mountain dawg 9:29am, 31 January 2012
Please post a few photos and introduce yourself. I am new to the Century Graphic myself (currently bringing one back to life). Hope to get some photos posted soon.
david.bardes PRO 6 years ago
Good morning! It's great to see a group around this very fun camera. I look forward to seeing everyone's posts.
John Follett Posted 6 years ago. Edited by John Follett (member) 6 years ago
Just got my Century a couple of weeks ago to add to my collection of medium format cameras. I love the Zeiss lens and 120 back option. Thanks for starting this group!
mrbwa1 PRO 6 years ago
It is a pretty neat camera. Mine was found in an attic and given to my dad by a co-worker in awesome OEM condition (the factory focus scales still appear to be spot on). It also had a hard case with some flash bulbs (that I think are still good).

I highly recommend one of the 120 backs, especially the newer lever-wind backs. My Graphic 23 back lacks the pinch rollers, so film flatness across a 6x9cm frame isn't always the best. Then again, the quality coming from an uncoated 60+ year old three element lens is pretty outstanding.
mountain dawg Posted 6 years ago. Edited by mountain dawg (admin) 6 years ago
I was impressed with the Kodak Ektar 101mm in my first test roll with TMax 100. It's got a real 3D look to it. The lens on mine dates to 1946 but the Century's were not made until 1949 according to, so it's evidently been bastardized at some point. Regardless, for a 66 year old lens it's pretty darn good.
Dustin McAmera PRO 6 years ago
I've had my CG for a few years now. I bought it through a well-known auction site, from a dealer in California. It wasn't a bargain - I paid a fair price, but it's in quite good condition. It's from 1962. I have the 23 and 22 backs, and a lever-wind 6x7 one. All three have had tiny edge leaks at times. More seriously, I managed to snap the dark slides on two of them. I made aluminium replacements.
My camera came with a 101 mm Graflar, with a focus scale, and I also have the 127 mm Rodenstock Ysarex from an old Polaroid, and a 250 mm Tele-Xenar. I set up the rangefinder for the Ysarex, but keep thinking I should set it for the Tele-Xenar.
I don't use the camera as much as I should. I made it a left-hand grip last year.
KenjiB_48 6 years ago
I bought my red-bellows model at the old Disney's Camera place in downtown Atlanta in 1973. It has an 80mm Jena Zeiss Tessar 2.8, minimally coated if at all, and the Prontor SVS shutter is hand-engraved "Made in E. Germany USSR Occupied". I have the knob wind 6x6 and 6x9 backs, and a couple of lever 6x7s (one of which I found in a store window in Osaka, Japan). The lens is excellent stopped down, but has a very "lomographic" personality when opened up - especially around the edges of the 6x9 image.Hope to see more great stuff from this group.
mountain dawg Posted 6 years ago. Edited by mountain dawg (admin) 6 years ago
KenjiB_48: Welcome! You may want to look for a lever wind 6x9 back. They are known to hold the film more flat, possibly reducing some of the "lomographic" effects you describe. I am using an Ektar 101mm f4.5 that is sharp corner to corner on 6x9 stopped down a bit. Haven't yet done much experimenting with it wide open. Still pretty new to Graphics myself.

P.S. Would you like to be a moderator for the group? Not that we really need one, but it sounds like you have more experience with the Century than just about anyone on here.
KenjiB_48 6 years ago
Thanks for the good advice, Mountain Dawg - I'd be honored to be a moderator (not that I know much about group dynamics - Flickr is pretty new to me). I've just begun scrounging through my old negatives and transparencies to find images that might be worth sharing, so hope I can contribute as we go along. I like these groups that don't have a zillion people and zillion-squared pix in them because I feel liike I'm really a part of the group then.
mountain dawg 6 years ago
Mark Dalzell PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Mark Dalzell (member) 5 years ago
Heyas... just got one of these a week or so ago. Mine came with the Schneider 2.8/80 lens, 2 and a half 6x9 lever wind roll backs, the Kalart rangefinder and a cable. I used the broken roll back to make a ground glass back for it so I can play with macro. I added a couple shots to the pool and I'll have more up next week.... great camera! Makes me look like a professional! ;)

AtlantaTerry 5 years ago
Dustin McAmera: would you be open to making more replacement dark slides?
Sequoia! 5 years ago
Hello all - Been posting here but forgot to introduce myself and say hi. Love my Century - I have the Zeiss 100 3,5 and a questionably functioning 6x7 rollfilm back (lever wind, Singer). I think this may be the best lens I've ever owned.
AtlantaTerry 5 years ago
mrbwa1: don't make the same mistake another Flickr photographer made with his flashbulbs. He tested each one to make sure they worked OK then was surprised when he got out to the location and none of them worked. Duh!
Nesster PRO 5 years ago
Hi, mine - just last month - has the 80/2.8 Xenotar, with the 49mm threads. Have had some (user caused) issues with the 120 backs, which is funny as this hasn't happened with my RB Graflex SLR.

My Century is from around '65.

I've become Graflex crazy - I have a working National Graflex, then got the 2x3 SLR, then the Century, and now I have a Pacemaker Speed 2x3 from the first run in '47. That one has a Tessar, and is likely done by a previous owner, as the body release for the front shutter is missing. I got the Speed mainly to play around with other lenses, being that the Xenotar is such an excellent lens I don't want to mess with that set up.
[Djo] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by [Djo] (member) 5 years ago

I received my Century Graphic two days ago. I'm very happy, it's a really cool camera in excellent condition. This is the cheapest version, without rangefinder. The graftar lens seems to be no so sharp and the coverage isn't large enough with maximum movement, but, yeah, I'm amazed, it's a real pleasure to use.

Just uploaded my first images with it. Please be kind, this is the very first time I use a view camera! :)
ed.ramirez. 5 years ago
Hi, I'm Eddie. I don't say much.
Posted and will post more.
I love my camera, but when I go out to use it, people start trying to talk to me.
eddreikorniii PRO 4 years ago
Hi all; I've posted some shots I had taken during the 1st Gulf War with my Century and it's 103mm Trioptar with roll film.
mountain dawg 4 years ago
Welcome to the group and thank you for sharing. Are you still using the Graphic today?
Michael Darnton 4 years ago
I've had mine for a couple of months now. In the 70s, I used a Century for shooting weddings, but got rid of it eventually. Lately I've been coming back to big film, and the Century was the stepping point. I probably won't be using it much, but it's a great camera. My new one came with a 101/3.5 Xenar, a 23 roll back, and an off-brand handle, but I've since picked up an early Mamiya RB67 back for it and fitted a Mamiya Press 65mm lens on.

Only one photo from it so far:

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