Clement Tung 9:12am, 8 April 2012
I find that even though Flickr has the feature that automatically posts on your facebook profile that you've uploaded new photos, people rarely pay attention to it.

Also, most of my friends on facebook do not have a flickr account. I get more comments when I upload photos to facebook directly.

I'm thinking of "mirroring" my flickr uploads on facebook. Facebook's recent change to show photos in "high res" is nice.

Any of you do this as well?
Patrick Costello PRO 6 years ago
What is this facebook thing? Is it a Flickr feature?
Thomas.Trevilla 6 years ago
I agree, when I posted my photos on facebook via flickr, it got no attention or views. When I uploaded it directly to facebook it got 20 likes in the first two days.
Clement Tung 6 years ago
@Patrick Costello

I'm sure you're being sarcastic! But just in case. Facebook is an extremely popular social networking website!
zateom PRO 6 years ago
what is a website that you speak of?
Thomas.Trevilla 6 years ago
A very famous social networking site, it was founded by Mark Zuckerburg and his college room mates. It has over 850 million users.
McRusty PRO 6 years ago
"850 Million users" - Must be worn out by now.
— kx [deleted] 6 years ago
are the views on this so-called Facebook,
more important than flickr?
why are views important?
it sounds narcissistic...

does this "Facebook" have Explore?
if you want more views,
then also post it to;
Clement Tung 6 years ago
When I post on facebook, it is only for friends to view. It is not "more important" than flickr views.. it's just that I want to share my photos with my friends as well.
Patrick Costello PRO 6 years ago
If your friends in facebook, whatever that is, don't have Flickr accounts, then that probably explains why you aren't getting their views on Flickr.
falconn67 PRO 6 years ago
Just remember, when you post to Facebook, you give Mark Z a free license to use your photos however he wants, including selling them to advertisers.
BeccaG PRO 6 years ago
People can copy your images really easily off facebook, if I was stealing images, facebook would be a great place to start.
— kx [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by — kx (member) 6 years ago

that defines the "whatever that is" about facebook —
a place to steal photos, while getting no views.

if this facebook does not count views,
then how does one know that the photos are being viewed,
but for some comments?

flickr gives you stats porn.
and one can react accordingly...

whatever this facebook is,
what is it of concern on flickr?
we are not that sophisticated to know about other things... really.
— kx [deleted] 6 years ago
thomas trevilla.© wrote
I agree, when I posted my photos on facebook via flickr, it got no attention or views. When I uploaded it directly to facebook it got 20 likes in the first two days.
is there a complaint link on that site?
it sounds messed up.

perhaps this Mike Z dude,
and his facebook company in his dorm,
likes for people to click more pages within that website to get more views and serve more adverts.
so he relegates flickr-generated auto-posts to a sort "not important" news to show to other people,
or people get fed up of spamming from other sites by their "friends,"
and silence the feed from flickr,
but they cannot silence (very well) your facebook "steal-friendly" photos uploads.
call me crazy,
but that sounds like an awesome biz strategy.
Mr Nessy 6 years ago
Facebook doesn't count picture views.

Photos are just an added extra there. I have facebook account, and I use it lots, but I don't upload my pics there*, partly because they have extremely dubious copyright t&cs but mainly because the facebook interface just isn't designed to make pictures look good.

I've had other people pinching photos off my flickr stream to post to facebook (if they are in the shot or something usually) but I don't monitor this much, so I've no way of knowing how many of my pictures are on there anyway.

*I do upload some pics there, but they tend to be social shots off my phone or things I think will amuse my friends rather than real/serious photos. (Although I'm conscious that this is a false distinction.)
StevenM_61 PRO 6 years ago
I had used an app that posted my latest Flickr photos on Facebook, but my Facebook "friends" ignored them in general, and one of the few times one of them noticed I was posting photos to Flickr replied on my Facebook page why I was posting boring photos of houses and trees. Maybe he thought Flickr was for kitten photos or something. I only post snapshots of friends and family on Facebook, since those are the kind of photos people on that site want to see.
Dorsetdunk 6 years ago
can i block this faceache thingy ? it does not allow me to view the source of Referrers
I don't like that
is there a faceache kill script floating around out there ?
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