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heather 2:11pm, 25 June 2008
"Post Recommendations for FlickrBlog here!!" is dead, long live " Share cool photos/video/groups/stories for FlickrBlog here!" The old thread had become somewhat tired with all the self pimping. And long.

Here's a new topic for sharing beautiful, cool, interesting, thoughtful, weird, crazy, unique, etc., photos, video, groups*, and stories that you may stumble across in your travels throughout the flickrverse. But we don't have to limit ourselves to the flickrverse. If there's a cool new Flickr API thingy, or a photography how-to or an interesting mention of Flickr elsewhere, bring it!

Ground rules:

-- If you pimp your own stuff, the post(s) will be removed from the topic (and I will boo you while I do it -- I can't speak for the other admins).

-- If it becomes clear that you're trying to game the system by having friends pimp your stuff, then the post(s) will be removed (and booed).

-- If you elect to illustrate your find with an image, please use the "thumbnail" or "small" version on an image. If you post something larger, I may remove the image and replace it with a link.

But where's the glory? If the FlickrBloggers pick up on your suggestion, you'll be credited for the find in the FlickrBlog post with a link back to your photostream.

We look forward to your suggestions.


* Not to be confused with New Group announcements. That should happen over here. Oh, and suggested groups will be added to "Groups we've noticed" as well.
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striatic PRO 8 years ago
In honour of firefox 3 recently coming out, why not showcase "FlickrFox"? .. it is a firefox extension the lets you see the newest photos from your flickr contacts in your browser's sidebar.



striatic PRO 8 years ago
i'd also like to recommend this set called "suspect and fugitive":


by "rakka", where she photographs interesting artworks with punny titles like..

"Liz Lemon"

"Provolone Ranger"

and "Alfredo Hitchcock"
Tampen 8 years ago
The trouble with the Flickr Blog is that it tends not to want to offend anyone.

But some of the most interesting work on Flickr is deeply offensive.

I'm willing to bet, for example, that Flickr is the only place in the known universe that you can find a collection of utterly brilliant photos of dead squirrels:

-- from A*A*R*O*N - (?)

-- from dogseat - (?)

-- from suharris1262 - (?)
Bernat Nacente Foto PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by striatic (admin) 8 years ago
There are 2 shots I absolutely love. Happiest ones I have ever seen:
The first one is saying "Life is so wonderful!" I love it!!

[admin : edited to add sample photos]
.Donkeykong. 8 years ago
I really like the fancy dress friday stuff, one of my contacts, the brownhorse comes up with an interesting costume each friday for his 365 and it's part of a group as well. It's pretty well done.
bruce-p 8 years ago
I know the whole ‘365 day’ thing is passé, however one of my contacts has a fresh approach using a consistent design framework:

-- from Figuromo - (?)

-- from Figuromo - (?)

-- from Figuromo - (?)
Pacdog PRO 8 years ago
I'm just alittle confused how one can add a idea for the blog w/o having a agenda. The last thread was closed due to self pimping according to heather, yet all the ideas there and here are just someones ideas of what they want to see in the blog which is really just why the last thread was closed in at least as We all want to see Our ideas put there weather it is for a cause or a group. 365 is just that imho as in as much as it is for a idea. On that note I would really love to see bikes get a day. Yeah in the days of mad gas prices it would be refreshing to see some photos of how the 2 wheel human powered folks show the world you can commute and due other things like even cut your grass on human power. I do. Peddle power rocks.

-- from Earthworm - (?)
TPorter2006 PRO 8 years ago
A buoy is a floating device, which can take on many forms, whether anchored or free drifting. These devices go by many names: Buoy, Bouy, Bouey, Bhoy, Bhouy, Float, Bouee, Flotteur, Boei, Boj, Boja, Boya, Boje, Bojen, Boia, Boa, Poi, Poiju, Bauja, Dufl, Pelampung, Plude, Flyteboye, Plovec & Samandira.

In the group Buoyant, www.flickr.com/groups/342193@N23/, we collect images of buoys and the waterscapes they exist in. A single buoy floating alone on a vast body of water is a metaphor for our isolation; and shows loneliness.

Simply… by vijayal

Sea Ball by Panorama Paul
Sea Ball (Panorama)

Moody Buoy by TPorter2006
Moody Buoy

This Buoy by Potatojunkie
This Buoy

One Needs a Hint of Color by Abizeleth
one needs a hint of color

galleggiando by manuz73 - FUNZIONA !!!!!!

Lonely Buoy by fastbird61
Lonely buoy

What would our world be like without buoyants?
.btezra [deleted] 8 years ago
long-time Pittsburgh Flickr folk, elston, or Chuck, has been shooting a Jumpology set for some time now...he was inspired by Philippe Halsman to do so.

Jumpology - a set on Flickr

I think a feature on his ongoing set of Jumpology images is worthy of the Flickr Blog. He's even had the Mayor of Pittsburgh jump for him and his lens as well as so many others.

There even seems to be quite a few other Flickr folk who have picked up on Jumpology as subject matter for their cameras.
leafy Posted 8 years ago. Edited by striatic (admin) 8 years ago
... that guy even got ME to jump! ... hurumph! ... how does he do it?
he's the guy in the middle ...

[admin : edited for self pimping]
leafy Posted 8 years ago. Edited by leafy (member) 8 years ago
... ha! ... i just happen to know the guy!
.Donkeykong. 8 years ago
To follow up on the fancy dress friday post a little above, here is one for today that had my sides hurting:

I don't know how to just link to his photos since the share isn't turned on, but Man, what a creative group/set!
ⓅⒶⓎⓅⒶⓊⓁ PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ⓅⒶⓎⓅⒶⓊⓁ (member) 8 years ago
One of my contacts has created a home made method for time lapse photography and explains it all in text, photos and videos. It really shows excellence and dedication to an idea.
sterestherster 8 years ago
@Paul: yes, s,B's stuff is cool!
sterestherster 8 years ago
Another idea: 26th of July: street parade of Brazilian carnaval in Rotterdam. Will give some great pictures on Flickr. Colorful and happy.
MOH SEVEN [deleted] 8 years ago
thekidds 8 years ago
Speaking of squirrels, I'd much rather see them engaged in Flickr pursuits like this wonderful set:

-- from SQUIRREL400 - photographingsquirrels. com - (?)

-- from SQUIRREL400 - photographingsquirrels. com - (?)
Azchael PRO 8 years ago
I like the Bent Objects photos, e.g.
Ice Cube Dreams.
lomokev PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by lomokev (moderator) 8 years ago
usually when you think of city surfing it would have to be cape town, miami, santa monica etc not munich witch is 250 miles from the coast. but in munich you can surf the rapids of the rivers:

Surfers in Munich

from Kat-ie

munich english garden - surfing forbidden

from Doctor Casino

Munich Surfer

from Dingo727

Surfer in the Munich's central park

from www.flickr.com/photos/9724292@N06/

a quick search for munich surfer turns up loads of images

in case you wondering how this works i found some video as well from fabianmohr
striatic PRO 8 years ago
lomokev, those are fantastic.
striatic PRO 8 years ago

an amazing stop motion video by diastema, with a terrific soundtrack.
striatic PRO 8 years ago
and while we're at it, let's make it a fire set ..

tremendous fire in the snow

matches and sparklers in slow motion .. intoxicating!

and a nasty looking housefire in everett, washington. check the batteries in your smoke detectors .. yikes.
by iceman9294 is so reminiscent of the surreal setting of "Stunt Arena" in the computer game Revolt.
Matthew Shelley 8 years ago
if you need inspiration, go to www.photoquotes.com
*"......is dead, long live " Share cool photos/video/groups/stories for FlickrBlog here!"
*"Posted 2 days ago."

This thread seems to be heading for the white light as well.
heather 8 years ago
kev, thanks for the awesome Munich surfing photos! Blogged:

I'm working on a squirrel post (including a nod to Tampen and his "former squirrel" selections). Thanks for everyone sharing great stuff.
zyrcster Posted 8 years ago. Edited by zyrcster (admin) 8 years ago
I just ran across this thread in the Pentax K10D forum:

About a guy who attached a K10D to a sounding balloon which climbs to over 100,000 ft. (Details are in comment 13 of this site)

photos from arena_5

The rig:

The balloon:

At 11,000'

at 44,000'

at 104,000' (20 miles up), temp below -60F:
Jayel Aheram PRO 8 years ago
That is so cool, Zyrc.

But is it as cool as the turtle thread in FlickrCentral?
striatic PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by striatic (admin) 8 years ago
that balloon set is absolutely incredible .. flickr from space!

here's bit more detail about it that i've copied from the pentax forums ..

"Thanks for the comments. I chose the k10d for the photographic payload system on an experiment by Oklahoma State University to measure cosmic radiation with a new sensor.

The payloads are attached to a sounding balloon which climbs to over 100,000 ft. The balloon is tracked with GPS telemetry systems. When the balloon is launched, it is about 12 ft. in diameter. At peak altitude it is between 40-50 ft. in diameter before burst (or commanded cut-down).

The results are a testament to the quality and ruggedness of the Pentax gear. The camera was exposed to the harshness of the space environment (essentially a vacuum, and below -60F temperatures) and it never missed a beat. The only protection for the camera was a foam box which really doesn't protect it from the pressure changes or cold (there were no heaters on board) The box primarily protects the camera on impact since the payloads hit the ground at about 22mph.

As I mentioned, the camera took well over 300 pictures. In fact, I went back and counted and the actual number is 563. All in PEF RAW format. The only ones that are unuseable are the ones after the camera landed. Since the camera and lens were so cold from the extreme altitude, condensation started forming on the lens shortly before landing. (It was a very humid day here since it rained the day before) The camera and lens were soaked with condensation, but kept happily fireing away with no problems other than you couldnt see through the water on the lens. By that point, there was nothing left to see.

Now as to exposure; the camera performed better than my wildest dreams. We put it in Tv mode at 1/3000 to freeze motion (since the ride is quite violent at times). Auto ISO, and multi-segment metering. Out of those hundreds of photos, there are maybe 5 or 6 that were overexposed when the camera was facing the sun. The biggest "problem" is that we have too many good photos!"
lomokev PRO 8 years ago
zyrcster thats nuts, i thought it was a joke when i saw the "at 44,000 feet"
bruce-p Posted 8 years ago. Edited by bruce-p (member) 8 years ago
The rest of the world may not be aware, but there is a major (Catholic) youth festival running in Sydney for the past week. Just finished up today.

150,000 'youth' from around the world invaded to attend mass by Pope Benedict XVI and generally get that old time religion.....

There is a Flickr Pool (of course) plus many other photos:
Jayel Aheram PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Jayel Aheram (member) 8 years ago
The Creative Commons Poland is conducting a survey of Flickr users how they release their work for use.


It is Creative Commons and about Flickr.
Jayel Aheram PRO 8 years ago
heather 8 years ago
Kristal 8 years ago
August 1st there was a solar eclipse. I heard about it via spaceweather.com, but it wasn't visible in my neck of the woods. I was pleased to see photos of the event on flickr.

lomokev PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by lomokev (moderator) 8 years ago
real world crop suggestions from still.:

The Literal Frame by Michael Ronquillo

The Literal Frame by Michael Ronquillo

The Literal Frame by Michael Ronquillo
Viche PRO 8 years ago
The story of a lost camera.
Jayel Aheram PRO 8 years ago
Zyrcster has a massive photoset of hot-air balloons. They look fantastic in every sense of the word!

cross-processed by zyrcster

looking glass by zyrcster

Panda's Ark by zyrcster

reflections by zyrcster
Jayel Aheram PRO 8 years ago
Ooh, edited to add this:

Reflections by zyrcster
Kristal 8 years ago
Trapac has some awesome shots posted. Double exposure [LOVE] with Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim [LOVE] using Redscaled Konica Minolta VX Super 200.

Basically it involves taking a roll of ordinary 'bog standard' print film, reversing it and respooling it into another film cannister (all done in a dark bag) so that the light is exposed on 'the wrong side of the film' when you take a shot. You then lose two 'stops' on the optimal exposure conditions from the original. It gets developed in exactly the same way as print film, but be prepared for the technician to be a little startled (at best) or a little irritated (at worst) when they realise that something very odd has happened to the film. :) "

Here is a link to the set:


And a tutorial:

TPorter2006 PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by TPorter2006 (member) 8 years ago
Your Street is a Flickr group dedicated to sharing what life is like on the street you live on. Wide streets, narrow lanes. People filled or empty. Big cities or small towns.

With a natural disaster, like Hurricane Ike that recently hit the Texas/Louisiana Gulf Coast, these street scenes are different. They show how devastating it is when it impacts where you live.

Ike's Mess by scruffdog1231

Tree on My Garage... by PR!MO
Tree on my grarage & my mother-in-law's car... my car made it out ok :) by PR!MO

Other Neighbor by jeffpa0

Our Street Floods after Hurricane Ike by mattislostintv
Our street floods after Hurricane Ike by mattislostintv

my street by Leesa Leva

Ike flooding 014 by holtonfamily
Ike flooding 014 by holton family
TPorter2006 PRO 8 years ago
One of these Flickr pics was shown on a newscast as seen here:
some tv love :) by PR!MO
frogmuseum2 8 years ago
The ins and outs, ups and downs of life as an urban new media plush pig who likes cheese.

matt 8 years ago
Wibblypig is one of Flickr's best, that's for sure. Humour's very British, though.
frogmuseum2 8 years ago
True, Matt ~ but I'd love to read an interview with him!
jakerome PRO 8 years ago
The *****contrasted gallery has some great stuff, featuring one artist at a time. I can't do it justice, so here's the link:


A couple of the featured sets (chosen at random)

Pacdog PRO 8 years ago
I'm glad to see Bikes getting a mention so to speak in the blog.


I'm sure it had nothing to do with my suggestion, but I'm fine with that. =o)
sterestherster 8 years ago
I think the Gravy Twins should be in the blog. Ever since Fletcher Gravy told us his wife was pregnant, we have been suporting them through the whole pregnancy with all the ups and downs. There used to be a thread in the old TBG, but it's gone, it has moved to the new one. Here.


And this picture goes with it:

Lisa and Lucy Stephen and Alice by Fletcher Gravy
Wild Merlin [deleted] 8 years ago
A few months ago I stumbled across the "Curious Expeditions" website and later I was delighted to find they were also on Flickr.

Curious Expeditions consists of a couple who travel around all over the place, but mostly central and eastern Europe, visiting weird little private museums, incredible old libraries, and anywhere where curiosities are on display. They photograph what they see and write about it. They just do this for the love of it, not for profit, and their website and photographs are a wonderland of strangenesses, eccentricities, history, and visual interest.


Michael Smith PRO 8 years ago
There's been lots of press stuff in the UK over Michael Hughes' new book Souvenirs (eg here: www.guardian.co.uk/travel/gallery/2008/oct/06/michael.hug... ).

Much of his wonderful work has appeared on Flickr; catch his photostream here:

Pacdog PRO 8 years ago
I back up Esther on the Gravy girls. They were followed from the start and have warmed Our hearts dearly as they went through the whole term. Thanks Flickr for allowing us to join in this..
heather 8 years ago
Esther and Pacdog... Thank you!
emdot PRO 8 years ago
i really wish we could leave comments on the flickr blog. :)
Michael Smith PRO 8 years ago
I was thinking the same thing the other day, emdot.
Pacdog PRO 8 years ago
Thank You Heather! =o)))
sterestherster 8 years ago
Woohoo! That's great news. Thanks! They deserve it :-).
Mr.Hmmm - Digital Artist of Purple WF [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Mr.Hmmm - Digital Artist of Purple WF (member) 8 years ago
Fletcher Gravy PRO 8 years ago
Thank you again Heather!
lomokev PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by lomokev (moderator) 8 years ago
i recently discovered manyeemiu when peering though the other language versions of the flickr blogs on the hong kong version. there not just straight translations of the english blog but feature there own content so i keep my eye on them and you should to:

back to manyeemiu, her work gives a almost sterile insight to hong kong, you can almost forget its a teeming metropolis as she shows the minutia of honk kong life in all its exquisite detail.

check out those words i should write a book or something although i did have to ring kagey_b to spell metropolis, exquisite and minutia.

a little corner of the tram... by cmyw

may i step on? by cmyw

make a wish about the world... by cmyw

stools... by cmyw

是時候下車了... its time to get off the tram... by cmyw

magic little box... by cmyw
BigBean PRO 8 years ago
2.5 Dimensions by guyonabus

Is it a Photo?
Is it a Video?

...and how to make your own.
exilism 8 years ago
What about "Imagine Peace" ?

Some photos here: www.flickr.com/search/?q=imagine peace&w=all
BigBean PRO 8 years ago
I'm loving 'My Day, Yesterday' started by Garrett Murray with this:

My Day, Yesterday by garrettmurray

And more here:

There's a lovely gentleness to these.
lomokev PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by lomokev (moderator) 8 years ago
if there is a post about halloween witch i am sure there will be this shot has to make the cut:
wal-mart pumpkins by natalienerksa

note: shot on a $5 camrea
Pacdog PRO 8 years ago
s,B's time-lapse experiment of beans growing is worth a mention. He built the time-lapse equipment on his own. This is Day eight, but he has all of the days in his stream..


The music and computer voice are also well done.
(you can just click the play button w/o going to his stream to preview)

teh resa PRO 8 years ago
I've posted suggestions for the flickr blog in the old thread so in this thread I'm going to suggest that you hire Striatic. If you hire any flckr user it should be striatic.

That's all I have to say.

Striatic for staff.
jasohill PRO 8 years ago
There is an Autumn 2008 group here. It might be a good idea to show the link for it on the blog and pics some of the nicer pics in the group.

TPorter2006 PRO 8 years ago
In our effort to collect images of the Bar Harbor, Maine windjammer, "The Margaret Todd"; we have also managed to gather a number of pics of people on the shore in front of the ship.

Photo by adam sullens

Brides maids by littlerottenrobin

Photo by littlerottenrobin

20080817-134425-IMG_1696 by duckworth

Photo by duckworth

Aug 2008 330 by michelle wuz here

Photo by your idea

Bar Harbor, ME: Caroline and Greg by brotherM

Photo by seaworthy

Photo by jenniecoxbell

the newlyweds and their wedding party. and a beautiful ship. by lhamlyn

Photo by rhodesian

DSC00944 by JoAnn Young - Peoples First Financial

Photo by GoldenRealtyGroup

town by rudepedestrian

Photo by rudepedestrian

Photo by pentaxsig

Light reading, Bar Harbor style by onwatersedge

Photo by onwatersedge
sterestherster 8 years ago
I agree with Pacdog on the beans. It's supercool (if you skip the first 3 days...they are way boring).
BigBean PRO 8 years ago
I like the beans a lot, too.

But then, I would.
TPorter2006 PRO 8 years ago
It is October and time for pumpkins to start popping up on porches again, as seen in the Porch Pumpkins group.
Yellow House Porch in the Fall by jpwbee

322/365 i am SOOO ready. by riot jane

They can be on the porch itself,
Porch pumpkin 2 by R Knoblich

above it,
Above the Porch Pumpkins by TPorter2006

on the railing,
Cornered Pumpkins by jah32

or on the steps.
More porch pumpkins by Doogal!

Either whole pumpkins
porch in Cambridge by Claire Elisabeth

or decorated jack-o-lanterns
Happy Halloween by Through Joanne's eye

Photos by jpwbee, riot jane, r.knoblich studios, TPorter2006, jah32, doogal333, Claire Miccio & Through Joanne's Eye.
shafina Posted 8 years ago. Edited by shafina (member) 8 years ago
It's Deepavali / Diwali on Monday, 27th October:
Today it is celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs across the globe as the "Festival of Lights," where the lights or lamps signify victory of good over the evil within every human being .

Yes, lights:

I love the colours surrounding the festival:

and not forgetting the food:

Can't wait to be out and about tomorrow! :)

ETA although I've picked mostly photos from Malaysia to illustrate, Diwali is of course celebrated in India primarily, as well as around the world.
heather 8 years ago
Shafina, thank you. Diwali mubarak!
Twilight Fairy Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Twilight Fairy (member) 8 years ago
here's my contribution to the diwali season in times of recession!

In God we trust

In God we trust!

During these times of falling markets, crashing economy and so called recession, I spotted this phrase on a quarter dollar - "In God we trust".

Yeah right!

Wish all my Indian friends a very happy bright, sparkling, pollution free Diwali and hope Goddess Laxmi showers you with the currency you desire :).

UPDATE - Ok, I just read above that you arent supposed to "pimp" your stuff. However, I would like to wish everyone here with my own picture and not infringe anyone elses? Hope that's ok
Emely [MLY] PRO 8 years ago
Why not feature Aaron and Rosie on the blog? Their love story is amazing and can be followed from start to present in their Flickr streams. Rosie lives in England and Aaron in the US and Flickr brought them together. After starting their relationship on Flickr they started making collaboration shots for their 365s on Sundays - making it appear as if they were together even though they couldn't be. They are both amazingly talented and creative and these collaboration shots are often out of this world!
While writing this Rosie is visiting Aaron in the States for the first time, which is only their second time together (Aaron went to Rosie in August), and I know that a whole bunch of Flickrites are following their every move their through their pictures and their joint blog. Don't miss out on smiling, laughing and crying with these two; they really prove everything is possible!
First collaboration shot: flickr.com/photos/aknacer/2562204782/in/set-7215760588108...
First time together for real: www.flickr.com/photos/rosie_hardy/2677590245/in/set-72157...
Together again:
paralaia Posted 8 years ago. Edited by paralaia (member) 8 years ago
I would like to recommend one of the best photographers that I found on flickr. He has a nice collection of macros of flowers and really nice portraits of many different people but this time, and given the festival that we celebrate this week, I would bring out his bright view of Diwali: You can enjoy it here:
Diwali / Deepavali by Koshyk
With the diwali stuff its worth noting its not actually today but tomorrow (Wikipedia is wrong) but happy diwali anyway :)
Pramukh Shenoy 8 years ago
It is celebrated on different days in different parts of INDIA by different people. So, there is nothing such as right or wrong here.
phlewte 8 years ago
i'm hoping this doesn't get seen as "pimping my stuff", since i'm not really pimping anything of my own, personally, but the story does have a lot to do with me.

recently, i got engaged. i posed a question to my local flickrites group, cream city milwaukee, wondering who would be game for doing our engagement photos for us, if anyone?

after a couple of volunteers at first, some discussion, and a bright idea, the group themselves came to the conclusion to have me and my fiance be the subject for the next month's photowalk.

so, for about 2 hours one sunny saturday afternoon in milwaukee, my fiance and i got to be photographed by 11 different photographers (some amatuers and some actual pros), and currently have over 300 images to choose from for our official "engagement photos." all of this, completely free to us.

we even created a new group pool (www.flickr.com/groups/phlewtephotowalk/) just to store the massive amounts of photos from that day. it was an experience i'll never forget, and it never would have happened if it wasn't for flickr.
rufaro PRO 8 years ago
Happy Diwali to All!!

Shower of Light to dispel darknes
zyrcster 8 years ago
So, I was just helping this guy out on the Forum, and it turns out he's Peter Gostelow, who spent a few years riding a bicycle from Japan to England.

He's got about 1000 photos of that trip in his Flickr stream.
Karakorum Highway by Peter Gostelow

Here's a few highlights I enjoyed:

Pakistan/China border:
Welcome to China by Peter Gostelow

Towards Khorog by Peter Gostelow

Contemplating beauty by Peter Gostelow

and this set is full of some awesome portraits.

The whole story here. He'll be embedding the Flickr slideshow there, he tells me. I just thought this is a terrific story, so do with it what you will. :)
sterestherster 8 years ago
This photostream is just amazing:

sterestherster 8 years ago
@Phlewte: hey, I thought you were going to hire me as your photographer ;-)? I have the proof in one of your comments.
phlewte 8 years ago
esther: i said WEDDlNG! not engagement! LEARN HOW TO READ!

sterestherster Posted 8 years ago. Edited by sterestherster (member) 8 years ago
Auch, you got me Phlewte......sorry....... ;-). I need some sleep....And after seeing your engagement pictures, I think you have lots of good photogs around to take your wedding pics as well :-). Though I would never mind a trip to your wedding of course.
sterestherster 8 years ago
Ok, back to the original topic......some great ideas here!
Michael Risenhoover [deleted] 8 years ago
I just read an article about a flickr member in Rangefinder magazine, very nice write up and excellent photos on his photostream especially when you consider he is only 16 years old.

Four Stops
lomokev PRO 8 years ago
Miss L and co meet the World. by DarkDaze Photography

say no more
faygate PRO 8 years ago
This two shots are inspiring me to try and find something similiar later on:


jakerome PRO 8 years ago
I just had deja vu.
BigBean PRO 8 years ago
One of the best things about this time of year: cozy Cafés

It's cold outside, it gets dark earlier and earlier, you've been out doing a bit of Christmas shopping, wrapped in coats and scarves, and as your reward you find a free table with some comfy chairs tucked away in the corner of your favourite cafe.

warmth by speedM

Cappuccino by It's Stefan

 by Modular

Whatever gets you through the day.. by ~Ella

teatime #03 by moaan
Jim Skea 8 years ago
shafina 8 years ago
a friend text me to look up at the sky last night. when i couldn't even see the crescent moon from where i was, he told me not to get too upset, as there's bound to be photos of the smiley moon on flickr soon.

he was right, of course :)

i read that in the US, people will see it as a frown though, sorry :(
Caleb Fox [deleted] 8 years ago
Alot people really like fisheye pictures, I know I do. But none of us want to pay $700 for the lens. I really like how people have gotten creative and used door peepholes to get a simular look.

I think this is something to look into for the flickrblog if it hasnt already been done!

Check some of this stuff out:

peephole lens by garageowns

Bunny face by Denim

Jenguin PRO 8 years ago
I just wanted to share this gorgeous photo by firda

Blinded By Love II
Blinded By Love II by firda
TPorter2006 PRO 8 years ago
Dogs resting under Christmas Trees:

All Worn Out by TangoPango

by tangopango


by Doggies are from Heaven

Puppies under the tree by Robert L Parker

by Robert L. Parker

Tree Guard Tony by TPorter2006

by TPorter2006

Best Present of All! by saabblaithin

by saabblaithin

Beecha by Chris Wigginton

by Chris Wigginton

December 25, 2007 by EmmyMik

by EmmyMik

Is it Christmas yet? by kristindale

by bulldog7897

Visions of Sugarplums by Joy bellz

by Joy bells

Coda under the Christmas tree by nengard

by nengard

under the christmas tree by picacch

by picacch
jakerome PRO 8 years ago
Nice job T... you made the blog!
(deaf mute) 8 years ago
How about a blog about Christmas office parties? I'd love to see some photos of the boss shagging his secretary while a clerk pukes all over the desk diary.
The Blue Boy Posted 8 years ago. Edited by The Blue Boy (member) 8 years ago
Check this guy out

ShOt by 人造人間,意慾蔓延

This inspired a self portrait.
!fatima 8 years ago
Candy has never looked so better: www.flickr.com/photos/cannelle-vanille/
striatic PRO 8 years ago
saw this in the best video of 2008 thread:

turtletrip-2 by smallflightlessbird

and found it more than slightly adorable.
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