floralgal PRO 11:42pm, 30 June 2012
I used to use Qoop in the past and backed up all my photos on a quarterly basis on CD's and DVD's. Qoop is now no longer. What can I use and how can I access a company that will do this for me?
jasbond007 5 years ago
1. Put photos on your Mac or PC.
2. Set up and switch on Time Capsule or backup program.
3. Insert DVD in slot.
4. Drag photos you want to back up onto DVD.
5. Label and put DVD away in a safe place.
6. If you do use an online backup solution, make sure you have at least two other copies of each full-resolution file on local media such as hard disk or DVD.

Any questions?
personne.de.chandigarh PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by personne.de.chandigarh (member) 5 years ago
I'd thought people backed up their DVD photos on Flickr.
jasbond007 5 years ago
Not me. If Flickr were a backup solution then it would be here for that anticipated future time when you need to recover your photos. It would also need to be safe, secure and impregnable. That's unlikely. Also unless I send all my photos to Flickr it doesn't make any sense to use it as a backup. Personally I just upload a few photos to Flickr for display. The vast majority are in a safe place. We call that place a back-up. What's safe about uploading photos to Flickr?
floralgal PRO 5 years ago
I am soooo confused, jasbond007, if I were to pay you to do this for me, would you do it? I need to back up 15 months of my Flickr photos all the way back from April, "2011"! I am just not a computer person... but from now on, I plan on getting an external hard drive.... I just need despirately, to find someone who will back up my photos... I am willing to pay well!!!! Please let me know....
jasbond007 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by jasbond007 (member) 5 years ago
You sound like you need a personal computer consultant, floralgal. You need some expert assistance to get you set up. If you have a Mac, go to the expert counter at your local Apple Store or dealer. If you have a PC or you don't know what you have, go to one of your friends who understands such things and ask for help.

You could also take an introductory computer course and get some instruction, then you would not be so confused. It's not so hard.

Hope this helps.
Miro (www.mmmiro.com) 5 years ago
Patrick Costello PRO 5 years ago
I recommend investing in a NAS (network attached storage) device with a built in DVD writer. Should cost you no more than $150. Just plug it into your router and your computer will be able to find it. My LG NAS is Time Machine compatible.

Then follow jasbond007's instructions, or get more detail from the apple site:
Leo Reynolds PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Leo Reynolds (member) 5 years ago
If you haven't got your flickr photos on your hard drive you can download them to your hard drive using Bulkr. You can then copy them to your new external hard drive or DVDs.
floralgal PRO 5 years ago
Thank you all very much!
Brian A Catnut 5 years ago
yes, it's your hard drive that needs backing up

unless as Leo said you don't have the pix on your computer
for some reason, then that's the first thing to do ... download them all

one back up is not enough
you want 2 if you really want to be safe

I think at the moment good quality Flash Drive memory sticks are the most robust, use that for your most precious stuff.

Another internal or an external Hard Drive is second best.

DVD or CD disks do have a life span, they should not be though of as a permanent method of back up.

any web based storage that you don't actually own like Flicker or any other online or Cloud storage is not back up either
what happens if they have a computer problem or just go out of business
on the day your HD melts down
and they were your only safe copy

now it's too late and you don't have any pix any more ... period
floralgal PRO 5 years ago
I just purchase an external hard drive and can't believe how easy it was to hook up! It has 3TB that is a lot!!!!!! Yes, two backup are important....

Still leaves me with the question as to how to get my Flickr photos backed up since they are only on Flickr--- I need back ups of them since April, 2011. But preferably would like to back up all my photos that are on there. I think I need some kind of outside service that can back them up for me.
BeccaG PRO 5 years ago
I think at the moment good quality Flash Drive memory sticks are the most robust, use that for your most precious stuff.

Sorry but, LMAO - I thought that until I lost 8gb of images on one that commited sudden death.
goneforawander PRO 5 years ago
Flash drives are better than floppy disk. Not much else.
pholl000 PRO 5 years ago
Hi floragal, take a look at bulkr as mentioned by Leo above. It seems to be able to do what you want. I haven't used it pesonally, as I only use Flickr to display selected images, and not as a permanent storage. All my images are on hard disk and backed up onto a removable hard disk.
FlyButtafly PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by FlyButtafly (moderator) 5 years ago
Don't ever put your only copies on Flickr. Too many variables could cause you to lose everything. :/
floralgal PRO 5 years ago
FlyButtafly.... I realize that... like I was saying, I was backing up with CDS... but NOW, I have purchased an external hard drive with 3TB storage!!!!! AND, a fabulous program I came upon today called "FLUMP", which was able to download all my 5,332 images from Flickr onto this new hard drive!!!! AND it is free! I am soooooo happy!
photo208cam PRO 5 years ago
Once I was in the village of Moose Factory Ontario Canada.

Yes I took a left turn at Timmins (loneliest place on earth) headed away from civilization, North to the Hudson Bay, they had wifi, in Moose factory so I downloaded my photos to Flickr.


You know what ? Next day a grizzly ate my camera, my computer and my back up hard drive. Like shit happens (mostly to me for some reason)

In high school I actually had a dog eat my home work (more than once) so it does happen. (I was almost in the Enquirer)

Anyway I used bulkr it works rather good, the free version does not give you access to large file size, easier than going image by image however.

If you wanted to keep more than just the images, comments and other information, that is a bit more complicated.

It used to be possible, today I think it is too much information (before they used a vacuum code or something). I think the sparkly GIF invasion were the end of it.

I still use film

One day I figure the earth's magnetic field will shift drastically (due to global warming and the scientific fact that population density is less dense in Canada, so the world turns at an unbalanced speed) and everything in digital data (including my credit card debt) will be erased.
floralgal PRO 5 years ago
I sure hope not, photo208cam... but yes, talk of a lot of cyber invasion and catastrophies.... we need to pray real hard...
photo208cam PRO 5 years ago
I heard the Universe started with a big bang and for the first billionth of a second it was chaos but then... (eventually, after that way short period, some one sealed a big book deal, and now we can explain most things without understanding them).

Anyway I admire nature, not all of it, some parts are cruel, but other things are pure poetry.

But I digress into unimportant philosophy


Carry on
goneforawander PRO 5 years ago
Time is inversely proportional to gravity.

A billionth of a second with the entire mass of the Universe concentrated in one spot is not a particularly short period of time.

Enough time to download your photos from Flickr and read the paper over coffee at least.
photo208cam PRO 5 years ago
I agree and would add

Enough time to download your photos from Flickr, read the paper and watch all the meaningful and interesting parts of all the Dr Phill (1,671) episodes over coffee at least.
FlyButtafly PRO 5 years ago
FlyButtafly.... I realize that... like I was saying, I was backing up with CDS

But you stated that you were backing up your work onto CDs from Flickr. My point was, at any time between your backups, Flickr could be unavailable, it could have a catastrophic failure, your account could be deleted (maliciously by a phisher or accidentally or because of a violation of the ToS - not that you would, but it's happened to others) or many other various scenarios could play out that would make your photos completely inaccessible.

I have seen far too many distraught people in the Help Forum ask about their photos that they lost that they *only* had on Flickr, so please don't be offended - I was only speaking out of genuine concern.
mtsvancouver [deleted] 5 years ago
I save the cards that my photos go onto in my camera. (And never delete any of the photos on the cards.) This is the original location.

I have the photos also stored on Canon's Zoombrowser software on my external HD, where I download all the photos. This is a backup.

Many of the photos--what I vainly believe are the good ones--go onto Flickr. Second backup for these.

Shouldn't this be enough?

photo208cam: I also have been to Moose Factory (James Bay) at the end of a week long canoe trip. No bears in sight for me the whole week. Sorry to hear about your experience.
Brian A Catnut Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Brian A Catnut (member) 5 years ago
"Flash drives are better than floppy disk. Not much else. "

Please do at least a perfunctory search as to the facts of the matter before posting misleading and erroneous statements.
It's not helpful.

All Hard Drives have moving parts ... at some point these will fail.
then you may or may not be able to recover data.

DVD or CDs are looking like a 5 to 10 year option, not to be relied on past that.

Flash pens or Flash drive units have no moving parts to fail, short of accidental corruption or psychical destruction
neither the fault of the technology
they should keep data for the longest

if your keeping something for your great grandchildren to see
then spend a little more on hardened Flash storage
that is as close to permanent as you'll get so far

obviously the Flash drive hanging on your key ring you got for 3 bucks at the gas station is not what we mean by secure storage

also one should consider the location of your back ups
whatever you use
if it's piled up on top of your computer or in your CD rack in the room with all the other entertainment stuff and your computer
and your house burns down it's all gone

you may at great cost recover some data from the ashes but don't count on it

so make a back up and put it somewhere else

good idea to keep the original card with the pix on it
everything after that is a copy

Here's a little exercise for all those old enough
get out your first Nintendo or ATARI games box
find the cartridges that are now 20 years or more old

try it out
bet they ALL still work
even after being stored in the shed for all that time

what dose the cartridge resemble
a big old Flash Drive 'ea
mtsvancouver [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by mtsvancouver (member) 5 years ago
Perhaps the best long term storage at the moment is UDO.

Put one of these units in a locked fireproof safe, another copy in your safety deposit box at your bank.
Brian A Catnut 5 years ago
that is just hi capacity storage,
"Currently UDO has an expected data archival life of around 50 years."

looks like it would be subject to the problems common to all optical laser storage

a perfectly manufactured disk perfectly burnt
is going to last
but nothing in this world is quite perfect
Viejito 5 years ago
nothing in this world is quite perfect

One more reason to back up all our image and other data on a computer, a separate hard drive, a few thumb drives, DVDs and a couple of online and network storage locations, and onto the much better media which always becomes available tomorrow... and to give up hoping that our stuff will survive us.
floralgal PRO 5 years ago
FlyButtaFly.... you are right! I agree.... so now I will have three alternatives.

All my photos will be in three places..... Flickr, external hard drive and CD's. And, I may just get another "on-line" storage system. Several companies are backing up Flickr photos in cyberspace as an alternative storage.
Ol' Mr Boston 5 years ago
There used to be a Flickr partner called QOOP; you could order a DVD of your Flickr photos; check out QOOP.com...
floralgal PRO 5 years ago
Ol'Mr. Boston.... I loved QOOP! I relied on them.. but they just went ut of business two days ago!!!!! Boo hoo!
Ol' Mr Boston 5 years ago
Oh No! didn't know that! =0(
FlyButtafly PRO 5 years ago
Didn't you read the OP at all? :)
mtsvancouver [deleted] 5 years ago
UDO is an upgraded version of magneto-optical discs, such as Sony's mini-discs, which are better than standard DVDs. "UDO uses a Phase Change recording process that permanently alters the molecular structure of the disc surface. ... the write once recording surface cannot be erased or altered, making Write Once the most stable in terms of data integrity, because the physical record is kept authentic. This level of data integrity is not usually matched by other magnetic disc or tape technologies using normal write once emulation."
Ol' Mr Boston 5 years ago
I need a breathalyser on the laptop, to keep me from postin' stupid stuff =0/
goneforawander PRO 5 years ago
Please do at least a perfunctory search as to the facts of the matter before posting misleading and erroneous statements.

... and then you claim flash drives are the same technology as Atari cartridges??

Flash drives are not reliable. They corrupt regularly and become unrecoverable. Storing anything of value on one of those is asking for trouble.
Brian A Catnut 5 years ago
true an old game cartridge is an Eprom but not that far off a modern Flash drive

"This level of data integrity is not usually matched by other MAGNETIC disc or tape" pretty easy to beat tape it's cheap but not too good

I have hundreds of IBM floppies, the old cardboard case ones ... nearly every one is still good
thousands of plastic cased floppies not many of them still work
boxes of SyQuest plug in drives, ALL dead now and they were from the 90s
converted video tape storage ... that didn't work when it was new
probably had 50 Hard drives from friends to try recover data with various levels of success
plenty of corrupted optical disks, not much you can do then

and just one Flash drive from a mate to try get data off, repackaged the chip to a new housing and downloaded the data, took 5 min

whatever option you use you must use high quality media that is what REALLY makes the difference

obviously the longest term digital storage
is to impress the 1s and 0s into clay then fire it
but that's not going to be very quick
TRANIMAGING Posted 5 years ago. Edited by TRANIMAGING (member) 5 years ago
The only thing flickr backup is jpeg not raw, so not a true cloud service for me. I would backup thing myself, not like I am worry about 3rd party cloud service going belly up. i just don't want to paid for anymore service.. So put in a disc and burn. I take a lot of photos lately, I am archiving 2 blu-ray discs last month.
Pacdog PRO 5 years ago
goto your photo you want to back up..

click on all sizes

click on original size

click on download original size

save to a folder

when you have done this for all photos you want to back up then goto that folder and copy them to your drive of choice.

your welcome..

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