McRusty PRO 1:13pm, 25 April 2012
I had a lot of snarky responses to this post but I was busy at work. I can see it illicited a LOT of interest. lol
falconn67 PRO 6 years ago
Not at all interesting.
Nathan Parry 6 years ago
The camera on the iphone is actually very nice. It's a shame the software that controls it is so shitty.
— kx [deleted] 6 years ago

yes, the Apple software is shitty.
but not surprisingly,
there are a couple of excellent Apps that let you control it in many ways.
ProCamera, Slowshutter, Mattebox and the soon to be released 645Pro which gives you a pseudo-RAW file [ link ]. CameraSharp and Infinicam are fun.
— kx [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by — kx (member) 6 years ago
falconn67 wrote
Not at all interesting.
I agree.

the interesting part is more to do with how flickr (forced error?) missed the harnessing of combining mobile and online for people wanting to upload their smartphone photos, and prëempt Instagram much more restrictive use.
djwwestwood PRO 6 years ago
why is the Apple software Shitty ?
Patrick Costello PRO 6 years ago
You'll have to ask Apple Devs that. Maybe they got so many share options, they couldn't be arsed.
McRusty PRO 6 years ago
I found it interesting that "imagery" has overtaken what i would call photograpy, on what was originally a photography sharing website. (At least that was my impression of the site) This iphoneography is a wholly different user and viewer experience to what I call photography, and the images are quite distinct.. I'm sure there are some people using their iphone as a camera, taking considered compositions, etc, but the majority seem to be about catching that "moment" regardless of quality, with virtually no input from the user other than pushing the button. I'm not saying that's a bad thing either, just a different thing.
Patrick Costello PRO 6 years ago
Flickr's target audience has always been casual snappers who want to share with family and friends. Originally, terms like "shoebox" were used. Somewhere down the line Photographers gatecrashed the party.
They can stay as long as they behave and don't steal my beer.
— kx [deleted] 6 years ago
McRusty wrote
This iphoneography is a wholly different user and viewer experience
more to the point from Patrick,
flickr never developed a "tool" to promote anything but the sharing-shoebox snaps-type of photography.
anything with attempts at "real photography" is was incidental,
hence why it is harder to casually find it on the site with an intent to do so.

that said,
I find it difficult for how "real photography" can exists in a photo-sharing,
and contest driven, site.
other up-and-coming sites lack photo-sharing flickr-like capabilities,
and promote more careful selection of uploads,
yet the results are quite similar: sameness and shallowness.
it's like looking for a fostering of great music on popular radio•.

•this is a USA-centric statement
— kx [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by — kx (member) 6 years ago
djwwestwood wrote
why is the Apple software Shitty ?
sure, with respect to the camera App —
the topic at hand.
it does not offer the control that other apps have provided.
the quick launch of the camera is only for their App,
from the first screen,
so that sucks too.
with so many camera apps,
it would be nice to have it assignable.
djwwestwood PRO 6 years ago
Shitty and sucks is a bit strong .....not sure why you would like that much control apart from the grid , flash and HDR its simple app that dose what it says on the tin.

If you want control then you need to use a real camera not a phone with a camera
Peter van Rens 6 years ago
, you have beer?
— kx [deleted] 6 years ago
djwwestwood wrote
not sure why you would like that much control
yeah, not a big deal.
you don't have to know why as our uses are unrelated,
but I find the control provided by other apps quite useful and essential.
I am not demanding that Apple build the right app,
but I can still give it a grade.
nobody suffers from this.

adjectives here (sucks, shitty) are relativism,
and not a pontification.
so they are not harsh if kept in context.
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