 2.5x3.5 sheet film
Auburn2010 6 years ago
Joey where are you finding the Ilford? The only stuff I have been able to find is the Efke and Freesytle's Arista.
mountain dawg 6 years ago
Auburn2010: I read somewhere that Ilford does limited releases of 2x3 sheet film as dictated by demand. I believe some of the big online photo dealers like Freestyle and B&H take orders in advance when Ilford sends notice a batch is to be released.
Auburn2010 6 years ago
Thanks. I will have to keep an eye out. I have 12 sheets Arista loaded in holders to try out.
Joey Anchors 6 years ago
Yeah I heard the same thins about B&H/Ilford. I will be trying out the Efke 50 and 100 this summer when I take my first darkroom course.

Auburn2010 let us know how the Arista works out
david.bardes PRO 6 years ago
Thank you all for your suggestions! I look forward to putting my sheet film holders and Grafmatic backs to work!
Joey Anchors 6 years ago
David can't wait to see the results!
juliet.c_morgan Posted 6 years ago. Edited by juliet.c_morgan (member) 6 years ago
Hello! I'm interested in buying one of the mini Speed Graphics that are labelled 2x3 and have a film back for 120 film. I want to be able to use both. So, just to be certain.... the Efke 2.25x3.25 sheet film works in the film holders for these cameras? Or does it have to be trimmed down? Also, I see there are two different kinds of film backs available: 22 and 23. It looks like the 22 produces square negs (6x6?) and the 23 produces the larger 6x9 negative? Please tell me if I'm right (or wrong).

david.bardes PRO 6 years ago

You are right on all counts. The Century Graflex take the 2x3 sheet film which Efke and Ilford are stocking (no trimming needed), or the 120 backs. 22 = 6x6, 23 = 6x9. Graflex, Singer and Horseman all make "graflok" backs. Sheet film holders and grafmatic backs are available for the Century on ebay etc.

Happy shooting!

AtlantaTerry Posted 6 years ago. Edited by AtlantaTerry (member) 6 years ago
also, backs made for RB-67 are made to be compatible with the Century Graflex standard. I have RB backs in 6x4.5, 6x6 & 6x7 formats.
mrbwa1 PRO 6 years ago
Besides the 22 and 23, there are also RH-8, RH-10 and RH-12 backs. 6x9, 6x7 and 6x6 with lever wind. these backs have little film rollers to keep the film flatter. I haven't done a lot of critical work with the 23 back, but film flatness is not perfect.
Joey Anchors 6 years ago
yeah I use a RH-10 (6x7) for my roll back and also have 5 2x3 sheet holders. I plan on getting another RH-10 so I can bring different speeds of film to shoots (only shoot in B&W these days)
david.bardes PRO 6 years ago
I haven't tried RB backs on the Century, I'll have to give that a go!
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