Kurt Schlatzer [deleted] 4:05am, 3 April 2007
A very nice and vigilant fellow photographer discovered one of my images being sold on eBay Express in the form of a mouse pad of all things - without my permission of course.


Here is the offending shop:

Here is their email address:

I recommend everyone take a peek and see if any of your own images are being used without permission.

Update: they have removed it, blaming the incident on "photo researchers."
Marco Wessel Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Marco Wessel (member) 11 years ago
Well, granted I can see why someone'd print that image on a mouse pad and sell it...

Very nice photo btw.
Kurt Schlatzer [deleted] 11 years ago
Thanks Marco.
Pacdog PRO 11 years ago
I'm glad to see the item is no longer available..

I agree w/ Marco... Nice shot..
Intermanaut 11 years ago
jasohill PRO 11 years ago
This is on my favs. They have good taste, even if they are illegal.
steve r watson 11 years ago
Looks like he has a few picture which I think wont be his to sell!
Kent Johnson PRO 11 years ago
Yep great shot, this pirate on EBay has good taste.
No point me checking !~))
declicjardin 11 years ago
Yep great shot, but ;((((
lomokev PRO 11 years ago
Kurt Schlatzer you should demand they send all the mouse matts because what are they going to do with them? or was it just a print for demand service?
Mr DoeyBags [deleted] 11 years ago
The item may no longer be available, but how many have they sold?
sweet distin PRO 11 years ago
Heh...my mouse mat is super sweet with a cat in a wooly hat.
lomokev PRO 11 years ago
you this link to see all there stuff they sell cos it will show 90 items apage insted of just 30
© photosbyiman.com 11 years ago
uhh, i would hate that. that's why i'm not comfortable uploading original printable versions.
sweet distin PRO 11 years ago
I feel sad that no one ever pinches my pictures :(
cheezelsmurf 11 years ago
On the bottom of the ebay page there is a link to report this item. Did you report it as yours?

I see they have over 2000 positive feedback from sells, so at 10.00 each they have made some major money.
Kurt Schlatzer [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Kurt Schlatzer (member) 11 years ago
I did report it to eBay, but they rarely do anything about it. Hey, they're still making money, why should they really care? They've got more legal power than I do too.
Rune T Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Rune T (member) 11 years ago
Wow - that's pretty amazing - if you look at their shop here:


it is obvious that almost all (probably every single one if you ask me) designs they offer are from photos they don't have the right to use. There are pictures from movies, record covers, well known historical photos and so on... And probably lots of photos stolen from sites like Flickr.

I'm disgusted bye people like that. I can't believe that they are allowed to do this and that ebay haven't kicked them out.

PS: The photo that was stolen from Kurt is truly spectacular!
Intermanaut 11 years ago
Taken from their rather crappy web site:


If anyone should see their photo, and wish to have it removed to have proper credit given, please contact ...@themousepadshop.com, and we will remove it immediately or add the proper credits.
Wananga PRO 11 years ago
Look at their stuff. I'm pretty sure they don't care about copyright. They just hope people won't notice.
Schoolbookdepository PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Schoolbookdepository (member) 11 years ago
Hey Kurt, its a grewat shot mate...pity the grubs stole it.

Grewat is aussie for great ;)
Mojo Yugen 11 years ago
If anyone should see their photo, and wish to have it removed to have proper credit given, please contact ...@themousepadshop.com, and we will remove it immediately or add the proper credits.

Sounds like a desperate attempt to avoid legal problems. Maybe they should change it to:
If anyone catches us stealing your photo, and wish us to stop stealing it, please contact PleaseDoNot SueUs@themousepadshop.com, and we will grudgingly remove it, but don't kid yourself that we will give you money or admit what we did was wrong.

But on another note, does anyone really buy mouse pads anymore? Really?
scubapup 11 years ago
at least they removed it when you complained
inger h [deleted] 11 years ago
Kurt, have you thought about suing them for copyright infringement? Just stopping selling the image when you complained is not the same thing as not stealing it in the first place....and your image is very clearly marked as All Rights Reserved.

Blaming it on their photo researchers is a completely hollow defence. I have years of experience working with licensing stock photography; ultimately the publisher is responsible for getting the necessary perms to use the image.
Diana Stainton 11 years ago
i say sue! or at least seek legal advice. as people have said, most of the images are probably being illegally used
AMDM - photography [deleted] 11 years ago
Apparently ebay and the mouse pad shop hasen't looked into copyright laws.

Phil Nesmith 11 years ago
If you have not registered your image with the copyright office (if your in the US) then legal action will not do anything other than have them stop using the image. You would not be able to get any of the profit that they made from it etc. If you have the image registered then you could seek $$ damages back to the registration date. The legal fees alone would out weigh the reward in many cases, and that is what many of these places are hoping for....that you have not registered your images. It si true that you own the copyright to all images that you make....and you do not have to register them....but in a legal fight, if you want more that just having someone stop using the image, you need to have the image registered if you want to have some heavy hitting legal power.
cinemafia [deleted] 11 years ago
I'm less concerned with the fact that somebody is 'stealing' images off flickr, printing them on mousepads and selling them on eBay as I am with the fact that people are actually buying them...
AMDM - photography [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by AMDM - photography (member) 11 years ago
True , but I have had a court battel once. I won, all legal fees ,court costs and all came out the losing party's pockets ! You can fight anyone for useing your work with out your permission. If you have the right lawyers. I post my work on the internet for others to enjoy. Also for family who live far away to see. I use Flickr and other sites. Everyone who's proud of there work wishes for it to be seen. They should not have to fight legaly for stollen work. But on the internet you sometimes have to. Copyright is copyright. No matter what it is. If you make it , it belongs to you. If you give permission to all to use it that's your choice. A lot on here and other photo shairing sites do not give that permission. This site themousepadshop apparently is taking any photo they wish. Even those who clearly state ( all rights reserved ).
Phil Nesmith 11 years ago

Awesome! :D
senseless_ PRO 11 years ago
How do you register them?
Phil Nesmith 11 years ago
Tommy Simms 11 years ago
Don't sue...just send them a bill.
cobalt123 PRO 11 years ago
Just looked through all 31 (!) pages and did not spot any others that are obvious from photographers on flickr. But the key area to look at are the mousepads with animals on them. I wonder just how much they can really make from mousepads. After all, how many people use them anymore, given the widespread use of the optical or wireless mouse. Thank you all for posting interesting and useful information here.
cinemafia [deleted] 11 years ago
You obviously haven't heard about the blackmarket mousepad industry. They prey on the youth, first letting them use the mousepads a couple of hours a day at school, then giving them a freebie to take home, and before you know it they got 'em for life!
The Searcher PRO 11 years ago
"You obviously haven't heard about the blackmarket mousepad industry."

Intermanaut 11 years ago
Thing is, they get kids hooked on the mousepads and then move them on to much harder stuff, such as branded USB flash drives and coffee cup coasters. Before you know it those innocent little kids are pimping customised CD wallets to their mates and the world for their family goes to ka-ka.
cinemafia [deleted] 11 years ago
See, I'm glad somebody around here is wise to this. What we need now is to put pressure on the gov't to start cracking down on these soulless criminals!
purplewon2000 11 years ago
None of my photos made it to their mouse pads (yet), but I'm sure I'd take them to court. They should pay you for what they sold, and give you some of the profits. Go get 'em!!
The Searcher PRO 11 years ago
I just saw a thing on the morning show today, "gadgets for girls". First up was a laptop, pink. Then an mp3 player, also pink. wow, I thought, this guy really did his research. Then there was a cell phone, yep. pink! He's really plugged into the girl zeitgeist.

Then came the dangerous one. I didn't even realize it until I read this thread. It was a mouse. and it wasn't pink.

It was in the shape of a mouse. ears, tail, whiskers, all of it.

Combine that with a cat mousepad?

Exactly. Our kids are in trouble.
cinemafia [deleted] 11 years ago
Screw the war in Iraq, we need Congress to put those billions of dollars toward this epidemic!
spareme66 11 years ago
Nice Spiel Dude..
bet ya loads of twats have gone to the mousepad site out of pure human vanity...
Great Sales Pitch.
tuxcomputers Posted 11 years ago. Edited by tuxcomputers (member) 11 years ago
Grewat is aussie for great ;)

No it's not, it's moron for "I can't spell proper".
Pacdog PRO 11 years ago
I say nuke them all!

(just for effect) I say nuke the world! Geeze while they figure out how they will nuke the world can we be friends and share our photos?

can we?
Pam Rosengren [deleted] 11 years ago
Another one:

Flickr photo of Machu Picchu by Lapidim.

Machu Picchu mousepad at that eBay store.

I have let Lapidim know.
DaveSinclair PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by DaveSinclair (member) 11 years ago
I am not sure if those are the same picture - they are taken from a similar place certainly but the details are different (eg red people walking down the stairs, clouds, mouse pad one seems to be taken from a lower angle, the lighting conditions are different etc.)
Museum of Dirt Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Museum of Dirt (member) 11 years ago
Grewat is aussie for great ;)

No it's not, it's moron for "I can't spell proper".

I was thinking something along those lines.
But seriously folks, let's not forget about the BIG ISSUE here - Coffee Mugs.
Not one person here has had the balls to speak up about the pictured Coffee Mug epidemic. Gawd Help us ALL.

On an even more seriouser note, if I'd found my stuff out there, without my permission, i'd send a bill - then threatn the follow up legal action.
Museum of Dirt 11 years ago
Failing that, i'd threaten a good old Dummy Spit.
mich-tipps.de [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mich-tipps.de (member) 11 years ago
Completed listings on eBay (not eBay express) for this seller...


1.) eBay´s Vero Program


i don´t know about ebay´s vero program in the us, in germany i send them a e-mail and the auction is canceled within 2 hours..

2.) Item Description and Picture Theft

The Searcher PRO 11 years ago
yah that machu picachu one? It's not even the same time of day (shadows are different) nor are there clouds in one of the skies.

Thanks for the what's-different-here puzzle tho.
True_Bavarian PRO 11 years ago
True_Bavarian PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by True_Bavarian (member) 11 years ago
Habe mal ein Screenshot eingestellt - vielleicht werden ja noch ein paar aufmerksam, die betroffen sind.

-- from True_Bavarian - (?)
northern_flickr [deleted] 11 years ago
Wonder how the NFL and MLB feels about abuse of their copyrights?They certainly could afford to sue this person.
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