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Ole Begemann 10:01pm, 17 June 2008
Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield are leaving Yahoo. See www.techcrunch.com/2008/06/17/flickr-co-founders-join-mas... for more.
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Philippe and Angie PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Philippe and Angie (member) 8 years ago
"Kakul Srivastava, the director of product management for Flickr, will take over Stewart’s role as general manager of Flickr. Sara Wood will take over Kakul’s previous position."

Who are these people? Why not Heather, Eric, Cal or George?

Or even the mysterious Sergei, because lets face it, he really runs things around here.
wakest 8 years ago
that sounds like bad news for flickr to me.
Matt Westervelt PRO 8 years ago
dan in real life 8 years ago
This was reported a month ago or so as a "rumor." Interesting.
gocarrt [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by gocarrt (member) 8 years ago
A month ago? What about 9 months ago, right here in this group:


But Stewart "clarified" then that he was going on temporary paternity leave... I guess we got more clarity today, though...
SilentObserver PRO 8 years ago
Why not Heather, Eric, Cal or George?

Or even the mysterious Sergei, because lets face it, he really runs things around here.

Because somebody has to do the real work, you know... :)
Stewart PRO 8 years ago
None of Heather, Cal, Eric or George (and definitely not Serguei) would want my job (it sucked!). But Kakul really is awesome, and any of the five abovementioned would back up my claim on the TC post that having Kakul in charge is better than having me.
‮‭‬bees‬ PRO 8 years ago
about 300% better. at least
SilentObserver PRO 8 years ago
1000% better, IMO
striatic PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by striatic (admin) 8 years ago
Kakul has been with flickr since the yahoo acquisition.

she's a very nice person, and has the same philosophy toward flickr and its community as any of the founders or staff.

we really have nothing to worry about with Kakul, she's completely on the ball and "gets it".
Stewart/Caterina -
Good luck with your new adventures...or long deserved vacation!
striatic PRO 8 years ago
i met Kakul a couple months after the acquisition and the very first thing she wanted to talk about was the flickr community and her thinking on some of the cultural challenges of increasing growth.

she definitely has her head and heart in the right place when it comes to the flickr community.
gocarrt [deleted] 8 years ago
striatic, how do you feel about Flickr's recent direction in connecting Pro users to advertisers?
emdot PRO 8 years ago
Stewart -- I can't thank you enough for creating this amazing place. I will forever be grateful. :) My very best wishes to you and Caterina.
striatic PRO 8 years ago
"striatic, how do you feel about Flickr's recent direction in connecting Pro users to advertisers?"

i think it's a bad direction to move in.

if flickr continues to think of pro members as "marketing opportunities" instead of customers, it doesn't bode well for the future of the service.

flickr is one of the few sites where, mostly because people pay for it, you don't get treated as a marketing opportunity. this is a big part about why people feel strongly about flickr. flickr management should be wary of playing with that.

this doesn't apply to free accounts of course.. if you don't pay, you should expect ads. pretty simple.

but look, it's a fairly benign aberration at this point. if it becomes a trend, i'd be more concerned.
sarah.c PRO 8 years ago
(ooh maybe they can finish the gne!)

Kidding. Sort of. :)

Good luck and best wishes to both of you.
striatic PRO 8 years ago
yes ..

we can haz GNE nao? ; )
txkimmers 8 years ago
Stewart and Caterina, whatever else you do, go make some more babies. The pooping kind, I mean. that's my recommendation.
Especially since you can't make kittens and everyone knows that sunsets come directly out of Brock's arse.

best of luck to you both.

Don't look, it's just a bit of spit in my eye..both eyes...*dab*
emdot PRO 8 years ago
i'd like to fave txk's comment.
johncpiercy PRO 8 years ago
Stewart and Caterina, best wishes and good luck on your future endeavors . Thank you for creating this wonderful place called Flickr .

With all the Yahoo news lately , Im getting a little nervous on the future of Flickr .

John Piercy
snowdeal PRO 8 years ago
what emdot said.

best wishes on whatever it is that you choose to pursue next.
heather 8 years ago
None of Heather, Cal, Eric or George (and definitely not Serguei) would want my job (it sucked!). But Kakul really is awesome, and any of the five abovementioned would back up my claim on the TC post that having Kakul in charge is better than having me.

I love you Stewart and I always will, but yes, Kakul is rock star.
gocarrt [deleted] 8 years ago
thanks, striatic, for the courtesy of a response.

And Bon Voyage to Stewart and Caterina...thank you for you gift of Flickr to all of us.
dj paine PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by dj paine (member) 8 years ago
God Bless Caterina and Stewart!
just don't be like other originators out there that once they leave their creation they stop using it at all {jakob vs vimeo anyone?}

looking forward to seeing lots of interesting pictures in your steams!
Lú_ PRO 8 years ago
bees wrote
about 300% better. at least
SilentObserver wrote
1000% better, IMO

Wow. Just how many of Kakul are there?!

All the best to you two, Stewart and Caterina -- and thank you for all of this :)
purplewon2000 8 years ago
Stewart and Caterina--Best of luck to both of you (all three of you, with the little one) in all future endeavours. And thank you for the invention of Flickr. This site is one of the best sites on the web, and I hope it continues in a straight and positive way. Take care, and we hope to see you around on Flickr. You three are in my prayers.
Pacdog PRO 8 years ago
I also wish the best to you both Stewart and Caterina.
emilychang Posted 8 years ago. Edited by emilychang (member) 8 years ago
It's really hard to imagine Flickr without Stewart and Caterina. I wish you the best. Thanks for everything you've done to make my photo life a zillion times more fun! <3
elementalPaul PRO 8 years ago
I'll add my best wishes to Stewart and Caterina too. You've got a lot to be proud of with Flickr and I wish you every success with whatever you turn your hands to next.
purplewon2000 8 years ago
Stewart and Caterina, I'd like to share my love of Flickr with you.
Familiar Looking Colours.
AndrewTheArtist1776 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by AndrewTheArtist1776 (member) 8 years ago
Thank you both so much for Flickr Stewart and Caterina. And may
God Bless you both too. We all will miss you here at Flickr.
bruce-p Posted 8 years ago. Edited by bruce-p (member) 8 years ago
I suppose all parents eventually allow their children to leave 'home' and grow up without them....

I just hope Flickr does not turn into the internet equivalent of the fractious teenager without their guidance ....
Planet Vicster PRO 8 years ago
I hate to see you go, Stewart and Caterina, but I thank you so very much for flickr. I've made some incredible friends and am constantly inspired by this site.

All the best to you both. I look forward to seeing you again on the Web.
Eric Hunt. PRO 8 years ago
Stewart, Caterina, thank you thank you THANK YOU for Flickr.

Enjoy the time off and go help Etsy get even better.
fallsroad PRO 8 years ago
Good luck, kids.

Write home once in a while.

And many thanks - Flickr has made quite an impact on my little life.
susan *tt* 8 years ago
And many thanks - Flickr has made quite an impact on my little life.

Here, too. Best of luck to you both. =)
Kim Taylor Hull PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Kim Taylor Hull (member) 8 years ago
:( Stewart and Caterina wishing you many blessings and looking forward to your next beta - :-)
Silviano Carrillo 8 years ago
I really don't know who any of you are.. but If you are responsible of flickr I have to thank you!

Good luck! ;-)
Lisanne! PRO 8 years ago
I'm really sorry to hear this. We are losing the two people who have defined Flickr and made it a place where a lot of people would want to spend their time.

This is a change that is really quite difficult to accept. I'm totally stunned.

I wish you both good fortune and hope that at some later date you have another exciting innovation to capture our interest with. We will wait patiently until then.
Pacdog PRO 8 years ago
We ought to take bets on how long it takes them to get another project up and running..

my guess is they already have something cooking on the back burner now. =o)
Lisanne! PRO 8 years ago
Well, we'll know when they can tell us.
Jim Skea 8 years ago
Kind of leaves an empty feeling in my stomach.
[And no, I've had dinner, so it's not that]

Good luck for you wherever you decide to go, S+C. And thanks for the good times.
GabrielR [deleted] 8 years ago
Just out of curiosity...

leaving or selling their's...?
yinyang PRO 8 years ago
Good luck to Stewart & Caterina with whatever you do in the future, whether it's "flickr-related" or not :-)
jakerome PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by jakerome (member) 8 years ago
I think we should all chip in buy Stewart a going away donut.

(fixed typo)
Vanlal. Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Vanlal. (member) 8 years ago
I feel sad to see Caterina and Stewart leave but I guess it was inevitable.

I look forward to their next baby; whether or not it's the pooping kind. :-)

And yes. Can we haz GNE nao?
striatic PRO 8 years ago
just read this:


at valleywag.

not that i have a lot of faith in valleywag, but real or fake, stewart's alleged resignation email is extremely entertaining.
Vanlal. 8 years ago
That is really bizarre! Bizarre but entertaining.

What'd we do without the ValleyWag, eh? :-)
Pacdog PRO 8 years ago
Ha. Stri that did make me smile..
styler* PRO 8 years ago
what kimmers said, becuase
- i think we can all agree Caterina and stewart make beautiful babies.
- go on what is selling your company about if it's not about the enjoying life and not working 24/7 afterwards

oh and i'm leaving if cal gets put in charge ;)
oh what news!

Good luck Stewart and Caterina in all that you do, I am sad to hear that you are leaving.

The resignation letter is outstanding! As memorable as its writer.

I am certain that your next venture will be as much fun, and even more successful, as is Flickr. Godspeed to you both, Caterina and Stewart.
Jayel Aheram PRO 8 years ago
Thank you, Stewart and Caterina. These past three years have been amazing.

I still remember when Stewart himself responded to help emails. When was the last time Jerry Yang responded to an email personally?

And good luck to Kakul. (Does she have a Flickr account at least?)
striatic PRO 8 years ago
"(Does she have a Flickr account at least?)"


: )
McPHX Posted 8 years ago. Edited by McPHX (member) 8 years ago
I call dibs on any leftover bacon in the refrigerator.
bosquetango 8 years ago
Mazel Tov to you two! You've earned some serious fun time with your family. Speaking as a father who's 24 year old son is at this moment touring Europe, I can't believe how freaking fast it came to be from that tiny precious bundle has turned into a wonderful caring man!
Don't waste your moments. All we have is moments.

On another vein, I'm tickled pink that a philosophy major has made so much money!!!
Myles! PRO 8 years ago
Leftover bacon? Surely you jest?
Geodog PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Geodog (member) 8 years ago
I've met Kakul, and she rocks. She is not that hard to find on Flickr, either.

Good luck, happy parents. I remember the launch at ETech, and thinking Flash photo app? How lame. Then I tried it. The rest is ...
werewegian PRO 8 years ago
Congratulations Stewart and Caterina on everything you've achieved here. It's been a major part of my life for almost three and a half years and I'm sure it's been the same for millions of others.

Good luck on your future projects. Flickr is only the start of a great run. :)
-RobW- PRO 8 years ago
I am VERY jealous of Stewart's alpaca herd, whether ficitonal or not.
BigBean PRO 8 years ago
I too am sad that the alpacas feature so little on your flickr streams.

Thank you Stewart and Caterina for dreaming up this place, and for collecting together such an amazing team of people who make flickr flickr.

May you have many more babies. Pooping or not.
*raises glass*
sesame ellis PRO 8 years ago
Thank you for Flickr. I look forward to what you come up with in the future.
Steffe PRO 8 years ago
Sad to see Caterina and Stewart go. Glad to hear that Kakul understands the flickr philosophy.
klausness PRO 8 years ago
Goodbye, Stewart and Caterina. Thanks for everything. And good luck with the tin-smithing, Stewart.
vrai the dotty prof. 8 years ago
Long live flickr. Flickr is dead.
-RobW- - I see alpacas every day... I am learning their language.
GreyArea 8 years ago
So Long and Thanks for all the Photo-sharing!

Flickr is great because of the awesome community around it, but without this site enabling us, that would have happened.

Thanks for all the hard work, I'm so glad I've been here since the very beginning! It's been fun!

Wish you guys all the best!

p.s. We can haz GNE? ;)
I see alpacas every day... I am learning their language.
Hahahaha, you really made my day! Don't forget to spit, too :-D

It's amazing how things work here, and "maybe" Stewart has something to do with the community spirit... so lets hope that Kakul may keep it that way when in charge ;-)

Tchim tchim to Stewart and Caterina! (whats the name of the little one?)
Ben Cooper PRO 8 years ago
Corin - isn't it all just looking down your nose at everyone, and spitting half-digested grass at anyone who annoys you?
Brock PRO 8 years ago
Tchim tchim to Stewart and Caterina! (whats the name of the little one?)

"Who are these people? Why not Heather, Eric, Cal or George?"
Is that a vote against the HRD folks at flickr?
Being a stakeholder as a concerned end-user is fine, but meddling with the corporate's internal functioning?
heather 8 years ago
"Who are these people? Why not Heather, Eric, Cal or George?"

I realized that I missed an opportunity to talk a little bit about Kakul in my other post.

Kakul joined right after I did when Flickr was aquired back in 2005. We joined the orginal team when they moved from Vancouver to Sunnyvale.

While perhaps not known to many, she's worked tirelessly to make Flickr what it is today. There are actually many people (www.flickr.com/about/ -- scroll down to "The Team") who make Flickr what it is. And while Eric, Cal, George or myself are a wee bit more visible, it doesn't make any of the effort of every member of the team less important in that their roll doesn't bubble them up to posting in the forum, the blog or even that they were an original core member.

She stepped in to fill Stewart's shoes when he went on paternity leave last October so what you've experienced within the Flickrverse for the last eight months has been with Kakul at the helm.

I think what every member of the team share is a passion for Flickr. And that's the gift that Caterina and Stewart gave us.
j david 8 years ago
Thank you Stewart and Caterina.

It sounds silly, but the two of you have really made our (at least my) life a bit better, and that is no mean feat. Kim is right, Sonnet needs a brother (Sylloge maybe...wait, that's taken).

Whatever you do next, family, other projects, I hope you keep us in the loop.

MattPenning PRO 8 years ago
Flickr has opened me up to incredibly talented folks, and pulled my talent out. Priceless.

Thank you Stewart & Caterina.

Thank you to the Team - I hope for the best for you and all of the Flickrverse.
kakul 8 years ago
Lú_ says: Wow. Just how many of Kakul are there?!

Just one! I read a lot even if I don't write very much. Stewart and Caterina have indeed built an incredible team and we all are crazy mad in love with our jobs. We have big shoes to fill, but I don't think we'd have it any other way.
katgyrl.com 8 years ago
Stewart and Caterina good luck with whatever you do in the future - let us know what it is, so we can follow you there!

thank you for flickr, i really loved it the first couple of years! i rarely use it these days but it was a source of much enjoyment in the beginning. i'm sort of hoping you start a rival photo site! i would abandon this place so fast yahoo's ! would spin off, lol.

part of me wishes you'd never left vancouver and gotten involved with yahoo, so i have to admit that i'm nervous about this place without you, even tho' flickr isn't a daily thing for me anymore. i'd be furiously backing up my photos if i didn't already have them stored in my hard drive, heh.

thanks again and best of luck!
katgyrl.com Posted 8 years ago. Edited by katgyrl.com (member) 8 years ago
also, Stewart, if that is your real resignation letter, i'm incredibly sorry that i don't know you in real ilfe, lol!
André Elias 8 years ago
Thanks for Flickr and good luck in the next steps of your life. :-)
johnwmacdonald PRO 8 years ago
good luck and thanks.
just my 2 cents.
teh resa PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by teh resa (member) 8 years ago
Good luck to the Butterfields! I sincerely hope that they do come back to Vancouver and create some new awesome progressive thing to cure it of its pre-olympics construction zone capitalist mess. Well that may be hoping for too much. I really have always felt that flickr's greatest strength came from the original design for being so lovely to look at and easy to use. That, and the personal investment put into it by Stewart which, I guess would have to be emotionally draining. Paradoxically, I always felt frustrated by Stewart's leadership here because I felt like I could smell a completely different, non-capitalist set of values below the surface. Maybe I imagined that. It seemed like if we just said the right thing and whined enough about the sell out of the chinese bloggers, german users etc etc [fill in the blank] he would see the light and do something to make it all moral again.

I think the easy to use flickr site really did make creative self expression possible for masses people of who wouldn't have otherwise found an incentive or an audience for their efforts.

Nothing is forever. Change is good.
I reckon they're leaving to concentrate on their true passion, Stewart's beard... You'll see him winning this in the next 3 years, mark my words.
txkimmers Posted 8 years ago. Edited by txkimmers (member) 8 years ago
WBM Champ 2009? I don't know, that is the platinum facial hair event of the planet, and comparisons to the Olympics are really not out of place.

Maybe, just maybe, if lomokev works with Stewart as his coach.
bosquetango 8 years ago
Ther﹣esa says:
Good luck to the Butterfields!

I always thought of them as the Fakes...

And I've never been happier to leave Vancouver as I was while visiting a month ago and tried to get across Cambie!!!
Conor Ryan 8 years ago
Those Valley Wag meanies.
~C4Chaos 8 years ago
and life goes on... thanks to Stewart and Caterina for bringing Flickr into this world.

godspeed to your future endeavors. and oh, keep on kicking ass!

Michael Smith PRO 8 years ago
Thanks to Stewart and Caterina. You people are cool. Good luck in whatever comes next.

Meanwhile, I'm grateful for the good people you left running the place,,,
Topsy@Waygood Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Topsy@Waygood (member) 8 years ago
I read that Stuart and Caterina were leaving in the excellent wikipeadea entry on flickr. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flickr

For some strange reason there is no mention of tin being at the centre of the organisations concerns.

I wish both Staurt and Caterina every success in the future.

Flickr is an extraordinary place, which I find endlessly fascinating.

Thank you to everyone at flickr who "gets it" and are keeping it working as brilliantly as is.
gocarrt [deleted] 8 years ago
Topsy, perhaps you missed this at Wikipedia?

Butterfield wrote a long and odd resignation letter to Brad Garlinghouse talking about being an old tin man in a new age.
StevenM_61 PRO 8 years ago
Adios, Stewart and Caterina, and best of luck with your lives.
waferbaby PRO 8 years ago
There's a good bunch of us down here in the mines. Remember the canary!
McPHX 8 years ago
Are we going to pass the hat and buy them Pro Accounts?
Jason Classon [deleted] 8 years ago
Heh Stew.. wanna build a web-based massively multi-player game? It does happen to be summer again :)

ps: we can use tin in it if you wish.
striatic PRO 8 years ago

Some important tin alloys are bronze, bell metal, Babbitt metal, die casting alloy, pewter, phosphor bronze, soft solder, and White metal.

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Usonian Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Usonian (member) 8 years ago
Good bye, and thank you so much for Flickr, Stewart and Caterina. After nearly four years around here I may guilty of sometimes taking it for granted, but there is still no place quite like it on the web.

Good luck in all of your future endeavors!
teh resa PRO 8 years ago
bosquetango: Fakes right. whoops. Caterina had been less active in the last few years so I forgot.
Shouldn't kakul's buddyicon have some sort of badge identifying her as part of the official flickr team? Staff should all be identifiable as such to the proletariat.
Jim Skea 8 years ago
Perhaps stewart's resignation letter is a Tin-Tin reference. There's a remarkable similarity.

Stewart Butterfield

From modomatic


From heather
personne.de.chandigarh PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by personne.de.chandigarh (member) 8 years ago
A discussion is presently underway in The Forum on posting pictures like the ones in the preceding comment . Maybe, members of FlickrCentral could shed some light on the issues related to the matter.
Sparticus 8 years ago
I started a group to protest this outrage, that you should all join
coxy 8 years ago
Oh noes! Good luck to both of you, in whatever you do in future. Ah, good times.
Ben Cooper PRO 8 years ago
Sparticus - I claim Godwin's Law...
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