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Tom Holub PRO 3:54pm, 31 January 2012

[T]he users of Flickr lost their major advocates today. At product meetings and developer meetings, it would be these support folks constantly asking, "But what about the users?"

On a personal note, Flickr lost several good people today. If you had me name the top 10 Flickr employees that loved the site the most, half of them got handed pink slips today. Working with that entire team was absolutely one of the highlights of my time at Flickr and any other company that has a need for calm, intelligent, and resourceful customer support folks would do well to contact me or any other person that has ties to Flickr to get you an introduction.


It sounds like the staffers who remain are really upset about it and planning to bolt. Comment from one long-timer was "Can't get out of here fast enough."

It's unfortunate, because Flickr was at one time the best photo site and best photo community online. Both have been deteriorating for some time as Yahoo has refused to put money into the service. Now, instead of investing in one of their few remaining good properties, they're cost-cutting as if that will pull them out of their death spiral.

Hint to Yahoo: To pull out of a death spiral you need engine power. Dumping the crew won't do it.
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(1 to 100 of 330 replies)
Ben Cooper PRO 6 years ago
I joined Flickr to host my photos. It still hosts my photos. What on earth do people want over and above that? I'm seriously asking - what could Flickr do that would make it more effective at hosting images?
ElWanderer PRO 6 years ago
I guess part of the appeal of flickr (though not to everyone) is that as well as being a photo-hosting site, it's also a community and social network. Losing support staff makes people wonder if the community/social aspects will suffer.

Of course, all that aside, losing a bunch of support staff could mean that if things stop working (e.g. if it appears flickr are no longer hosting your photos), it will take longer until they are fixed.
Martintoy PRO 6 years ago
I guess that Flickr is not an image hosting, is a comunity for photographers, and photographers wannabe (as me)

I found and meet many colleagues and friends that make me learn about photography. Its a shame that Flickr is not the #1 site for photography.

Hope this situation changes soon, anyway I will be around Flickr.


Brock PRO 6 years ago
There has been some shitty decisions recently, not least the auto-renew bullshit (which got my ire here).

Not liking what I see around here, I have to say.
Mαciomhαir 6 years ago
The sooner someone buys Flickr from Yahoo the better; at this stage, I'd even say that AOL or Facebook would be preferential owners to the current mob.
The Blue Boy 6 years ago
Does seem a bit stupid to lay off that sort of staff for a site of this size. I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that Yahoo are idiots.
rpimages.com PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by rpimages.com (member) 6 years ago
Would we want Facebook? The company whose Terms of Service gives them the right to use any of your pictures at will? I think not.
Brock PRO 6 years ago
I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that Yahoo are idiots.

Seriously. They make the most bizarre decisions that seem designed to piss people off and think they are being smart. How can they make so many crappy decisions and still be in business is beyond me:

Yahoo: The reason that Google and the rest of the web is dropping you like a one legged runner in the internet race is because they make smarter fucking decisions than you, and spend MUCH more emphasis and money on making people feel wanted and even just a little bit special. In other words, like a customer, rather than an income source.

You fucking suck at doing that. Yahoo always makes you feel like a commodity to be used, in my experience.
Pacdog PRO 6 years ago
Sad news... not surprising sadly..
— kx [deleted] 6 years ago
Martintoy wrote
I guess that Flickr is not an image hosting, is a comunity for photographers, and photographers wannabe (as me)
you are confusing a digression — Flickr is a photo snap hosting site, but some people have managed to create a community out of it. other people think it is a right for Flickr to be a community and service to them (cf. the Help Forum)

while there as an attempt to make it more into a community, those effort pretty much came to crawling halt a few years ago.
protohiro 6 years ago
The heart of flickr by cindyli
Don House 6 years ago
Business as usual - my wife works for a huge tech company and manages a couple IT accounts for outsourced services. Typical move from her company: "Oh, you did such a great job last year, and helped us be profitable! As your reward we're taking 15 to 25% of available staffing away from you. (because that will enhance executive bonuses!) But, do be sure not to work more than 40 hours yourself as it looks bad on our internal billing."
— kx [deleted] 6 years ago

I am not sure how capitalists in the USA will learn of their quick-buck consequences, and usage of power, hurts the customer and long-term viability of a company.

but hey... that re-quote from William F. Buckley Jr keeps getting truer with time: « the problem with Communism is Communism, the problem with Capitalism is the Capitalists rich Job Creators™ » (updated to modern times)
Don House 6 years ago
Profitability in today's world - decrease what you offer to the point that you piss off the customer as much as possible without actually losing them. If you do lose them, fire middle managers who were merely implementing shitty policies handed down from above.
— kx [deleted] 6 years ago
Mαciomhαir wrote
The sooner someone buys Flickr from Yahoo the better;
... with MySpace as a good example of something bought to be improved? I cannot think of a major acquisition that has gone well. it is a panacea.
— kx [deleted] 6 years ago
Don House wrote
Profitability in today's world
the last crisis, or should I say latest, seem to reveal not only the problem with unregulated short-term profits, but also the hubris of a bubble about a corruption with perceived power. not that this is new, but economic theory (at least The Chicago School or supply-side and free-markets) does not take that into account for policy. USA being a reactionary, and not proactive, culture means that we are in for interesting times.

the downfall of Flickr — not that it had much to do from its zenith — offers some of the problems as Brock points some of them above.
~Christy 6 years ago
Brock, thank you for your help and input on this site, and thank you for the above post about the auto-renew. Did not know Flickr was doing that now. So I poked around and found this page: www.flickr.com/help/payments/.

I would never given any company permission to charge any of my accounts without my express permission, and am appalled Flickr thinks they can have the right to do so. Other companies have tried this, and the best way to prevent it is to delete your credit card info from your account. The link above as a link to Yahoo Wallet (interestingly tricky to find in your own account info) where you can see what cards they have on file and delete them.

Tough luck Yahoo, but you will need my permission to charge any account of mine. That's just how it is.
Tom Holub PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Tom Holub (member) 6 years ago
Ben Cooper: You can still use Yahoo to search the web, too. Do you? If not, why not?

A quick perusal of the good ideas being ignored (for years) in the Flickr Ideas group would answer your question.

For example, Flickr's discussion features suck. I should be able to reply to your comment directly. I should be able to see that I've posted in this topic, and that there have been replies to my post. Every competitor is doing better at this and is putting active development into leaving Flickr further behind.

Integration: If Flickr were a stand-alone site, stuff like integration into Google+ would be a top priority. Instead, Flickr has done absolutely nothing seven months later. Facebook integration is also pathetic. How about letting people comment on photos with their Facebook or Google accounts instead of making them sign up for Flickr (which they won't)? The needs of the photo-sharing site are being subjugated to the needs of the parent company, which is afraid (with reason) that their core business is being destroyed by Google and Facebook.

I don't care about the core business. I care about photo sharing.

Permissions: Photos hidden from photostream, contacts-only photos, better set/album support; there's been no movement in this area for years.

Uploadr: Apparently the uploadr is a dead product. Use a third-party tool, they say. Really, Flickr? You don't think it's important to have an official way for people to get photos into your system, including sets/groups/tags/permissions?

Community: There's no support for community anymore; no one like Heather Champ to encourage discussion and sharing. Without the community to bring people in, what's left is the technical aspects of the site, which frankly are old and creaky compared to the competition.

My top photo has 23,000 views, 114 comments, 150 faves. It still regularly gets views, all from search engines. It hasn't had a new comment in 15 months. I don't see views coming to any of my photos from Flickr groups; it's all search engines. Is Flickr really the best place to put my photos if my views are coming entirely from links I post myself or from search engines? "Almost certainly" not.
Ollievision™ 6 years ago
I feel sorry for the staff. Hope they get new jobs soon.
austins PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by austins (member) 6 years ago
"what could Flickr do that would make it more effective at hosting images? "

Ben...I'm sure there's plenty Flickr could do to make it more effective at hosting images, but that's besides the point. You use it for just that. But people use Flickr for a wide variety of reasons, in a wide variety of places, on a wide variety of platforms.

You are right, if people were *just* looking for a place to stick images, nearly any site would work. But Flickr was more than that. And people are bummed that what was once one of the best image hosting, sharing, and community sites out there has been pretty much left for dead by its dying parent company.
austins PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by austins (member) 6 years ago
Yahoo is mostly just a holding company at the moment. They are just a shell of their former selves. At this point, my guess is that executives are just prep'ing for a fire sale. Cut everything they possibly can, quickly sell, grab their bonuses and run.
Ben Cooper PRO 6 years ago
I guess what I'm getting at is that adding extra stuff just because they can is what got Yahoo into so much trouble in the first place, and is why an upstart with just a search box and a button managed to steal almost all their search business.
Tom Holub PRO 6 years ago
No, what got Yahoo into trouble was that they allowed the bean counters rather than the user experience people to drive the business. Google spends almost all of its time figuring out what people want and trying to find new ways of presenting it to them; that's why people use Google.

(Aside: Part of what people want is a search box and a button, but they're not inherently opposed to advertising, just advertising that's obnoxious, repetitive and irrelevant to them. Google has destroyed Yahoo because they've found ways to give people ads which they don't mind looking at and occasionally clicking on, whereas Yahoo just kept trying to jam more and more obnoxious stuff onto the front page and search results).
— kx [deleted] 6 years ago

I am not aware of all that Yahoo has added to flickr, but for layout changes that were, at best, like coming out of some beginner's class loving to use a computer. loads of other superfluous ideas that seem to come out of management meetings, rather than experts. still, there must have been all kinds of sexiness for the coding, and little to photo presentation.

what seems to me that got Yahoo into trouble with flickr was indeed focus. no assessment of what one or two things to do really well, with an ever shrinking fortune and resources to be given to the site. I still think that community did sneak in, and that would have set them with a nice value-added to the photo sharing. I would have been ok if they left the photo presentation to "shell" applications that could do a better job, which is what flickriver attempts. in a way, something akin to tumblr and themes.

from then on... *crickets*

sadly, other "cheap" photo sites are following flickr with what they did wrong, and nobody is thinking in more modern terms.
— kx [deleted] 6 years ago
Tom Holub wrote
Google spends almost all of its time figuring out what people want
that is changing, isn't? they are becoming more about polluting what people want(ed) (search) to salvage their applications to other important products (G+).

I still like the Google simplicity mantra, over other offerings, but their current "chaos" is coming out of some clusterfuck of their own doing.

(I am not sure an assertion of "bean counters at fault" is something that we can observe well from here... without inside info. is there that kind of inside info? what we can clearly see is a reduction of resources and loss of focus.)
Chungking Express Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Chungking Express (member) 6 years ago
I find it amusing to reflect that, when Yahoo became big ten years ago and its name became part of the popular culture, that meaning actually began to supercede the two meanings of "yahoo" that came before, i.e. "yay!" and "dumbass."

Now, though, the term seems to be reverting back to one of its classic meanings...

However, if Flickr dies due to incessant yahooism on the part of the parent company, I will be even more depressed than I already am.
teh resa PRO 6 years ago
So do we have a list of names? who will be gone?
Stevekin PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Stevekin (member) 6 years ago
protohiro linked to a dedication to the fallen. Here it is,save you scrolling back up: www.flickr.com/photos/cindyli/6796664329/
Pacdog PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Pacdog (member) 6 years ago
Here is who I think were let go. Sadly...








Sad.. I'm sure they all will be fine and get new gigs with a company who can really use their talents.. Best of luck to you all.

We all will miss you all.
teh resa PRO 6 years ago
thanks for the info
Viejito 6 years ago
They must have been worried that the spammers were only overtaking Flickr Ideas and the Help Forum on weekends: letting a few staff go might help spammers take over the site permanently, until the plug is pulled, not on spammers but on Flickr.

There does not seem to be much of a point to the recent obligatory auto-renew for pro members: the way they are going, it won't have to be used too often...
kmacgray PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by kmacgray (member) 6 years ago
An interesting tweet from a reliable source:

If true, that's a REALLY shitty move.
StevenM_61 PRO 6 years ago
Flickr is still among the best photo sharing sites around, but Yahoo has been driving it to the ground. It's obvious Yahoo wants to kill Flickr. Unfortunately there hasn't been another photo sharing site that has been innovative, has a sense of community, and has appealed to photographers of all walks of life. When Flickr goes, and I do mean when, photo sharing on the Internet as we know it will fast become a thing of the past.
Tom Holub PRO 6 years ago
I don't think Yahoo "wants" to kill Flickr, but I think they don't think Flickr is important and they don't see how it will make them money. And in the end, it probably won't make them much money no matter what they do with it; because Yahoo isn't able to execute in its core business, it has no way to turn user goodwill and page views into money. So they view it as a cost sink, and why bother having customer advocates who just ask for expensive new features when those features aren't going to make you any more money?

That being said, Flickr won't go away any more than Myspace or Yahoo Search did. It will just continue to become less and less relevant.
— kx [deleted] 6 years ago
StevenM_61 wrote
It's obvious Yahoo wants to kill Flickr.
not obvious at all, as Tom says.

and there is nothing wrong with a fragmented photo-sharing on the internets. I do not see what is the downside to that. that makes it sound that at some point, when IE dies, the internet will cease to be browsed well.

while people (passively) love to create monolithic entities out of complacency, I fail to see how fragmentation of such an uneven "app" is harmful.
_sarchi PRO 6 years ago
@brock :)

flickr started 'the game' few people know that....
maybe that is the ..end game :(
i love flickr as do many others, but not its [darker side] ugh! it is well constructed.has great links,and even greater photographers on it, knocks spots off all the other [ i wan'a be] sites oww !..look at us pissed up in town sat night shit. wanky crap. there as boring as the 50s family album...ibiza/ on the train /on the beach dad with ice cream./my new dance clip .. yer ,you know what i mean. .flickr is a highly interactive, highly intelligent site for all serious and endevoring folks, who love the concept of +all aspects of photography
and help is always available no matter what the question issue problem or language.i don't mind the renew, actual'y think its fine ,your notified prior what's the problem? i'm happy with it as iv'e not got to remember it, or write it down in diary.real'y no different.in that respect and the 3 months pro is excellent.for starters. jezz! what more do yo'all want a free bolex camra
the way its set up for the user .. well it could run itself...being a sort of product of its users.i agree yahoo are blundering along and yes iv'e had some real hair tearing times with them in the past. i'd love the no adds flickr good side to branch out on its own [id gladly pay dbl existing pro cost ] like a buy out.. but feel that's far away,.as ..them there mega master program retainer servers/ hubs /storer's [whatever there called] cost a mega buck i bet .well having spoken ill give way now for the next.
SF Lіghts 6 years ago
Why do they always fire the people who make Flickr something different and special?
goneforawander PRO 6 years ago
Customer service is overrated. Who wants to feel like the company you pay good money to actually gives a flying fornication?
austins PRO 6 years ago
"It's obvious Yahoo wants to kill Flickr."

Eh...I think it's believable that Yahoo's primary shareholders want to dump the property and salvage a few bucks out of it. Cutting staff to make the balance sheet look better is a last-ditch effort to boost a potential selling price.

Flickr, as are we as the customers, are simply victims of the business process in this situation.
My Sister's Keeper 6 years ago
In recent months Flickr deleted several paying members, serious photographers, including parents and teachers, apparently because we had innocent images of kids partially nude, in response to trolls who have no interest in photography other than to promote their personal political agenda by clicking on the Report Abuse button.

One effect of Flickr's deletions is that the deleted members have come back but they will no longer pay for a Pro account. The same thing is happening on Facebook, and even worse, because FB is deleting photos of breastfeeding as "indecent." Yahoo is a major news source, so why doesn't it combat the mass hysteria over sex and nudity instead of bowing to it?
Ben Cooper PRO 6 years ago
- teachers taking semi nude pictures of their pupils? Hmm.

Anyway, I disagree with your basic assertion. Sex and nudity are normal things. Taking pictures of your kid in the bath is normal - I have a bunch of my daughter specially saved to embarrass her when she brings her first boyfriend home. That's all normal and healthy - sharing those pictures with random strangers all over the world is not normal.
Don House 6 years ago
Was all this because I dropped my "pro" account?

I hate myself.
Light ᶤˢ ᵒᶠᶠ [deleted] 6 years ago
Occupy 99% of Yahoo!
patrick wilken 6 years ago
So this is what it's like to be on the Titanic, only slowed down to 1000th normal speed. It's pretty clear we are heading for sale isn't? I had hope that all the recent actions were actually because Flickr was being taken more seriously by management. It seems this is just painting the picket fence for a Spring sale.

Any thoughts on the OpenPhotoProject? theopenphotoproject.org/ If they could work out community it could be a Flickr killer.

In the last year I have checked out G+ and 500px, precisely because I can feel Flickr sinking. Neither match Flickr though.
Patrick Costello PRO 6 years ago
Actually there has been a huge upturn in the level of staff participation in help forum topics since this news surfaced.
1 flickr almost signs us all up the getty
2 will let getty sell your photos but not you
3 allows trolls secondary accounts etc to stalk, harass, cyber bully etc, in many groups
4 heavy handed with the turning accounts to moderate or restricted
5 is ripe for a class action law suit from those they have allowed tgo be harasssed
6 many on the above lits woulf freak out and delete accounts who mentioned them in threads
7 will not allow the creating admin of agroup to remove other admins
8 HELP if people complained to much they where baned from help
9 flickr central if people complain to much they are removed from it'
10 I can go on but will not
11 too many complaints to YAhoo about the way many where managing flickr
12 people will and do , and did go over the heads of the FLICKR overloard to complain including large stock holders
13 see all the other above complaints nad reasons it snow balled and people where removed
Brock PRO 6 years ago
Worth knowing is that the people that are left are completely devastated by this news and so maybe not firing barbs at them woudl be good, if anyone doing that is reading.

Flickr management didn't even know of these cuts beforehand, that's how 'non-flickr' this decision was...
Anthony Posey SIR:Poseyal Knight Poet of Desposyni Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Anthony Posey SIR:Poseyal Knight Poet of Desposyni (member) 6 years ago
Brock its sad, I am not a fan of Large coporations they rarely make good choices, and forget what made any company grow, and be worth a crap to begin with, I feel bad for these guys who give and gave their all to a company that then desserts them, :( good news is it was a large layoff so they can a least spin it when looking for new jobs,
FlyButtafly PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by FlyButtafly (moderator) 6 years ago
Reminds me of when someone else integral at Flickr was unceremoniously let go... :(

I remember scoffers saying the buyout would have no effect except to make Flickr bettr. More like cutting Flickrs heart out with a spoon. It's taken almost 7 years, but they're slowly destroying Flickr from the inside. Messed. Up.

Makes me furious, actually. How long til the remaining team is replaced, too? Yahoo doesn't see them nor us as people - just numbers.
Sprocket_Rocket 6 years ago
It's a shame really. When I joined I thought flickr was the best thing since sliced bread.

Tom Holub hit the nail on the head when he said that, for example, there is no way to track responses to posts you have made in discussions. Flickr is supposed to be a community and group based affair, but all emphasis on that seems to have ground to a halt.

Yahoo, sort it out please. Times may be tough but there is no reason why Flickr shouldn't be the best photo site online.
Brock PRO 6 years ago
Yahoo doesn't see them nor us as people - just numbers.

That right there is the fundamental issue with how Yahoo approach Flickr and their users in general. They are all numbers to Yahoo, which is why they are royally fucking up and will continue to do so.

They haven't worked out that the standard old-fashioned business model of 'make product, sell product, profit' doesn't work since the internet flourished unless you engage the users emotionally to some extent - to appeal to them as people rather than revenue sources.

The sooner they go down the tubes, the sooner they'll sell Flickr off as a sellable asset and it may be saved if the right people buy it.

Hopefully that happens before Flickr gently slides off the back of the wave it is currently on. I can't believe I am saying it, but I almost want to go back to the people in 2005 that bitched at the buyout and tell them they were right...
austins PRO 6 years ago
"Any thoughts on the OpenPhotoProject?"

I hadn't heard of it! I like the idea! Not sure if the community will build, but it's a nice thought.

And ya, know, flickr had a good run. Maybe it's time for it to step aside/fade away and hope something better comes along...
Brock I agree I also think Flickr should allow each person to sell his or her photos from the site just as other photo sharing sites do, I refuse to let getty data mine my photos ,

Flickrs has three problems as i see it

1 not allowing members who pay a fee to sell photos
2 allowing one or two rouge admins to destroy groups
3 allowing fake troll accounts to harass people

I am sad people lost jobs I am not sad if FLICK YAHOO fixes said problems

my guess is
we will see more adds
, more accounts leave,
a hike in the pro account fee
and predict the following,
a class action law suit about cyber bulling
a class action law suit about accounts who have paid being deleted
a class action law suit about allowing getty but no one else to sell
possible trade info or other such leakes,
and some book cooking as to number of REAL life members as opposed to FAKE troll accounts :)

Haveing said all this I will be on flickr till they unplug it or turn the lights off
for all its bad I do love it
Viejito 6 years ago
2 allowing one or two rouge admins to destroy groups

Rouge admins? Is that a sexist remark?...
Ben Cooper PRO 6 years ago
a class action law suit about cyber bulling
a class action law suit about accounts who have paid being deleted
a class action law suit about allowing getty but no one else to sell

Sense of proportion failure, much?

It's a photo sharing site that costs $25 per year. Acting as if they've micturated on your rug just 'cos they don't run it (and never have) exactly the way you want is daft.
Patrick Costello PRO 6 years ago
Two of the best features of Flickr are not allowing sales and promoting rouge admins.
The Ewan PRO 6 years ago
Patrick Costello wrote
Actually there has been a huge upturn in the level of staff participation in help forum topics since this news surfaced.
There has, but I find it hard to believe that that is the result of carefully considered policy, and not simply because Flickr is generally staffed by good people, and the ones left are doing what they can. They do, however, all have other stuff they're supposed to be spending time on.

What I really want to know in all this is who gets Terrence's banhammer of doom now? He was kinda like Thor - normal mortals shouldn't wield that thing.
photo208cam PRO 6 years ago
For myself I don't believe that all those take overs that we have gotten used to, I can't see them as a good thing.

Mind you I could hardly blame the original small group that owned Flickr (brought it to life & made it something special, it was web 2 and innovative with regards to social media, often in the top 10 list). If I remember it was sold for 30M$, hard to refuse that.

I'm certain with that amount you think of two things 1) this is enough money to be free for the rest of my life and 2) maybe Flickr is just a fad. Everything come and go.

But at that point it was also the end of something.

It is never good to fire the people that have built a company on a dream, Flickr had unique quirks then (and Hiccups, pie and bacon) but it was sort of like a dysfunctional family, that had problems but also a hell of a lot of fun.

It is not the first time that the heart and soul has been fired out of Flickr.

Best of luck to all of those that lost their jobs.
Happy Tinfoil Cat PRO 6 years ago
Someone close to me worked at Yahoo for several years. I got to hear about all kinds of self-inflicted corporate wounds. As I understand it, the parasites in the Yahoo structure will eventually kill the host. All that is innovative, exciting, new, useful, loved, etc. gets ejected of emasculated for the sake of things like Yahoo Groups which hasn't updated in over a decade. Yahoo curls up into a fetal position to protect its "core" even though the core is rotten.
Ben remember my predictions

funny men

ask you local stock broker why the shake up?
lets not forget Facebook just went public.

in fact mark my words :)
My Sister's Keeper Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Brock (admin) 6 years ago

You take pictures of your daughter nude in order to embarrass her later? Why would nude pictures embarrass her? Sounds like somebody is teaching her a very confused idea of body shame. Is that why Flickr deletes serious photographers, parents and teachers – because your opinion of what’s “normal and healthy” should be imposed on everybody else?

Hiding a child’s flat chest is the perfect way to promote breast shame and support the dangerous and dishonest bottle formula industry, as well as promoting opportunists and profiteers selling breast “enhancement” vitamins, and alarmists in the child rescue fringe. [Book suggestion removed - Admin]

Publicly sharing images of top-free children is the perfect way to teach inhibited people that body shame isn’t universal, instinctive or inevitable. I hope you’ve studied the subject of sex hysteria in some depth before you resort to the simplistic excuse “But what if the village idiot sees pictures of top-free kids in the bath!”

I’m sorry that some Flickr employees lost their jobs, but I’m not surprised that Yahoo has money problems. Vague and arbitrary rules that bow to trolls and result in the deletion of some of the best photographers without warning, explanation or appeal doesn’t encourage people to become paying customers.
Anacharsis Clootz PRO 6 years ago
Indeed, it never ceases to delight me to remind ardent adherents of desert tribal-based monotheisms that the first thing their so-called "Lord God" reportedly said to Adam and Eve, upon discovering them in their pathetic fig-leaf aprons whilst peregrinating the Garden, was: "Who told you that you were naked?"
Ben Cooper PRO 6 years ago
- what has body shame got to do with sharing pictures of her on the Internet? She doesn't have any body shame - and I hope she never will - because she does normal things at home like run around without her top on, have baths with us, things like that. If I put pictures of her online, how would that help? She won't see them - she's two.
All those bright, high hopes we had that the internet was going to be something new and different and good (remember?) and now it's all just turning into the same old Corporation America, run by accountants.
Ben Cooper PRO 6 years ago
- an odd thing to be amused by, and completely contrary to the point that you are trying to make I think. But what should I know - I have read the bible but I don't believe in any desert religions.

Dessert religions, on the other hand, I'm all in favour of...
patrick wilken Posted 6 years ago. Edited by patrick wilken (member) 6 years ago
@B.P.E.F. You are THAT guy aren't you?
We've still got a lot of learning to do with this interweb thingie.
Brock PRO 6 years ago
Hiding a child’s flat chest is the perfect way to promote breast shame and support the dangerous and dishonest bottle formula industry, as well as promoting opportunists and profiteers selling breast “enhancement” vitamins, and alarmists in the child rescue fringe. (Read Gabrielle Palmer’s “The Politics of Breastfeeding: When Breasts are Bad for Business.”)

That really made me laugh. Excellent trolling*.

*disclaimer, I just read your profile, and it is very possible you aren't trolling, in which case I find that comment even funnier. Talk about dragging a 200lb bag of agenda with you and dropping it on a distantly tangential (maybe) post. Photo's of kid in bath = entire industry related to oppression. Bizarre.
If I wasn't too lazy to scroll to the top, I'd know what this thread was about.
black dog its about pizza and coke or pepsi, soon it will be about the greatness of NIKON as a pro camera but it has not digressed to that yet
Aw heck Flickr is still more fun than Facetube.
Pacdog PRO 6 years ago
Kinda getting old.
Viejito 6 years ago
Aren't we all?...;-)
Happy Tinfoil Cat PRO 6 years ago
"How much money does this team generate?"
"None, it's customer support."
"Ahhhh, excuse me whilst I sharpen my bean-counting ax."
Anacharsis Clootz PRO 6 years ago
Yessir, that's doubtless why Linnaeus called it Theobroma cacao, the food of the gods. :)
Muzzlehatch PRO 6 years ago
Well is wasn't as desertified back then...
StevenM_61 PRO 6 years ago
I have taken a peek at nudist forums and found that the biggest reason nudist parents don't post photos of their kids in the buff on the Internet is not because of self-righteous crusaders who want to rid the Internet of "child pornography" and their political backers, but because of creepy men who lust after such photos.
austins PRO 6 years ago
"Hiding a child’s flat chest is the perfect way to promote breast shame and support the dangerous and dishonest bottle formula industry"

Well, this thread certainly took one of the more bizarre u-turns I've ever seen...
Pacdog PRO 6 years ago
I have spent $400 so far sense I joined flickr in 2005. That includes gifts I have purchased.
Pacdog For admins
Pacdog PRO 6 years ago
no way in hell Posey!!! you could not pay me enough to admin this group.

— kx [deleted] 6 years ago
austins wrote
this thread certainly took one of the more bizarre u-turns
u-turn would imply that we were such a topic-adjacent in the past. I wonder if "the thread fell off the cliff" is more apt. no way to undo turns now.
goneforawander PRO 6 years ago
Pacdog already admins many a fine group
Pacdog PRO 6 years ago
Free Beer for everybody!!!!

(I'm still in negotiations w/ Yahoo execs at this point)

Every time I gain some ground they lay off Flickr staff.. =o(
goneforawander PRO 6 years ago
The livelihood of the few for the happiness of the many. Seems like a fair trade to me.
My Sister's Keeper Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Brock (admin) 6 years ago
This discussion certainly is enlightening. Flickr dismisses employees because Yahoo has money problems, and when I point out one of the reasons for those money problems (deleting paid members without warning, explanation or appeal) and suggest a solution, I’m off-topic.

Instead of expressing sympathy for a more reasonable deletion policy, someone makes an unprovoked, personal attack against me, and when I defend myself that makes me a troll, not him!

You want to have a good laugh? Nothing’s funnier than a group of people eager to attack their enemies, but they don’t know who their enemies are. When someone finally does identify the enemy [book suggestion removed - Admin], some members of the group react by attacking the messenger. That’s hilarious!
Ben Cooper PRO 6 years ago
- are you being paid to promote her book or something? Anyhow, who has attacked you - I disagree with you, but I have no idea who you are.

I highly doubt a cause of Yahoo's problems is that they won't let people share semi-nude pictures of children with strangers.
Patrick Costello PRO 6 years ago
BPEF is an anagram of Gabrielle Palmer. (Give or take a few letters)
— kx [deleted] 6 years ago
B.P.E.F. wrote
when I point out one of the reasons for those money problems (deleting paid members without warning, explanation or appeal)
can you give a sense of quantitative scale of this problem? since your argument is along the lines of cause-and-effect, it is good to make sure the cause (yahoo, not the book) is sensible.

how many people withdrawing* from paying $25 are needed to cause Yahoo problems and be "one of the reasons," as a net loss, since others join in. out of those, how many are leaving because of unruly account deletion due to your cause (now I am talking the book thing).

(*Brownian Motion or Hidden Markov Models analyses is acceptable)
Brock PRO 6 years ago
Flickr dismisses employees because Yahoo has money problems, and when I point out one of the reasons for those money problems (deleting paid members without warning, explanation or appeal) and suggest a solution, I’m off-topic.

That is not at all what happened. The breast issues stuff is the off topic. I find it hard to believe you're reading the same thread, as you cram irrelevant stuff into the post. I'm removing your book references as they seem a little too wilfully off topic to be completely innocent.

And if you reply by suggesting another book again, I'll assume you're just spamming and will ban you.
BPEF your correct about whats happening in part. IMO
if you notice those who attempt to take the topic off topic, are the same ones disrupting the help forum ( those lovely fuzzy bunnies )
Flickr has allowed the wrong accounts to control the message.

so back to the topic,
and children lets say on it, ok/

why would yahoo let SUPPOSEDLY GOOD PEOPLE GO?
everyone SEE BROCK's last comment to understand why flickr is failing, ( and that even if we disagree with some of what BF said , we still see the meat of the problem is correct, and why more and more people will leave, ) admins in FLICKR CENTRAL AND HELP are just to fast to BAN AND REMOVE COMMENTS or members sort of IRONIC eh BROCK ?
of course now i'll probably get my hand slaped or something

Brock stay on topic, can you?
BROCK why did yahoo DISMISS these fine wonderful people?
tell us if money issues where not at play?
you know something ?
Patrick Costello PRO 6 years ago
According to the authoritative text "False Knights" by Freddie Goodwin (available at most dodgy bookshops) Yahoo's current restructuring (no one gets fired from a major Corporation; only restructured) is directly attributable to the number of consecutive posts by one individual in a FC thread.
Ben Cooper PRO 6 years ago
I think nonsensical use of punctuation marks is the real problem here.
Brock PRO 6 years ago
everyone SEE BROCK's last comment to understand why flickr is failing

Posey, you're a fucking nut job. Capital letters don't make bizarre and random accusations hold any merit.

BROCK why did yahoo DISMISS these fine wonderful people?

Because Yahoo (not flickr management) are idiots. They don't understand Flickr at all, not what it is, what it is capable of, or why it is successful. They're idiots that only see numbers and reacted accordingly. Of course money issues were at play, because that's how business make decisions. It's the premise on which you judge the numbers where the skill (and stupidity) comes in, though.

People that think that Flickr is suffering because of a couple of wrongful account deletions are hallucinating. It is a teeny, tiny drop in the bucket next to the ocean of users. High visibility does not mean large influence. Just as much as CAPITAL LETTERS do not impart significance to SHOUTY POSTS.

I have no official knowledge at all, for reference, nor am I in any way more official than any other user in here, but that's my take on it.
brock please remove your negative comment about me personaly NOW.. :)
admins of flickr help and F central should not insult members,
( i wonder why some people get fired ;)
how about the unoffical knowledge,
I also hope you do see the irony in the post about some of flickrs problem, You the admins are here to help.
not threaten people with being banned
or calling them nut jobs,

Irony indeed
from those who should be helping to make flickr a better place

So now on to numbers? does yahoo want more or less members?
pad members?
does or did the behavior of say he who can;t be named or even the infamous she who can't be named
gain members for yahoo ( flickr ) or loose members.

lets say 3% of flickrs paid accounts get nuked this month, how much money is that?
how many of them will come back and recoment this sire to others etc

FLICKR has some problems problems those who can do something about have not, :) now where the wrong people let go, who knows, do i like coporations HELL NO
did you call me names etc when i TOLD YOU YAHOO was a bad move? yepper
So Brock are you paid etc to admins this group?
— kx [deleted] 6 years ago
Ben Cooper wrote
I think nonsensicality use of punctuation marks is the real problem here.
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