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ArchedRoof 2:07am, 22 February 2009
Join now and keep track of the explosive goings on of PEO.

Join now and ask for forgiveness for your sins. Everybody is welcome, you are allowed to ask for forgiveness once a day, the pool is moderated by many disciples of the cause. Come along and wash away your blasphemies in the group pool.

There's a new craze every year or so. Off the top of my head I can think of 5 different travesties in the world of digital photography editing.

1. Framing
The process of putting a few extra pixels and lines around your digital image to add 'impact.'

2. Watermarks
The needless rape of a photograph because the photographer is big headed enough to believe someone will come and steal his/her photo to profit from it.

3. Selective Colouring
The process of converting an image to monochrome, but leaving one element coloured, such as a tram, or lady in a red dress.

4. The Flood Filter
A Photoshop plugin introduced a few years ago that everyone went crazy for. Everything for about a year was submerged in perfectly generated rippled water.

5. Highly Overprocessed HDR
The latest new FAD... HDR techniques have been around for over 100 years (Yes they have.) But overprocessed tone mapping nonsense from the likes of Photomatix users are all the rage right now.

These aren't examples of just bad processing, they are intentional attacks on photographs in an attempt to make them more interesting. I will be the first to admit I have tried it all - but more importantly - I moved on.

Can you help me think of some other obvious ones?

--EDIT with EXTRAS--

6. Fake Polaroid Frame
Can't find any Polaroid film? Doesn't matter... Fake it and pretend you're an instant film master.

7. Out of Focus Macros. (BOKEH)
Many thanks to Arty: "Out of focus macros. (You call it bokeh, I call it bollocks. You're supposed to INCREASE the depth of field with close-ups, not leave half the critter/leaf out of focus)."

8. Tilt and Shift Fakes.
Very simple post processing involving blurring a major part of a photograph (usually one overlooking a street.) The selective blurring appears as a shallow depth of field, to give it the photo the appearance of looking like a minature model village.

9. Fake film frames around Digital photographs (similar to #6)

10. Black and White Street Photography
"It's 2009 ffs."(Thank you Arty.)

11. Being a smug wanker/ Purists and Ludites and intentional attacks on photographers artistic explorations.Thank you Goneforawonder

12. TTV (Through the viewfinder.)
As Macredeye says.. "why?" It is basically a photo of what you see when looking through a camera viewfinder. If you want to do it you'll need a small lens. I find my cameraphone does the trick.

13. Cloning yourself / Multiplicity
Keep your camera on a tripod and take 10 pictures of yourself looking like a twat in different positions. Use each file to clone yourself in layer after layer. That'll make you look cool won't it?

14. The Orton Effect.
The original technique invented by Michael Orton was to overlay two or more images of an identical scene with very different exposures on slide film. One image is sharply focused and the others are very out of focus. Alex.Dram points out that he cannot find a reasonable need for it's existence. (Yes I tried it once too.)

15. Supreme Lack of Subject Matter
thank you Wiseacre for this edition. He states that: my personal peeve with any of these techniques isn't the techniques (or gimmicks), but the supreme lack of subject matter. Bokeh is fine, but of lights, raindrops, a leaf -- anyone with a 50mm and able to set their camera correctly can do that.

16. Attempting to digitally recreate an originally unpredictable effect in a very deliberate way.
You've got a brand new digital camera, it takes 40Mp pictures. You have a £1200 lens... Yet you process your photos to make them look like you took them with a £5 Holga.

17. Light trails.
ahh, how cute. You've learnt long exposures and you've had this great and original thought of going to the local motorway overpass with your tripod and taking a photo of all the red and white lights whizzing passed. Guess what? It's not original.

18. Lens Flare
Now I can't believe I left this off the list. It's perhaps the oldest gimmick on photoshop/psp/corel. Tacky lens flare added to photos creating a little sparkle with faded lines all over the picture. Such beauty!

19. Standard full photo filters
Hmm... My photo looks crap. How about if I press this buttom. *BOOM* It's embossed! Or suddenly looks like an impressionist painting, or has the effect of fur or leather or....

20. Planetoids
Ooh look at this lovely landscape. Best turn it into a planet. Oh not just here though. I'm going to do one EVERYWHERE I GO. Planet, planet planet all day long. Click here to see, but beware, you may end up carving out your own eyes with a spoon.

21. View On Black
"Oh god, yeah. That's probably worse than putting a black frame round a photo. If I want to view something on black, I'll print it out and shove it up my arse." Thank you.

22. Photographers who think they are poets
All thanks to Jamalrob for suggesting this travesty. Such titles on photographs as "True beauty lies within" or "I stopped, I stared, I wondered, as I walked through my placid life" .... on a LANDSCAPE photograph. Grow up you pretentious....

23. Listening to Jazz While Editing Your Photos
A serious offence. May lead to any of the above being reproduced.

24. Cutting the corners off
Why? Have I missed some health and safety b*ll*cks? Do I need to put on a Hi-Viz vest before I go into photoshop. Will I take "someones eye out wi that"?

25. Out of Frame
OMFG WTF LOOK! I'm stepping OUT-OF-THE-FRAME. Man, I am SO awesome.

26. Panoramic stitch togethers
ANYTHING... and I mean anything, that ends up as a gimmick that can be used with a mobile phone is a dreadful offence.

27. Immaculate skin
"...portraits with the skin blurred softened into oblivion. Like seeing pores will kill you. instantly." Thank you.

28. Oversharpening
Anyone who goes to a camera club will understand the fact that since digital photography started popping up... so did oversharpening. It's the sick practise of taking an out of focus photo and jacking up every sharpening filter to FIX it. This offence comes with a 3 year ban on digital cameras.

29. Dropshadow/Buttonise
...Or ANYTHING that makes your photo look like it's jumping off the screen. Creating the illusion that your photo is a 3D work of art is a processing crime. If it's a good photo, it won't need it!

30. Texture Layers
Why must you insist on taking another photo of crumbly plaster and using it to take a dump on another photo? Layers of any type of texture are big and not clever. A bit like stupid dwarfs.

31. Infrared Conversion
Crappy landscape? Convert to B+W... still looks crap? Convert to infrared... oooh... look... it glows.... pretty

32. Cropping
Just because you've got a camera that shoots @ 30Megapixel does not mean you can get lazy about filling up the full frame. Get it right first time and remember "crop is crap."

This is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable. There is to be no freedom of thought allowed in any photo editing. Here at Flickrschwitz we like minimal curve adjustment and colour correction ONLY. Anything else and vee shall av u tekkin owt zide and zhot!

34. Fractalius
More like syphilis. Take any boring old picture and turn it into some kind of light drawing that will make you want to scratch out your own eyes with a rusty fork. Needless vandalism on your photos.

35. Drink/Drugs While Editing
As demonstrated by many of the thread posters including www.flickr.com/photos/alexdram/, JAMALROB, BLUEBOY & GONEFORAWANDER this may lead to any of the above offences being commited or even worse, topic posts that you may regret in the morning.

36. Straight from my mobile phone and I'm proud of it.
Grow up. Nobody cares.

37. BHL Gimmicks
The never ending camel ride that is BIG HUGE LABS. This is not easy to approach. Everything and anything is available here. It's where View on Black (#21) comes from... Turn your photo into a billboard or a jigsaw. Create instant works of art. This site is photography's version of the Garden of Eden. Please... PLEASE... DO NOT EAT THE FUCKING APPLE.

38. Warholizer
So you think you're Andy Warhol do you? Think that you'd look cool/retro/kitsch/chic if you were multiplied and changed into psychodelic colours? You don't. You look like a prat. Just one of you in the correct colour is enough.

39. Portrait Dumping Grounds
Take your boring portraits and jazz them up using a vile uploading process online. Yersinia alerted us to these ever growing ghastly websites of photo destruction. Such sites as DUMPR or PHOTOFUNIA are trainwrecks and need to be cleaned up.

40. Vignetting
Why? You bought a digital camera to get rid of this common film problem. Don't fake it and pretend you're an artist. You little cheat, you.

41. NOT Cropping
Throwing away or leaving as suboptimal a potentially good shot just because you've confused Cartier-Bresson with God.

42. Abnormally Large Moon
Layering a telephoto, way-out-of-proportion moon into a wide angle night landscape. This isn't science fiction. This isn't a Disney film. This is photography, stop messing about, before I confiscate ur 300mm that rattles.

43. Retitle your photo to "Untitled"
This one struck a nerve in our new GROUP. Not bothering to retitle your picture from the camera file name ie. DSC_0272.jpg is one thing, but actually being so self absorbed that you retiltle your crappy little picture of an abandoned bike in the snow "UNTITLED" is pure blasphemy. A sure sign that the world is coming to an end.

44. Amazing Circles
I've just been holding my head in my hands thinking about what to write about these. I started crying actually. This role of documenting these offences is getting a little too much. Just... Erm... Just... Take a look for yourself....

45. Making a David Hockney
Taking many photographs of one person and arranging them in a neo-Cubist manner like David Hockney. You twit. Take a look at these dumb attempts named Picasso Portraits.

46. Triptych
This gross act of indecency is indulged only by the slightly more pretentious artist/photographers out there... Who want to tell a story with their photos. This is usually the result of all 3 photos being crap.

47. Mosaic
I seem to remember, sometime around eight years ago there was a star wars poster, made up of thousands of time movie stills from star wars in a kind of mosaic. THAT WAS EIGHT YEARS AGO. IT'S TACKY AND OVER DONE. MOVE ON LOSER.


The original G20 travesty image ... by ļαŝ τοητεŗιαš


I am afraid I do not understand the logic of the magic otter, but I will pray to him and ask that he delve into his wet pocket and find this photo! If you are any kind of Flickrite then you will do the same because this is sure as hell as interesting!

UPDATE! iT MADE EXPLORE! The adopted flag of the Photographic Editing Offences is flying high!

Someone who has been watching this thread has made something suggested early on!

the PEO music video by Sam Cornwell

THE PEO MUSIC VIDEO. Click bottom left to play
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ArchedRoof 9 years ago
You know.. I am kind of suprised that people didn't use this as a place to pimp images.

Perhaps I should have put more smiley faces in the OP.

Day 54 of 365. - "Edinburgh, cold and wet" by ArchedRoof
photobunny2009 [deleted] 9 years ago
blown out hightlights, hate it dammit whether its on purpose or intentional, especially on B &W imagery.

I hate framing, if you want a frame, go down to B & Q and buy one.

Never heard bout the orton effect but feel strangely inclined to try it :P
ShadowsandLightNW 9 years ago
nice light trails ;-)
since "colors cranked all the way up, and then two more notches after that" isn't on the list... i think i only have one offender in my stream.
squirrel at devil's punchbowl 168 by ShadowsandLightNW

i'm sure that all of us here are guilty of something on the list, but doing the cliche stuff is how we learn things :p
Life of David PRO 9 years ago
Did I read "pimp photos" Woo Hoo!

The picture that's the first one in my stream right now makes my wife look like a cartoon. It was like I lost control in my retouching. It was certainly fun to play with. Don't go look. (RP again.)

Then this one...

Apocolypse in Los Angeles

I lost control of both my hands and my mind. The photo of the geese was pretty nice alone -- but it was a photo of geese. So I would call some of my Flickr submissions photo-based graphic art, not photos. I feel shame.
ArchedRoof 9 years ago

Hold on a minute...

Frame - AND a flood filter! Bloody brilliant work.

The Blue Boy 9 years ago
Yes! I'd forgotten bad cartoon b*ll*cks! Guilty!

Shit, I've gone cartoon!
goneforawander PRO 9 years ago
#16 Guilty - Using Nikon DSLR to reproduce crappy Russian Lomo prints

Twilight years, Glenorchy, Otago, New Zealand by goneforawander
Leo Reynolds PRO 9 years ago
ArchedRoof 9 years ago
OMG... Planetoids! I remember those. When I first saw them I was amazed by their brilliance. After the 738,002nd I had gotten pretty tired of them.

I never did actually get round to making one. Are they hard to do?
Leo Reynolds PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Leo Reynolds (member) 9 years ago
I have no idea!

artist by Leo Reynolds
(deaf mute) 9 years ago
Leo Reynolds Oh, the "out of bounds" effect is something I've been meaning to try. Since there are already thousands of examples uploaded, I think I'll keep my attempt private.
Schrodinger*s Cat [deleted] 9 years ago
WTF ??? Throw your doughnuts!
I have a "light trails" shot in my own stream !!!
Tired of riding her bike home every day, little Sarah leapt the barrier into hyperspace
My first pimp... I fell so dirty (:
(deaf mute) 9 years ago
A lot of the "worst" gimmicks are those that are created easily with Photoshop plug-ins that are of little use to "ordinary" photographers. I remember when I first got PS and downloaded every free plug-in I could find, including the infamous "filter factory" library. It took a while for me to realise that the various pencil, kaleidoscope, tiling and mirror effects were pretty much useless except for the very occasional bit of fun.
One plug-in I really liked for a while was Ulead's Particle, which allowed the quick and easy addition of smoke and bubbles. The latter made their way into several of my uploads.
Alex Dram 9 years ago

First time I saw this several years ago I was breathless. I think I will try this sometime anyway. With a good retouching this could look really cool.
goneforawander PRO 9 years ago
Have you seen the Filter -> Render -> Clouds effect in PS for adding in 'realistic' clouds to spice up your dull sky?

Truly awful.
Patrick Mayon PRO 9 years ago
I would be curious to see the opposite list : what's in ? cool ? So far I committed about 3/4 of the offenses mentionned.
ArchedRoof 9 years ago

What's in at the moment.... They are in the same list Patrick :D
ArchedRoof Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ArchedRoof (member) 9 years ago
About to go crazy:

Transparent screens!

I gotta get me one of those.
Daniel R. Dwyer 9 years ago
for the most part, i hate editing in general. i do as little editing as possible. i think that if you need to edit a photo so much, you shouldn't put it up, because it wasn't that great of a photo in the first place. Not to sound perfect, and i know i sound like an ass. but i see so many people everyday over-edit the hell out of their photos. and its disgusting.
Jake Perks 9 years ago
Please may I take this opportunity to pimp an entire set of mine, which contains:
* Frames
* Black & white
* Selective colour
* Vignettes
* A texture, found in the Textures for Layers group
* Orton

...all in the space of 16 photos. Is this a record?
ArchedRoof 9 years ago
I shuddered when I saw the Orton picture. Fantastic effort there. You need some kind of GIF.
(deaf mute) Posted 9 years ago. Edited by (deaf mute) (member) 9 years ago
I've thought of another gimmick I really hate seeing on flickr - people taking photos of themselves holding handwritten "demands". Call the cliché police - it's the donut squad!
The people who uploaded the following shots need to be banned from teh intawebs. ;)
Flickr: We demand donuts by jakerome

Perverts Want Donuts, Too by Jayel Aheram

Will Photograph For Food by ⓅⒶⓎⓅⒶⓊⓁ
goneforawander PRO 9 years ago
I Ortonized this one a little, but I think I got away with it

Rain and lupins, Glenorchy, Otago, New Zealand by goneforawander
sami k (the k stands for potassium!) Posted 9 years ago. Edited by sami k (the k stands for potassium!) (member) 9 years ago
i was sort of into hand-tinting black and white prints for a while, does this count as a shameful editing offense?

goneforawander PRO 9 years ago
I do that, so absolutely not, I laud your artistic talents.
LucasJLD Posted 9 years ago. Edited by LucasJLD (member) 9 years ago
I don`t know if anyone posted, but Book pages forming a Heart... Jeez, I`ve seen like 7 today.
Alex Dram 9 years ago

I love how this thread turned into confessions thread. I'm sure everyone who confess and repel here will be forgiven on the Judgement Day.
~ fernando [deleted] 9 years ago

I was just on my way to rent the Exorcist, and I wonder if it was influenced by all that I read here?
confessions has totally put me in mind of the monty python spanish inquisition sketch.

"you are hereby charged with using bad fake lens flare and 'jazzy' frames to add interest to your mediocre photography! confess, or we will use... THE SOFT CUSHIONS!"
goneforawander PRO 9 years ago
I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition here ...
~ fernando [deleted] 9 years ago
Nadie anticipa la inquisición Española.
Still The Oldie PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Still The Oldie (member) 9 years ago
What are their chief weapons? Or would that be a History Brush (another editing sin)?
Schrodinger*s Cat [deleted] 9 years ago
alex.dram says:
I love how this thread turned into confessions thread. I'm sure everyone who confess and repel here will be forgiven on the Judgement Day.

okay okay OK!
I have a Bokeh shot in my stream too.... complete with bokeh written in Japanese; because I'm a real girlie swat.
and my URL even has the word bokeh in it.

But don't give me shit about my cat pic... he's dead.
Davie T PRO 9 years ago
Funny read. The one that annoys me the most is overdone HDR!!

But wtf is wrong with #10? B&W is timeless...
It's a wannabe artfag cliché
ArchedRoof 9 years ago
You've joined the party late Corin.
Unique CuteY [deleted] 9 years ago
lol , i get annoyed from the bkoeh =/ specially the edited one !
it's a discussion about photography...
Dan (aka firrs) 9 years ago
Has anyone mentioned faux antiquery yet?

Flickr meetup at Seton Collegiate Church by Dan (aka firrs)
(deaf mute) 9 years ago
ArchedRoof: "You've joined the party late Corin."
♥ shhexycorin ♥: "it's a discussion about photography..."

That may just be the funniest thing ever written in FC.
Jake Perks 9 years ago
Was duotone / tritone / cyanotype mentioned anywhere?
Will Goring PRO 9 years ago
What are their chief weapons?

Their chief weapons are fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.
Will Goring PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Will Goring (member) 9 years ago
View on Black

Why!? Get over yourself, you pretentious arse.
(deaf mute) 9 years ago
Electric Spam "View on Black"

Oh god, yeah. That's probably worse than putting a black frame round a photo. If I want to view something on black, I'll print it out and shove it up my arse. :/
Alex Dram Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Alex Dram (member) 9 years ago

View on Black ololo. While it doesn't bother me at all since I rarely do as asked, this is really way too popular here.
glass maps 9 years ago
#5 is so 2006. You need to update that one.
Alex Dram 9 years ago

You'd better tell this those who still do that (approximately 2239898409888345555555532409 peoples)
jamalrob Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jamalrob (member) 9 years ago
View on Black. Why!? Get over yourself, you pretentious arse.

Oh boy.

So, you plan to be in a certain place at a certain time, and have to walk for hours just to get there, and spend hours trying to get the shot you want, then later you spend a few hours very carefully processing your shots - and you're telling me I'm being an arse for being concerned about how it's presented? If it's pretentious then so is presenting photographs on the web for others to see (who the hell do you think you are?!), and so is processing, and so is taking them in the first place - ridiculous.

(Incidentally, calling people pretentious is like calling jazz improvisation self-indulgent, ie. it's a bastardly, facile, idiotic cliché used by unimaginative people)

If I want to view something on black, I'll print it out and shove it up my arse

It's amusing, but I don't get it. I agree that some people go crazy with "view on black", and fail to notice that their pictures look considerably worse , but how can there be anything wrong with it in principle, and why does it annoy you?

It's not editing/processing anyway.
Las Tonterias [deleted] 9 years ago
AngMoo 9 years ago
haha - you realise this discussion is now one of the first things I check on every time I log onto flickr? I love it!

Not learnt a lot (other than that you all have fantastic senses of humour and sarcasm) but glad I haven't done many of these things, mainly because I don't know how....
Alex Dram 9 years ago

Hm... I think this tread needs a Flood Filter plugin as well. Oh, wait, I'll be banned first, oh shi..........
Will Goring PRO 9 years ago
It's a joke in a light-hearted thread.

And I fucking hate jazz.
jamalrob 9 years ago
Celeste 9 years ago
Will Goring PRO 9 years ago
Hahahahaha. oh dear.
Schrodinger*s Cat [deleted] 9 years ago
As jasohil said..... : )
ArchedRoof 9 years ago
View on black



Yes, that needs to be on the list.
jamalrob Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jamalrob (member) 9 years ago
Well, I fought against the inclusion of View on Black, but I lost, so, moving on...

How about crappy titles, like "...And The Wind Swept Away Her Suicidal Bridesmaids Into the Darkness of Love's Twilight" ?

...for a landscape photograph.
Alex Dram 9 years ago

I love that! It is so poetic and tender!
ArchedRoof 9 years ago

Photographers who think they are poets

YES fucking yes of course!
Lolololololololololololololololololololol yes
lost4words [deleted] 9 years ago
Printing song lyrics under the photograph is another one.
I know because I've done it myself :-)
-RobW- PRO 9 years ago
"Incidentally, calling people pretentious is like calling jazz improvisation self-indulgent, ie. it's a bastardly, facile, idiotic cliché used by unimaginative people"

Even musicians think that jazz improvisation is self-indulgent ;o)

Of course, there are degrees of this. Some jazz improvisation is extremely talented musicians creating an on-the-fly work of art.

And some is a bunch of smug bastards wanking over their archtop guitars while hearing only the notes they themselves are playing.
Facade Man (left due to SAVVOGRAPHY) [deleted] 9 years ago
Taking photographs. I bloody hate that. I joined Flickr to get away from photography.
jamalrob 9 years ago
Even musicians think that jazz improvisation is self-indulgent

Well, musicians can be idiots too.
jamalrob 9 years ago
while hearing only the notes they themselves are playing

Just sounds like bad music to me, and nothing to do with jazz.
~ fernando [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ~ fernando (member) 9 years ago

Photographers who think they are poets

Careful. I know of at least on photographer that doesn't care about titles and just puts the title of songs, that he (I think he is a he) is listening to at the moment, as the title.

He listens to pretentious post-rock Canadian bands with song titles like «She Dreamt She Was a Bulldozer, She Dreamt She Was Alone in an Empty Field»(*), and other assorted self-indulgent pretentious British low-fi bands with song titles like «An Oblique View of an Irrationally Happy Time»... and so no, he is not being pretetiously poetic. I think he hates jazz, at least the 80s+ jazz fusion stuff.

Let's not lynch mob the casually oblivious to pretentiousness with the poetic "titlelers."

(*) someone said that pimpin' was OK this time, and it is linked to be viewed in black. Maybe.
Schrodinger*s Cat [deleted] 9 years ago
#23 ???

The hand silhouette behind frosted glass....

WARNING, the following photo is on Explore
Alex Dram 9 years ago

The shot is cool but why don't you just allow a larger size view on flickr? That BHL site is awfully sloooow from time to time.
Will Goring PRO 9 years ago
for the record & to clarify, I don't hate all jazz. Just the self-indulgent type. I don't think anyone can hate all jazz ;)

I used to record a lot of it, and some Jazz Musicians take themselves waaaaay too seriously.
I was about to say you missed off quoting whole songs / song titles, but I think Fernando beat me to it...
-RobW- PRO 9 years ago
Jazz is fairly unique in it's freeform nature, so yes, it does have more opportunity for self indulgence than most other forms.

Or more accurately, the self indulgence is more likely to create a cacophonous racket that people adversely comment on than, for example, James Blunt whining about how terrible his life is because some bird on the Tube didn't look at him.
jamalrob 9 years ago

Sometimes I listen to jazz when processing my photographs. I hope this isn't a "photographic editing offence."
user2.1 [deleted] 9 years ago
and some Jazz Musicians take themselves waaaaay too seriously.

I think like all hobbies, some people get carried away and start taking themselves too seriously. I mean, just look at some of the posts and responses to those in FC.
Violentz PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Violentz (member) 9 years ago
In art you have to learn when to put down the brush. You don't learn when to put down that brush until you've gone too far and recognize that.
ArchedRoof 9 years ago
Holy crap. I just clicked on your photostream.
Alex Dram Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Alex Dram (member) 9 years ago

Sounds cool but since we're talking about digital editing people can always use history states to revert to the point where "it's time to stop"... but nobody does.

Oh, shit, I looked in your stream... oh gods no...
I can't unsee what I saw!!11
~ fernando [deleted] 9 years ago

Oh dang, I thought I posted that one once I stopped the "big on black" non-sense. Now I see that, yep, it has that link. I went to LoB Anonymous and cured myself. Though, ironically, it is not larger :P

I used to post larger photos, not much larger, but nearly 800 px. I stopped the practice because 1) flickr resizing to 500px was being rather awful, and 2) if I post something, I have to assume that it gets grabbed, so don't want to provide too many pixels.
jamalrob 9 years ago
It's like Miles said: "Just take the horn out of your mouth"
~ fernando [deleted] 9 years ago

Sometimes I listen to jazz when processing my photographs. I hope this isn't a "photographic editing offence."

It is if you "jazz up" your photos too much, more so with #1-#317*, then it is an editing offense. Sorry to call you on it.

(*) just anticipating that the list will grow by the time the discussion ends, and I want this comment to remain current.
~ fernando [deleted] 9 years ago

Jazz is fairly unique in it's freeform nature, so yes, it does have more opportunity for self indulgence than most other forms.

In that way, Jazz is so much like photoshop. In that sense, Jazz, like photoshop, seems to fit well into this discussion.

What I notice is that Jazz from the late 50s (or so) and earlier, shared the free-form with the Blues, but after that, and more so with 70s onwards, it seemed to be just musicianship self-indulgence for its own sake. Not very appealing, and Miles' Bitches Brew notwithstanding.
Lusername 9 years ago
I view things on black......there I've said it :-o
The Blue Boy 9 years ago
Cutting the corners off. Why? Have I missed some health and safety b*ll*cks? Do I need to put on a Hi-Viz vest before I go into photoshop. Will I take "someones eye out wi that"?
ArchedRoof 9 years ago
I love you Chelseablue
Alex Dram 9 years ago

btw gotta love the cover for that Davis' album from designer's point of view :)
The Blue Boy 9 years ago
And I you ArchedRoof. But we must be careful. I don't want people to start calling us the new Aaron and Rosie.
*The last son of krypton* [deleted] 9 years ago
what about those infidels who increase black canvas size to recreate cinematic war moments? what a bunch of douchebags.

like this one:

enemy at the gates

PS: i'm a newbie, so where can i find this flood filter?? it might help me storm galveston beach err i mean normandy 1944 =)
Jim Skea 9 years ago
It's a while since this was a fad, but Out Of Frame (or simply "OOF", not to be confused the the "Out of Focus" OOF, though often you wish that they were).
The Blue Boy 9 years ago
I've magically developed the power to make it look as though my photo is sitting on aspirins or "hover", if you will.

Columbo, Airport by The Blue Boy

This ticks two other boxes. Do I win a pound?
ArchedRoof 9 years ago
Ha. Amazing. I was trying this out last night for my Facebook profile.

I bet you will too. If you have a Facebook...
ArchedRoof Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ArchedRoof (member) 9 years ago
Yeh. Dumbasses. It was suggested earlier, but we sort of said it was the same as framing... Fuck it. Lets stick it in.
And HERE is the flood filter.

BRB, making pancakes.

BTW (Where's the "Fuck the donuts, show me your pancakes" thread?
Lazybug Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Lazybug (member) 9 years ago
I like to view pics on black, but I rarely click on the bighugelabs link. I use a nifty Firefox plugin that helps me do it in one click.

P.S But I do provide "View on black" links in my pics. ;-)
jamalrob Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jamalrob (member) 9 years ago
Is it Pancake Day?

EDIT: shit, it is.
~ fernando [deleted] 9 years ago

Along the reasoning that there may not be only one reasoning for a presentation/editing faux pas as the High Court of the Spanish Inquisition here pontificates.

Flickr does not offer a way to create your own thumbnail view, and so, like the sin of pan & scan of widescreen movies, you get these weird thumbnails*. So, one solution is to put borders above and below to create a much better thumbnail.

(*)** I am beginning to think that flickr is all about thumbnail surfing, and rarely about clicking through, unless you have a huge following with drama on the side.

(**) I am not sure why I am having this propensity for footnotes in my comments, but it is getting to be annoying.
~ fernando [deleted] 9 years ago

Yes, and copied ad nauseam afterward (or slightly before? Did they credit the predecessors?). I love that cover and even more so in the little box set for the album. It seems that one can stretch that album cover forever.
~ fernando [deleted] 9 years ago

watch it! Some of us have to do OOF (focus) because of a lack of dynamic range in our cameras!!! :)

Besides, I do not like the eraser brush in PS, and prefer to blur things out. That is why I take a pessimistic approach and just blur the photograph before it is taken!
Alex Dram 9 years ago


(*) I love that trick with asterisks. Will use it on occasion!
kepje 9 years ago
photography is an offence.

oil painting - that's ART!
jamalrob 9 years ago
What do you call that thing they used to do, when they actually painted in colour on top of black-and-white photographs?

Not exactly topical though.
Josh Thompson PRO 9 years ago
About Orton: I have exactly one Orton photo in my stream. I made it the old-fashioned way, from a sandwich of two slides. I don't claim it's a masterpiece, but I am happy with it. Like all techniques, it can be overused and/or abused, but I don't think the technique itself is bad.


About the comment, "Guess what? It's not original." (used above in the context of light trails, but I think it is a criticism that is used against many genres): personally I try to ignore this line of criticism. I am always interested in learning new aspects of photography, and the odds are that a technique, while new to me, has been done before. If I do not let myself try out techniques that have been done before, then how will I ever learn anything? And uploading to Flickr is fun, so as I learn things, I'm probably going to upload some photos along the way.

Of course, part of this has to do with why one takes up photography (something that is different for each person). For me, my main motivation for taking pictures is simply to chronicle pieces of my life. If I can make some images along the way that are unique or interesting, all the better. But I'm not going to refrain from taking a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge just because so many people have done it before. If I happen to be there and the light is beautiful and I want to remember it, it means so much more to me when *I* take the photo than when I just buy a poster and hang it on my wall.
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